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Tuesday, 1 January 2013
12:11:00 AM (GMT)
Chapter 3: Promise of Forever

“Hey Dia when you become a guardian we'll probably be split up and won't see each
other for a long time. You and Brea are my best friends out of all our siblings I
don't want to lose you both." Said Solaris as he and Dia sat together in the palace
garden." Don't worry I'm sure no matter where we are we'll always be close ok. Me,
sis and you were all born around the same time so we share a special connection.”
Said Dius as she laid down on the grass looking out into space. She swirled her hand
in the air creating a mini twister that floated in the air then dispersed." that's
true so let's make a promise that no matter where we are or how long it's been since
we've seen each other that we will always be best friends." Said Solaris as he laid
down beside her. Dius smiled happily and nodded holding out her hand and extending
her pinky. Solaris smiled back and did the same as they wrapped there pinkies
together. "Yes now and forever Sol.” Said Dius.

" What was that a dream but it's been eons since that day. I wonder how she's doing.
" Said Solaris as he got up from his bed and walked to the living room. " So your
finally awake Kevin, that's good. Your sister and I have been trying to contact your
other brothers and sisters to see if there ok. So far our next step is to get to the
sibling twins." Said Sam as she gave him a cup of coffee. “Has the dark army made
any more attacks on the other guardians?" Said Solaris taking a sip of his coffee.
“Not yet this is a good thing. You and Sam will go see Dius and Borea and get to
them before it's to late." Said Bianca as they all sat down. It wasn't going to be
easy trying to get to everyone before the dark army did.

“Alright while were gone Bianca you'll keep Earth safe and train Abbi and Izzy. The
others can practice with Luna and visit there families to tell them how there doing
I’m sure the world is confused about what’s going on so Bianca will probably have
to explain some things to them." Solaris said stretching in his chair. He knew the
others would love a day to spend time with there family. Thinking about that made him
wonder about his own and how is mother and fathers were doing.” Yes that’s
awesome, we get to train with your awesome older sister. She’s already taught us a
few tricks like how to create snow balls and breathe under water." Said Abbi with
Izzy behind her holding a big snow ball above her head ready to throw it. Right
before she could strike a small flame hit the giant snowball melting it and splashing
water all over Izzy. "Ha-ha its not polite to play indoors in someone else’s house
you know." Said Kayam laughing to himself as he sat down. Abbi snickered to herself
as she manipulated the water that had drenched Izzy and dried her off. Izzy, un
amused that her plan was foiled, turned and created another snowball to throw at
Kayam." Hey come on Izzy its your fault for not sensing him and remember you have to
control your emotions when you use your powers." Said Solaris as Izzy pouted making
the snowball vanish.

"So your leaving again are you sure your up to it I mean you've only had about a day
of rest since it all started." Asked Mitsuki as she walked into the room drinking
what looked like a bottle of soda. "Yeah I mean you should stay here and let some of
us go instead." Said Arthur who was covered in dirt. Everyone looked at him with a
confused expression trying to figure out what in the world he could have been doing."
I’m just going to come out and say it. What have you been doing since yesterday. We
couldn’t find you for like hours and when we did you only said you were trying
something.” Said Sam who was sitting next to him. The other nodded in agreement and
stared at Arthur waiting for an answer." Well um after I went home and told my
parents what was going on and my new powers they asked me to build them a new
basement hehe." Said Arthur looking down slightly and scratching his head. Sam
smacked herself in the forehead and Abbi and Izzy tried containing there laughter. "
Well I guess that’s um alright but maybe you should take a shower. On to the next
thing, I’m fine I heal fast so there's nothing to worry about. We'll leave for
Planet Lacinia in a little while alright Sam." Said Solaris and Sam nodded getting up
and leaving the room to make a quick call home. Everyone decided to do the same and
left the room leaving Solaris and Bianca alone.

A few hours later Solaris waited at the portal for Sam watching the holographic image
of Earth rotate in front of him slowly. For now they were at peace but he was worried
about something that the man from the dark army had said. He decided to keep it to
himself till he knew more. "Alright I'm ready let’s go Kevin I mean Solaris." Said
Sam as she walked up beside him. “It’s alright to call me Kevin I don’t mind.
I’ve grown used to that name. Alright I've set the portal already so let’s get to
it." Solaris said as he touched the hologram opening up the dimensional gate. He
motioned Sam to go first as he looked back at his small home and smiled remembering
who he was finally going to go see after so long. Once Sam passed through he jumped
in after her.

Once they finally passed through the portal they walked onto what appeared to be a
floating platform. As they looked around Sam looked over the edge to see nothing but
clouds and what appeared to be a railway made of electrical energy." So this is
Planet Lacinia. I heard most of the residents live above the clouds because of how
far technology here has advanced. If I remember correctly below us is mostly grassy
plains and forest." Said Solaris kneeling near the edge of the platform watching a
train pass by and go into a tunnel. "" If there so advanced how come they don't live
on the surface and in the air?" Asked Sam as she looked out almost mesmerized by the
small landmasses floating around in the sky. Each one had a tunnel and railway
leading to each other. Flying cars were also visible in the distance." After the
discovery of an energy source able to replenish itself in mere seconds they decided
it would be best to take to the air and allow the planet to thrive on its own. They
have small towns on the surface as well as some factories that help with food
production and other things. But most of the people live here in the sky capital."
Solaris said stretching and breathing in the fresh air.

Solaris and Sam took a moment to take in the scenery and watched to see if anything
had happened yet. Once they were ready Solaris transformed into his phoenix form and
they flew toward a towering building that stood at the center of the giant floating
landmass. As the approached a bolt of lightning shot across the sky right at them.
Solaris barely managed to dodge as they began descending onto a platform. “What was
that I wonder if its part of the defense system here." Said Solaris as he changed
back readying his sword. "This seems all too familiar don’t you think Kevin." Sam
said as they surveyed the area. She was still in experienced in battle but would try
her best to back up Solaris. Suddenly the clouds above them separated as a blast of
super condensed air hurtled toward them." Damn we have to jump, get to the other
platform now." Solaris said as he began running to the platform edge. Sam followed
then felt a sudden tingle as static filled the air." Kevin something else is about to
attack can you feel it." Sam said as she prepared to jump off the platform. Solaris
suddenly felt it to from his sword and quickly grabbed Sam jumping off as another
lightning bolt struck behind them and the blast of air smashed into the platform
creating a small crater.

As they descended down into the next platform they could hear a sonic boom in the
distance and a thunder clap as two people cloaked in energy charged at them. Solaris
quickly created a barrier as the two smashed into them sending them past the platform
they were aiming at. Now the only thing left to land on was the surface of the planet
below. Sam and Solaris both looked around them as they began to free fall waiting for
the next attack." Sam have you learned to use your powers to fly yet it’ll come in
handy if you did." Said Solaris as he floated toward Sam after hearing another
thunder clap. Sam nodded and a second later another bolt of lightning surged past
them. Solaris got ready as a sonic boom separated a group of clouds nearby. “Look
out!" Sam yelled as the two people from before charged at him again. Solaris put his
sword up and blocked the electrified spear and energy cloaked twin short swords.
“Who are you both and how were you able to use the gate. Answer us or perish." Said
the mysterious woman. Solaris focused some of his energy and blasted them back and
stood floating in the air along with Sam." We didn’t come here to fight an evil
force might be on its way here to capture this worlds guardians. We're just here to
help before it’s too late." Solaris said readying his sword. The two woman standing
before them looked at each other then stood back to back.” We don’t believe you.
If such a thing was going on then we would have heard about it." Said the woman
holding the spear in her right hand." Now disappear. Gemini Thunder Burst." Said both
women as they gripped each others hand energy surging around them. Solaris and Sam
jumped back as what appeared to be a twister fused with electricity blasted toward
them." I said were here to help but if you won’t listen then ill have to make you.
Dimension Mirror." Said Solaris as he carved a symbol in the air. The two women
watched and looked surprise." Wait that move.” Said one of the women watching.
“Gemini Thunder Burst!" Solaris yelled as the symbol he drew converted into energy
similar to the two women and fired the same blast at them. When the two attacks
collided it created a massive shockwave that threw Solaris and Sam further down
toward the surface of the planet.

“Brea you don’t think that was." Said Dius as they looked down from the platform
they had landed on from the shock wave." “It had to be him he's the only one that
could use that technique Dia." Said Borea looking at her sister who was now
trembling. "Then that means that we... we just tried to kill brother after not seeing
him for years." Said Dius who was now freaking out on the fact she just blasted her
best friend from the air. She began pacing and biting her nails thinking of ways to
apologize when they saw him again. Mean while on the surface of the planet Solaris
and Sam were sitting in a small forest resting. Solaris was holding his arm which was
bleeding from the impact of the two attacks." Will you be ok I didn’t know you
could copy other peoples powers." Said Sam as she knelt beside him. “Ill be alright
it’ll heal if I rest for a bit and yeah it’s not as powerful as the other persons
but I can still match them enough to cancel out there attack." Said Solaris. After a
few minutes they both got up and began walking toward a nearby house.

"Brea I think they landed over there somewhere in the forest." Said Dius as they both
descended down to the surface. Solaris and Sam had finally made it to the small house
in the clearing of the forest and circled to the back to sit down. “We should be
fine here but one of our attackers looked familiar. I wonder." Solaris said rotating
his arm as he sat down against the house.” Well it could be possible they were the
twins we were looking for but one was shorter then the other. Bianca said that the
twin’s powers were air and electricity but with this worlds technology who knows
who else can use that." Sam said stretching out. Solaris wondered about that also
since the last time he met his sisters was over two thousand years ago at the last
guardian meeting. He hadn’t noticed that one was shorter then the other." Was Dia
getting shorter I don’t remember." Said Solaris to himself.

As the twins walked the forest Solaris and Sam had also begun walking." If we fly
they’ll spot us so we'll walk till we reach another house." Solaris said stepping
over a tree stomp. Sam was looking around still not believing that there was so much
green on a planet with so much technology. Whenever she saw this many machines in
movies the world was always filled with smoke and smog." This place is an amazing
place how come they haven’t gone to our planet to help us out." Sam asked. Solaris
knew the reason really well. Each planet that had life on it was allowed to visit
other worlds as long as that world was also capable of visiting other worlds and if
they knew about other life forms in the universe. Earth was still in its infancy in
regards to technology and knowledge so no other planet was allowed to make contact.
But before Solaris could explain it the twins had walked from around the corner.

Solaris and Sam jumped back quickly going on the defensive as the twins stood before
them. Dius and Borea both stepped back a little this time putting there weapons
beside them. With a clearer view of them both the twins did look identical but only
in there faces. Dius however was slightly shorter then her sister and had jet black
hair that cam down to the middle of her back. Borea had short dark brown hair and had
a slightly bigger build then Dius." Hold on a second we didn’t come to fight this
time. Is your name by any chance Solaris?" Dius said approaching them. Solaris looked
at the woman approaching him then at Sam." Yes is that you Dia." Solaris said holding
his sword to his side. When Dius had realized that it was her brother who they had
tried to harm she quickly ran to him and wrapper her arms around him squeezing tight.
"I’m so sorry Sol I didn’t know it was you its been so long and we haven’t seen
each other in forever and you grew a little and..." Said Dius not able to contain her
excitement for seeing Solaris. Sam was confused at first then Borea walked beside her
and smiled.” We’re sorry about before we've been on edge lately since we got a
transmission from one of our brothers." Said Borea sighing a little. "Your brother
was attacked by the dark army wasn’t he? Sam asked looking at the sadden twin.
Borea was the more mature of the twin sisters and when it came to Solaris she always
treated him as a little brother who needed protecting. Since he would become king one
day she made it her duty to protect him.” He was but he said he managed to repel
them. He said there weren’t many but it looked like they were searching for
something or someone so most of them seemed more like an intelligence gathering unit
then soldiers." Said Borea watching as Solaris squirmed trying to get out of Dius
death grip.

“Dia let me go your squeezing me to death and your hurting my arm." Solaris said
barely able to breathe. Once Dius realized what she was doing she let him go.”
Sorry it’s just been so long but now were together again so I got a bit carried
away." Said Dius laughing to herself a little. Solaris took a deep breath and shook
his arms to make sure the feeling was there still. Sam smiled trying not to laugh and
walked with Borea toward them." We should head to the Guardian Tower now right we
have some things to discuss." Solaris said stretching out. Sam looked confused but
Solaris explained that they would tell her later. He grabbed Sam by the hand and
began flying in the air along with his sisters who were ahead of them. Once Sam got
used to maneuvering around normally Solaris let her go. As they got to the Sky City
Sam began looking for where they were suppose to land." That large structure with the
symbol on it is the Guardian Tower.” Explained Borea as they got closer to the
tower. Sam's eyes widen as she got a clear look at the tower. It seemed to glow from
the sunlight and even though it looked to be made of some sort of crystal the sun was
not reflecting off of it.” The tower is made of a unique material found her on
Planet Lacinia that converts the suns rays into energy without reflecting the light."
Dius said as they landed at the entrance.

Once inside they headed toward the central command center. Solaris and the others sat
down around a hologram similar to the one Solaris had in his home." So any word from
the rest of the family." Solaris said staring at the hologram. “Well Kasai reported
in a few days ago about a small scale attack on his planet but they held them back.
Silex hasn’t reported anything strange as of yet seems they haven’t gotten to him
yet. Bianca's planet has vanished were not sure what happened I hope she’s ok
though. The only person that hasn't reported in is Kairi. Planet Serino doesn’t
seem to be in any trouble as far as we know. If the dark army is searching for
something I guess the planet of light would be there last stop. That way they don’t
lose any soldiers unnecessarily. “Dius said bringing up a hologram of Planet
Serino. Sam was new to all this military stuff so she looked confused but tried her
best to follow along as they thought of a plan to protect the other guardians and
find out what happened to Kairi." Don’t worry about Bianca we got to her before
they did and we saved the planet." Solaris said explaining the events after the dark
army attacked Earth. The twins were shocked on how he managed to replicate an entire
planet in another dimension. Solaris didn’t think of it as a big deal it was harder
then they thought.

As they talked dark clouds began to encircle the tower and city and lightning began
striking building and cars. One bolt struck the guardian tower blasting a hole in the
side of it." What in the world." Solaris said looking at the hologram then rushing to
a window. He clenched his fist as bolts of dark lightning hit several more building
the device holding them up nearly stopping completely." They came here after all so
much for some peace and quiet." Sam said standing next to Solaris with one arm
against the glass. Borea had already headed out when Dius took Sam by the hand to the
table. “I’ll head out with sis you prepare Sam alright." Solaris said as he
followed Borea outside. 

Once outside the lightning stopped and dark soldiers began to descend from the clouds
above. As more and more began to come down Dius had brought Sam what appeared to be a
metal case with the royal family’s insignia on it." Solaris told me that he granted
you and your friend’s powers which is taboo in our family but in regards to the
situation he was right to choose demi-guardians to help him. I’m giving you this it
belonged to the previous Guardian of Air. Its called the Bow of Anemos. Legend says a
shot fired from it could shatter a mountain. I believe you were ment to have it so
use it wisely." Dius said opening the case. The bow seemed to be made of the same
material as the guardian tower with a slight light green glow around it. Sam noticed
that the bow had no string and was waiting for Dius to give her the quiver for it.
Dius explained that the bow didn’t require them because the arrows were created
using her energy and the string would appear when she was ready to fire. Now excited
and ready both Sam and Dius headed to the battle field.

When Sam and Dius finally made it out they looked up to see bolts of lightning and
light streak across the sky as Solaris and Borea blasted the enemy from the sky. The
surrounding buildings as we as the ground below were glowing a faint white. Solaris
had used his powers to create a barrier around everything within a one mile radius.
“Borea look out reinforcements are coming from the east." Solaris said as he
slashed a dark soldier in two then blasting another who had attacked him from behind.
Borea nodded and began spinning her spear above her head as elec

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