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Tuesday, 3 July 2012
08:05:30 PM (GMT)
I'll make a girl soon, I'm just fascinated with using boys I guess. Names; Oliver and Adrian Jinkins Ages; Both Eighteen Genders; Male Species; Unknown Abilities/Talents; Oliver ( Left ) controls fire and Adrian controls water Sexual Orientation; Straight but like to show off as gay. Picture; Hair Colour; Both jet black Eye Colour; Green Likes; Animals J-POP music dancing singing ______ Singing dancing J-POP Candy Hello-kitty Horses Dislikes; Flies snakes heights airplanes ______ Spiders isolation small spaces crowds mirrors chocolate Personality Traits; Energetic Loud smart brave cunning ______ Sensitive quiet loyal sweet gentle warm-hearted History; When Oliver and Adrian were younger, they did everything together. And I mean everything. From using the bathroom to reading, swimming to getting dressed. The two were unseperable, but their parents had other plans. Their mother was soon getting sick,a nd trust me not they didn't have the type of money to cure any diseas the mother had. So, the father soon left when they were eleven, leaving a huge debt to them. Because of this they couldn't pay any bills and their mother was dying very quickly, so she sent them off their their rich grandmother, who in return wouldn't take them because of her selfish reasons. Oliver in his selfish ways got mad and used his powers on their grandmother, and the two were sent to an orphanage for six years until they were old enough to get out. They still look for their 'home' today. Extra(optional); You will never find them seperated, unless of course they are put in different classes/rooms, they will go balistic. Name; Tsuguri Kei ( Kei ) Age; Seventeen Gender; Female Male Species; Vampire Abilities/Talents; Like any vampire you've ever heard. Super human strengths, incredible speed, mind reading (ect.) You've heard it all. Sexual Orientation; Straight Picture or Description; Hair Colour; Mix of soil black and blue moon Eye Colour; Natural blue Likes; Piercings Blood Loud music Reading Bands K-Pop Playing the guitar Singing PLaying drums Dislikes; Isolation The color yellow Mint Candy Personality Traits; Quiet Snappy Can be nice.... Gentle ( Get's mistaken for being mean ) History; Kei didn't always be like he was now, he's as much changed to the very least. As a kid he was very oblivious and such a good kid, until his mother left him and his father to another man. His father started drinking and beating him for many years until he was fifteen, he was to persue his dreams as a vocal singer, but he could never leave his fathers grip. A year passed when his father was killed in a car accident after being diagnosed with an overdose. Since then, he's been very ignorant and a jerk to most girl because of his mother. He now lives with his grandparents that are barely there for him, never home. Extra(optional); Nothing much, just ask. Name; Sadie Karan Deah Age; Seventeen Gender; MALE Species; Unknown Abilities/Talents; Speed strength ability to see through others ( To see if their lying or not ) Charm and Vocal ( Sound waves ) Sexual Orientation; Straight Picture or Description; Hair Colour; Mix of coconut brown and blonde Eye Colour; Black ( Natural for most Japanese ) Likes; Candy Singing Pop Piercings Fashion ( Unlike most ) Bands Designs Tattoos Darkness & Light Loud music Dislikes; Public bathrooms Exams School Blood Screaming Personality Traits; Bubble Smart Kind Generous Loyal Brave Loud Energetic Layed back History; For all Sadie can remember, he grew up in a small town with only a memory of his grandparents and younger sister. He had a very easy and layed back life, in which made him today. He was a good son and had many challenges in life he could easily go through, only to see hope. His younger sister was diagnosed with cancer, though he lived in only love around him. Five years passed after his younger sister was cured of her sickness, the day of his fifteenth brithday. It was all happy and everyone was celebrating. On a big basis his younger sister was supposed to be checked on daily and that she had to have a certain amount of excitement and how much her body could take. It had taken to the point that during the party his siter had collapsed of a heart attack, and the cancer was back. Two years of solid fear, not wanting to get close to anyone again. To fret over, hurting those he cared about again. Since then, he hid in the shadows and became a loner. Though this, he believes he can still see his sister everyday. Extra(optional); Nothing much....

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