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Random fandom surveyCategory: (general)
Sunday, 6 May 2012
11:28:38 AM (GMT)
Choose 10 characters from a fandom and answer the questions that follow. No

1. Hermione Granger
2. Luna Lovegood
3. Draco Malfoy
4. Fred and George Weasley
5.Rubeus Hagrid
6. Harry Potter
7.Severus Snape
8. Oliver Wood
9. Arthur Weasley
10.Cedric Diggory

Characters 4, 9, and 10 are at an arcade. What game do they choose to play, and who

Fred and George wouldn't be playing, they would be selling skiving snackboxes. Arthur
Weasley would be marvelling at the Muggle door. Cedric Diggory would be sparkling in
a patch of sunlight.

Make up an email address for 6. 

If 8 had an iPod or some kind of music player, what kind of songs do you think they
would listen to?

Oliver Wood would be listening to the Holyhead Harpies theme song.

What would you do if 9 suddenly paid you a visit?
Show him the TV and watch his mind get blown.

Do you think 6 and 4 are made for each other?
Maybe *Evil smile*

1 challenges 3 to a no-holds-barred duel. Who will win and how? 
Hermione Granger will win by punching Draco in the face again.

7, 2 and 1 order a pizza. What toppings does each one request, and what do the
others think of the choices? 
Snape would order something very boring. Luna would order anything that repels
nargles. Hermione would order cheese.

 What subject would 1 teach if s/he were a teacher/professor? 
Muggle studies.

5 and 10 go on their first date. Where would they go, and what would they do?
Hagrid and Cedric would go to the three broomsticks, where Hagrid would get drunk and
buy a dragon egg, and Cedric would mope about being indoors and not being able to

8 sings karaoke and dedicates a song to 7. What song would s/he dedicate and
Oliver would sing 'I'm watching you' by The Police to Snape because that's Snape's
theme song.

How would 8 court 6?
By rigging the Quidditch match.

Describe the relationship between 2 and 8 in the canon. Would you change it and why?
Oliver Wood probably thinks she is mad.Yes, I would like them to be friends.

In your list, who do you think is the perfect match for 3 and why? 
6, Drarry is my fave <3

2 has a dream where 10 tells him/her to save 1, who is facing certain doom.
What would 2 do? 
Luna would do anything to save a fellow DA member.

9 and 6 are about to get married, until 3 crashes their wedding and abducts 9
against his/her will. 6 follows them, but must forge an uneasy alliance with his/her
archrival, 1. They must then hijack some form of transportation from 8 in order to
get to 3’s lair, where they must fight against 3’s evil zombified minions. What
will happen next? 
Harry and Arthur got married. Draco abducted Arthur. Harry followed them. He was in
cahoots with Hermione. They stole Wood's broom. Harry showed them his horse and
Hermione punched them.

8 receives a gift from 9. Does s/he open it or not? If so, what is inside?
He opens it and finds a plug.

4 is walking home when s/he sees a cute fluffy creature, which promptly begins
rubbing itself against his/her legs. Will s/he kick it away, or take it home? 
Sell it to Ginny.

8 is dared by 4 to strip while pole-dancing in front of 7. Write a short dialogue
about this. 
'Come on Wood, do it. We'll give you ten galleons.'
'Ten points from Gryffindor.'

What smiley/emoticon would best describe 5? 

3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are all suspects in a murder case. One of them is guilty.
Fred and George did it.

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