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I'm going through,Category: Random Shit.
Thursday, 19 April 2012
03:13:19 PM (GMT)
A really rough time right now. Emotinally really, other then that everythings
alright for the most part. 

As most of you should know, I have a boyfriend. And he is the only one I've ever had
sex with, with sex comes a lot of responsblity. I have been on birth control for
years, at first it was because my period was annoying, and then it was because I had
a boyfriend I was having sex with. But recently I've been having problems. I was
always on the pill, but I've been busy so I wanted to switch to something I diddnt
have to remember everyday. So I got on nuvaring. Everything was going good, until I
started getting sick and like I had the flu. My doctor blamed it on the birth
control, but it lasted for weeks so he put me on something else. The patch, it did
the same thing. So we've been looking for a birth control Im not "allergic" to. 
Right now Im on Mirena, or how ever you spell it, so far, so good. I havnt gotten
sick, I havnt had werid cravings, I havnt been tired and moody. 
But, my doctor said that I could have decreased fertility becasue of this. :/ So when
I actually want babies I might not be able to. 
I dont understand a whole lot of this, and Im not even sure whats real and whats not
right now, Im just all kinds of upset. Ross is staying with me, and he wont leave my
side because he's worried about me but I'm not sure what to do anymore. I dont know
if we should just use condems all the time or what... I dunno. 
I'm sorry Im not going to be posting many stories until I feel better, But I ahve
them on hold. I will try and get them done as soon as I can. <3 
Right now Im going to go cuddle with my gays, eat lots of food and watch TLC. 
Xoxo, Aubree.

monkey_roar says:   26 April 2012   526326  
Pointless for me to say: Sex is good, but you have to take
inconsideration of this. If you are allgeric to the birth control, the
one you are on now. Might make you babieless. And Condoms don't always

So with that said, I suggest you try condoms. I'm sure you want kids
sometime in the future. And just kind of take things easy, sexually.
If he's an understanding and loving boyfriend they he will understand
and if not well. Go find another. 

Sorry i don't like to sugar coat things. Life isn't sugar coated.
‹AubreeRose› says:   27 April 2012   777152  
I understand. And yeah, were kinda taking a break when it comes to sex
at the moment and figuring out what we want to do about this. 
We dont like using condems because we have to buy the non latex ones
cause Ross is allergic to them and we can never find them. And they
take the fun out of stuff. c; haha. 
Ive been to a few doctors and they are trying to figure stuff out, so
hopefully things go good. c:
And he's my fiance now. c: Haha. 
monkey_roar says:   29 April 2012   995062  
aw I see well hopefully the doctors comes up with a few things. that
will help you. 
have he tried on line to find them with out the latex? Yeah well hey
understand that you mean about taking the fun out of things but still
protection is always good. 
Cool and congrats...   I do hope things work out for y'all
‹AubreeRose› says :   29 April 2012   888103  
Yeah we have to order them offline, and it sucks cause we have to wait
for them and as soon as they come in the mail he like rips open the
package haha. 

Yeah, were not ready for a little one yet, but maybe soon. C; 

And thank yoU! 

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