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Saturday, 17 March 2012
01:34:00 AM (GMT)
I've never liked another soul, barely myself. I've never felt this way before. It's weird. And it scares me. A lot. I don't know why my breathe leaves me when I think of you. I don't know why my heart smiles when I see your name. I don't know why my mind races with thoughts when we talk. I don't know why my tummy flutters when I talk about you. I don't know at all! It feels odd and I don't like it! But, then again, I do. I like that you're the only thing I think about during studies and lessons. I like that you're the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. I like that you're the first thing on my mind when I wake up. I like that you're my reason for smiling. I like that I like you. I think I like you. I wish you weren't so far away. Damn. Right? Yeah. Damn. I know this is stupid. And dumb. And everything else meaning pointless, but damn, I just want you to know I suppose. You're my first crush. And that's great to me! Because you're amazing and wonderful and the way we are so alike is just incredible! But, I ruin everything, and I'm pretty sure I ruined our friendship. ♥

‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   227377  
Really? -.- And this is what you warning me about, huh? I knew
I wasn't the only girl you loved on here. Knew it.
‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says:   17 March 2012   591246  
Whom are you? 
caaats says:   17 March 2012   378983  

that's paola! :B 
‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   291389  
I'd be the girl George supposedly loves.
‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says:   17 March 2012   411973  
I don't know her from a crack in the wall...
George doesn't love me.  
He doesn't even like me, I don't think so anyways. 
‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   334351  
I don't care. This changed my whole opinion of him so. Whatever
happens, happens. 
‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says:   17 March 2012   923175  
Me liking my friend George ch-
Wait, are we even speaking of the same George? 
‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   759046  
Yeah. We are. You know, the one who pretended I was special to
him and said I was the only girl on here he'd ever be interested in on
here and the one who said he loved me and then you fucking appear out
of nowhere. Yeah, that George. 
‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says:   17 March 2012   235872  
Bite me bitch!
Leave George alone!  HE DOESN'T LIKE ME DUMBASS!  
You see, you jump to fucking conclusions. 
Assumptions.  Assuming makes an ass out of you and an ass out of me,
so quit being such a fucking dramaqueen! 
‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   729158  
It doesn't matter. You ruined everything already. You can have
caaats says:   17 March 2012   781407  

you said he did like you. . .
caaats says:   17 March 2012   742732  
but he was also with ariel.
‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   429199  
Again, I gave up Anita. I regret wasting my time on any of this
caaats says:   17 March 2012   777839  
wait, didn't you know about ariel? 
‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says:   17 March 2012   514027  
Like you could really have a relationship with him!
Dude, Ariel, you know, the PRETTY one?!
The one he LOVES!
And not some fucking cyber love, LOOOOVE!
Touching love.
The kind you have for a human, not a computer.
You are nothing but a computer right now.
So, fuck it.
Fuck it all.
And I will have him.
And I will love him.
And he will hate me forever because not only did I ruin his and my
friendship, seems damn straight I ruin your friendship too. 
‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   263979  
Its funny. That we're all freaking out over a kid we want, who
like you said, only really wants Ariel. And we are like nothing.
Actually made me smile.
‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says:   17 March 2012   141627  
I am a realist. 
I find no joy in this.
I do not want George.
I only wanted a friend, in which he provided without asking anything
in return.
He was nice to me.
He is nice to me.
He makes me feel worth something.
I am sorry for all of this. 
‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   956665  
Honestly. I don't care anymore. I don't. He can be happy with
Ariel, he can do whatever he wants on here with whoever he wants. I'm
not his, he's not mine. Simple.
‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says:   17 March 2012   360228  
I just made George read a story, and now I am going to make you read
Take from it what you will.

When I was seven years old, my grandmother got sick.  She was put in
the hospital, and she told the doctors she only wanted to see me.
Like I said, I was only seven.
I was confused, and a little scared.
I did not know what was going on.
There was white everywhere.
White rooms.
White beds.
White floors.
White walls.
The colour white made my head hurt.
I remember my grandmother was laying in her white bed under her white
blanket propped up on white pillows.
The colour made me want to cry.
At the time, I did not know why the colour was so significant.
But I do now.
White is the colour I saw before I went into seizures.
White was the colour I saw when I was five years old and I watched my
brother Lionis get shot.
White is the colour of death for me.
I wanted to cry so badly.
But I did not.
I held in my pain and my grandmother saw the hurt I was in.
She told me, "Yuri, You never lose from loving, you lose from holding
At the time, I understood not a word she said.
But now I do.
If you hold back from your feelings and act like nothing is wrong, it
makes nothing better.
Nothing is solved.
Nothing is revolved.
Showing your emotions is the only thing that can cure sadness and
The only thing that shows you you're alive.
I'm sorry for everything.
I truly am. 
‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   633701  
.-. What do you want me to say? That I was stupid enough to
believe George? Stupid enough to think he actually loved me, cared for
me? Yes, I am fucking pissed. Yeah, I've been crying for an hour. But,
its not like anyone cares. I've learned to keep things in control.
‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says:   17 March 2012   834000  
Thats what you get for loving a computer sweetness.
How do you think I feel?
George was/is my first crush and I honestly feel crushed.
Do you not have any boys you like that live near you?
Not in a screen?
Because, heh, I fucking don't! 
‹unoriginal› says:   17 March 2012   931844  
Find someone. Because the more I think about it, George isn't
worth any of this. He really isn't. He's a nice guy, sure, but. He
takes love lightly. 
‹You Take The Breath Right Outta Me› says:   17 March 2012   778924  
.......................Wow nice to know what I've caused, you're all
right. I'm really not worth ANY of this. So i'm sorry for any pain
i've caused I really truly am and so I can understand if neither ever
wants to speak to me again.

‹Samantha;The♥Zombie♥Princess› says :   17 March 2012   882740  
I want to speak to you.
You're worth more to me than anything.
Because I know you're there for me if I need to talk.


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