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12/5/11 dynamic dancers gotta love em!Category: (general)
Monday, 5 December 2011
11:45:24 PM (GMT)
today was good it was monday one of the idiots of my school gave me a hard time in
3rd but what ever i dnt let stuff like that bother me anymore i have more important
things to worry about anyways yea the dance preformance practice is going great
things are really coming together i can tell this year its gonna be a good
preformance ( cause im in it duh!! jk jk im not that egotistical <- yea its a word
look it up in the dictionary ) everyone is really helping me out to and not biting my
headd off its pretty much week 5 since me starting dance ( funny story ill tell how
it all started at end of blog )  and i can notice im starting to pick up some of the
moves and techniques and such its pretty awesome going from knowing nothing about
dance to almost being able to hold ur own, anyways yea its week 5 and the other
dancers are amazing they have all pretty much accepted me and not criticized me (
maybe here and there but nothing major and i dnt mind it it helps me get better "
constructive criticism" ) they are truely life long friends they are like my extended
family now  im used to seeing em every week now  and ive hung out with em outside of
dance and stuff   they are rlly some of the coolest,
dorkiest,funniest,entertaining,inspiring ppl u will ever meet such as 

haylee- she is rlly fun to be around and super funny and a dork!! jk lol, 
alyson-she is hilarious and a crazy good dancer , she makes her own u tube videos
which are rllly rllly rlly good and im pretty sure if some one was out to get u  shed
probley to be the first to hunt them down and stuff em in a locker xD 
maddy- this girl..lol she is rlly cool , fun, rlly pretty , a party animal ( please
do not feed after midnight xD ) and i forgot she is .realllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy
tall like a giant xD jk! 
ariel- oh my goodness this girl is crazzzy but in a good way i promise shes really
flexable and also a great dancer, watch ur back tho when ur not looking she might go
and put a sign on ur back saying kick me lol she's sassy yea thats right i said it (;
shes rlly cool tho shes gonna go places one day shes such a dork lol
ashley-  at first i thought she was liek 18 cause she looks soooo mature lol but get
to know her and ull find out she is rlllly mature but she also is like every other
teen who likes to be funny and have fun sheee is a incredible dancer 
katie- katie is a dork who is very very funny and i can tell likes to have fun she is
pretty awesome.
regan- shes like ur old school dork but cool at the some time shes rlly fun and she
loves all that harry potter, hobbit and stuff pretty awesome girl right thurr!
christen- she is rllly cool shes a avid doctor who fan she is a fabulous dancer.
allison -( diffrent from other this one is a brunette ) - she is awesome, funny fun
to be around deffinitly some one u wouldnt mind chilling with
erika- she is pretty cool  i havent got a chance to actually get to know her cause
she doesnt talk to me that often
kayleee- she is very talentedd, lol her and ariel like making weird faces at me xD
she is super pretty and very funny  and good dancer (:
and thats pretty much all of them so yea

this turned out longer then i thought  lol but yea thats ^ wat i think of some of the
dancers :D  anyways to end this diary ill tell how i started dancing: ok well i was
hanging out in the dance studio lobby listening to my ipod like i always did (
obviously wasnt a dancer yet just saying this for u ........slower ppl lol ) and ms
deanna came out asking if anyone had its a wonderful world on thier ipod or anything
i said i did and she said ok follow me and i did she had me hook it up to her ihome
thingi she had set up and said i could watch or watever she was saying she was
surprised i even had this on my ipod i told her yea i think its a good song good for
dancing and stuff - then she said oh really we dont have a guy dancer here what would
u think of dancing here and i said sure i'd love to, she said she'd talk to my mom
etc. and my mom said yes and stuff so yea now im a dancer and i love it my life has
never been better i am loving life i couldnt be any happy then i am right now i never
used to do anything just sit on the computer all day and my grades werent that good
but since i started dance i practice dance more then im on the computer and my grades
are great i always used to have a D or a F in math ( my worst subject ) but now since
i started dance im keeping a B average in math which is better then ive ever rlly
done idk what it is maybe im just more motivated but hey maybe i found my thing
anyways yea good night all hope u have a great day /night :D!!!!!!
Last edited: 8 December 2011

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