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A Really Creepy Dream I had...Category: (general)
Tuesday, 8 November 2011
03:55:53 PM (GMT)
Yeah...so last night, I had a dream that freaked me out. A lot. So, on to the dream. It was about this town. And in that town, there was a small building with candy in front of it. Kids who didn't know any better would go and eat the candy. If they didn't stop, then they would disappear, and reappear inside the building. But inside the building, there was a monster. She looked somewhat like a scary old woman, and her whole body was an off-white color. Instead of having hands, she had scissor like hands, that were attached to arms, and her teeth were razor-sharp. Anyway, the creature-lady-thing would greet the children like a nice, sweet old lady, offering more candy to lure them in. Then, after they entered the room where the monster was, she would eat them. While they were still alive. And she did it violently. Some made it out, some didn't. So. That was my dream. I honestly think there's something wrong with me, because honestly, who dreams about this type stuff? The only thing I had been doing before going to bed was watching Family Guy. Where the hell did this come from?
Last edited: 8 November 2011

‹Fuckingundeadvampiredog<3› says:   8 November 2011   728916  
I used to have a dream a small ball was rolling after me down a never
ending hallway and it slowly grew and spikes came out of it, then at
the very end when the hallway really did end, i triped and the spikes
rolled through my body crushing me...... I don't think there is
anything wrong with you...
‹mockingjay-patronus› says:   8 November 2011   951575  
Well that really is creepy, and both scary.
But who has dreams about old lady-like monsters
that eat small children? It just doesn't seem right. o_o 
‹Fuckingundeadvampiredog<3› says:   8 November 2011   954018  
Idk I wouldn't worry
soverylarge says:   8 November 2011   627252  
i read somewhere than if you put your leg over your other leg, your
arm over your stomach, other arm. or some weird sleeping position that
your leg or arm is over your body, it triggers the 'scary dream'
apparently, when you're in that position you're supposed to feel
trapped. o-o
‹mockingjay-patronus› says:   8 November 2011   323202  
Hmmph...I think my arm was over my stomach, and my legs
were crossed when I woke up. Man, that's creepy. Still, that dream
freaked me the fuck out. D: 
soverylarge says:   8 November 2011   569683  
then that should be the explanation! :D
when you go to sleep, i guess don't sleep in positions like that. ewe
but that may cause paranoia.. 

i had a dream one time when my brother and i and my grandmother moved
to the middle of no where. and she was waving us good bye when we were
walking to this high school, which is weird because my brother's in
seventh grade and i'm in eighth, and this ancient like, fucking
old lady pops behind us. and she just walks with us. and the two of
us, like idiots (as usual) are babbling and trying to get out. and we
walk under the tree and suddenly i feel like i'm falling and that
effin' lady is laughing and wearing a crown. 
‹mockingjay-patronus› says:   8 November 2011   223963  
What. The. Hell. That's creepy shit, man. I have no idea
what our dreams could mean. Or they have no meaning at all, but to
scare the absolute hell out of us. How cruel. .__. 
‹The Lark› says:   10 November 2011   506639  
I'm no dream interpreter, but if I had to, it would look as if you
knew there was something (or someone) that shouldn't be trusted, that
will obviously look innocent but harm you once you get to close.

If no meaning, well, brains in sleep mode are pretty strange. There
really is no reason or any kind of logic to them whatsoever. Kind of
why I actually find Alice in WOnderland realistic in that way.
‹mockingjay-patronus› says:   10 November 2011   903698  
That does seem like quite a good
dream-interpretation...I  don't really know anyone like that in my
life, but maybe this is a sign that there will soon be. But that
really is strange, though.

I never thought of it that way, and I thought about it literally all
day, after I woke up. It was all I could think about. I didn't
understand it, and my grandmother thought there was something wrong
with me. Lol. 
‹The Lark› says:   11 November 2011   512209  
Maybe at this point you should just try to be careful. You might be
right, it could be a sign. I don't know.
xD Haha. If I told people of every single dream I've had, with every
detail I remember from them, most likely nobody would look at me the
same way again. I mean, when I was seven, a nightmare I had was of (I
kid you not) "ginger-bread strawberry" that was out to scratch people
in my first grade class. When I told people, they'd just be like, "Why
didn't you just eat it?"
Nowadays, my nightmares are just... disturbing, and nothing like that
But then I have other weird dreams that have things like plants that
talk and play the piano. O.O
‹αѕѕвυтт› says :   27 November 2011   211711  
In a dream I had last night, I was in the castle from Amnesia, and a
naked, old, floating man made lemonade and cookies. They were filled
with cyanide and absinthe.


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