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I bullshitted my essay. ;-;Category: (general)
Wednesday, 2 November 2011
03:33:20 AM (GMT)
Does it seem real bad?
I could never imagine my life without three of the four most important women who helped shape it. My grandma, my sister Nicole, and my mom seem to always be around when I need one of them. Whether it be by phone or in person. Attempting to think of life without them sends chills down my spine. Not those good chills either, like the kind when you eat ice cream. Those really horrible chills that you get when it finally sinks in that someone you love is gone and won't ever come back. I had gotten those bad chills constantly for about a week or so after we dropped Grandma off at the airport. I still get them every so often when I think about the possible outcomes that could have taken place that afternoon. It took me a while to wake up that morning. I don't remember why I was so tired, probably stayed up late watching a movie or on the phone, something along those lines. As I allowed thoughts to run wildly around my head of plans for the day, I rolled over and was blinded by the sun. I swear that "flaming ball of rude," as my friend Emma calls it, is determined to perfectly shove it's rays through my window and into my unready eyes every chance it can get. As you can tell, I'm not a morning person. After jumping out of bed and viciously fighting with my curtains to help shield the sun from my room, I gave up the thought of going back to sleep, and went downstairs. First thing I did was help Grandma put her suitcase into the trunk. I then made tea for us and went back upstairs to put on clothes. When I reached the bottom of the stairs Nicole, Grandma, and Mom were walking out the door. I grabbed my old black, dearly loved, Converse and ran after them, figuring I could put my shoes on in the car. My mom backed out of the driveway, and we were off like a herd of turtles. As we got onto the on ramp to the freeway, my mom said something about the car feeling funny. "The car feels normal to me," I had thought. But then it happened. We were gliding down the on ramp and then the car started to sputter and die. Apparently the car didn't like us today. It smelled strange, like gas, burning rubber, and smoke. I doubt it all was coming from our car. Mom skillfully moved the car over to the side of the road and Nicole and I looked at eachother. We didn't know how we were going to get to the airport and if Grandma was even going to make her flight. We all tried calling my brother, who had stayed with my dad. Of course, he didn't answer. "Typical," I heard my mom say. It's like she had stole the word from my mind. After a long while of calling my dad and brother, we finally got an answer. It was from my brother, Austin. "You guys are what?" He had said when I told him about our problem. "We're stranded on the side of the freeway!" I had to yell it into the phone so he could hear me over the passing cars. He and Dad began their short journey from the store to where we were stranded. Nicole and I had started watching the cars as we waited for the "white truck of safety," also known as the vehicle my dad drives. The cars had begun to freak Nicole out and were starting to do the same for me. You could hear their roaring engines as they went shooting past our car. The force of the air getting shoved aside as the cars broke through it was strong enough to rattle our entire car. That really bugged me. "I'm about ready to get out of this car and go hide behind protective fence thing" Nicole said. "Which fence thing?" My mom and I asked together. Nicole then turned around and pointed to a small metal fence that stood next to the huge brick wall that lined the freeway. Behind the fence their was a small dirt area that had a few patches of grass and two trees. The small distance between our car and the safety zone seemed to be a giant obstruction. But for some reason words slipped from my mouth, probably from adrenaline or something. "I'll go with you" I said loudly as another car shot past. Mom and Grandma tried telling us that it was safer in the car, but of course we didn't believe them. We looked back to the dirt area behind that fantastic fence. As we were looking behind us we saw a semi-truck begin drift off to the side, the side we were on. The semi was twenty or so yards behind us. I was just thinking it would drift back over into the normal lanes, but it didn't. It continued to drift into our lane. Eerily moving closer, drifting farther. We could hear the truck's breaks screeching. The car was dead silent, at least I think it was. I wouldn't be able to hear anything, what with my heartbeat pounding in my ears as I saw our death near closer. I was completely certain that truck would hit us. One hundred percent sure we would be squished into the windshield like bugs. A cessation of life was what dominated my thoughts, what helped form them. It was at this moment I wished I was Wolverine from X-men. Metal bones would come in handy. Superhuman healing abilities would be amazing. I don't really understand why I thought of what or who I wished I could be right then instead of screaming, or worrying about saying goodbye to my family. But either way, The semi neared closer. I could have sworn it was five feet away. I'm sure now that it was more. The screeching of the breaks became louder. I tore my eyes off of the truck just long enough to look at my sister. The look of horror on her face would have made me laugh slightly in any other situation. She always seems to squish her eyebrows together impossibly close, the skin on her cheeks gives the illusion of her cheek bones moving upward into her eye sockets. Her mouth parts just slightly, like a sleeping child's. And her eyes, they create this deep feeling. A bit like looking into a deep blue abyss at night. The way she does it though, it looks hilarious. Describing it makes me think of the Scream's face. I looked back to the truck just in time to see it's bumper tap ours. Just a small tap. Enough to make my sister squeal, and myself suck in a deep breath. Our car jolted slightly from the tap but that was all. Nicole and I looked at eachother, both terrified and relieved. She said very softly, in a panicked voice that she was going to go sit behind the protective fence. I got out near the wall, and she followed out my door so we weren't in traffic. She clung to my arm, and I held tightly to hers as we walked down the side of the freeway. "Do you think Mom and Grandma saw that?!" I said. "If they did and they're still in the car, they have guts," she replied. We scuttled over to the fence, climbed over and wandered around in the dirt for a minute. I pulled out my phone and called a few of my friends to tell them what had happened. My heart was still beating quickly, and the screeching rang in my ears. When the ringing subsided, I realized I had too much that I still wanted to do in life. I also realized, I hate the freeway. But mostly, I realized how much I'd miss my grandma, Nicole, and Mom if anything happened.

‹Saudade› says:   2 November 2011   441997  
That essay made me giggle :D
‹Adolf Hipster.› says:   3 November 2011   931334  
@ScarredPerfection Giggling is good(:
PoeticMofo says:   9 November 2011   671670  
u only said three women..
‹Adolf Hipster.› says:   9 November 2011   793372  
@PoeticMofo Your point? I said three of four. What's the point in naming the fourth when it doesn't pertain to the story?
PoeticMofo says:   9 November 2011   486823  
cause it...idk why not?  just why cant you say these three women
helped me why three of four then totally not say the fourth?
‹Adolf Hipster.› says:   9 November 2011   176746  
@PoeticMofo Because it makes you want to read so you can figure out who the fourth is.
PoeticMofo says :   9 November 2011   359843  
but i skipped to the end after reading the first sentence and there
was no fourth


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