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Fuck You and Your High Horse.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 20 September 2011
07:55:54 PM (GMT)
So, today I walk into my Ancient Civilizations class that I just so happen to share
with my best friend, who you would probably know as Tae. Well, Tae and I are talking
about our first hours and scholarships that we might apply for and FBLA. When out of
nowhere these insufferable, absolutely immature Sophomores start mocking us.
I'm not sure. 
But they do. 
So I snap. They've been acting this way for days, maybe they're just trying to get a
reaction and have succeeded. Anyway, all I said was "Your maturity levels are rapidly
dwindling." To which another Sophomore retorts "Well, if we're immature what does
that make you?" I get in his face. "A lot more mature than you, that's for sure."
They don't stop. They are real-life trolls.

I don't want anyone to get the impression that I'm totally 100% anti-Sophomore. I'm
sure there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of nice, decent Sophomores. In
fact, I know a few. It's just these ones, they all think that just because they've
finally entered high school they're big and bad and can do whatever they want with
little consequence.
Well guess what?
Everyone at that school is in high school. They could be anyone else for all we
I was a Sophomore once, too. But I was never that much of an asshole to somebody I
didn't even know. 
It just pisses me off the way that people will run their mouths nowadays. If I could
have it my way, I would staple their lips together. OH. Not to mention their favorite
catchphrase is "Ya mad, bro?" Yeah. Like I said, real-life trolls. 
I know I shouldn't let people like that get to me, they're just so fucking annoying.
They're a waste of space.

			--- Alyssa.

fireonthemountain says:   20 September 2011   283186  
One things that pisses me off is when upperclassmen are all "OH MY
GOD freshmen and sophomores are so immature omg they're so young and
stupid." I mean, I'm a junior, and I'll admit that's sometimes true.
But it just seems like you're trying to act/seem so much more mature
than them and by doing that you're doing the exact opposite. :p
BleedingMascara46 says :   20 September 2011   690327  
how was I acting immature when I was the one being mocked?
It clearly says that I really have nothing against a single particular
group in my school, and I honestly don't. I group them in with the
Sophomores because, well, that's what they are. The Sophomores. Not
trying to put down every single Sophomore in my school, because I have
many friends who are, in fact, Sophomores. :P and I know my fair share
of asshole Seniors, and piece of shit Juniors. It's life.
Like I said. I don't mean to group them into Sophomores in any way,
that's just the best way I can think of to explain who I'm talking
about without naming all of them. 

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