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Tuesday, 13 September 2011
03:03:07 AM (GMT)
so. im having a slumber party in october. im inviting 3 friends from my old school and one from my new school. the one from my new school will only know me. im making invites. i feel blank. what do i put on my invites? lol. i feel so stupid. what activities should we do? we are all 13 and all girls. what food should we have? im not planning on having a big dinner (like pizza) but instead im having little pies and sausage rolls. what drinks should i have? how can i make my new friend not feel left out? when everyone gets there, should i introduce or what? everyone will be coming in their pyjamas. even tho no one probably gives a damn about this, please help.
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‹Silvylove› says:   13 September 2011   697076  
Introduce her to everyone of course and make sur eyou include her in
everything you do. That way she doesnt feel left out(:
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   13 September 2011   163173  
Ohkay, anything else? 
‹Silvylove› says:   13 September 2011   518387  
Just make her feel extremely welcomed.
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   13 September 2011   181988  
Lol i meant like the other questions i asked 
‹Silvylove› says:   13 September 2011   259626  
Oh like drinks? well you should prepare that silly :P
have sodas, juices, water, iced tea.
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   13 September 2011   227788  
And, food? And what should i put on my invites << stupid question lol 
‹Silvylove› says:   13 September 2011   368420  
chips and dip uuuuum pizza for sure. cookies, cakes,maybe little
fruit plates. and just put in there wat they need like pjs sleeping
bags pillows etc, snack,dinner,games, and best of all lots of fun!
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   13 September 2011   474244  
Thankyou ily bffl <3 
‹Silvylove› says:   13 September 2011   150641  
yw love(:
greatpumpkin says:   15 September 2011   406096  
the slumber party and she wont feel left out jade
‹The Lark› says:   15 September 2011   676300  
Not sure about invites.
Food and drink... Well, and this applies to a lot of things, just
think of things you'd all like. If you're really good at cooking
something, or you know a restaurant that you'd all enjoy, then cook or
order that.
Activities are pretty much up to you. It depends on what you guys like
to do. You usually can't go wrong with movies and games.
As for your friend, if your old friends or new one are social and good
at warming up to people, then you don't really have much to worry
about. Are their similarities between her and your other friends?
Having things in common, having similar types of humor, and things
like that will make it easy to break the ice. As long as you make sure
to keep her in the conversation and activities, things will be fine.
Encourage conversation between her and your other friends so to make
her feel apart of your group. If you end up going down memory lane
with your old friends, try not to get to the point where you end up
forgetting that she's there and keep her included too (everyone
sharing stories is a good way to do this.) 
I hope this helps.
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says :   17 September 2011   819140  
wow thankyou..... yeah she is so like my old friend which will be
good. THANKYOU!!! 


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