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Another Sex Story Part 5!: SchoolCategory: (general)
Saturday, 16 July 2011
04:21:34 PM (GMT)
Hey everyone, before I start, I'd loved to say thanks to everyone who reads these
stories and I hope that you do like them, and going back I realized my older ones
weren't as good as before, so I'll try to make these new ones even better for you
little sex story lovers. I hope that my stories aren't similar to someone else's
because I make mine up on my own I promise! Anyways enjoy the story bitches. :] btw,
I'm pretty sure all my stories are lesbian stories, that don't usually follow each
other (different ones haha). Enjoy!♥

    It was the same boring ass day in school, teachers talking, my friends
texting, and the annoying clock ticking away, showing that is was 2:40, so only 20
minutes left in class. The teacher, Ms. Spaulding, was at her desk grading our tests.
Ms. Spaulding was a teacher that guys fantasize about fucking after class, in my
case, I always imagined me and her eating each other's pussies on her desk. As I sat
at my desk I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and read the
 "Hey Aria, you coming shopping with us after school? Love ya, Sam!" I looked over
and Sam was throwing herself on Toby Mandaboch, the hottest guy in our class, and he
loved to fuck. Toby, was staring straight at her boobs, shocker (not).
 "Uhm, I don't know, how about you and Toby hangout today, I'm busy, sorry!" I
replied. Sam shot me a look and mouthed out Okay.
 *Ringgggg* I jumped, I hadn't realized it was 3:00.
 "Class before you go, I'm going to give you your test back, and Aria, can you stay
after class for just a minute?" Ms. Spaulding looked at me and I nodded yes.
 As my class filed out of the room, I tried to make myself looking sexy for her. I
put my hair down, unbuttoned my top show you could see more, and just left my skirt
normal, since it was short enough.
 "Is something wrong Ms. Spaulding?" I asked in a cute tone, as I went and sat on the
corner of her desk.
 "Well not exactly Aria dear, I just wanted to ask you a question about your test."
Ms. Spaulding replied, closing her door, pulling the blind of the door window, then
sat down at her desk.
 "Mhmm, well what is it?" I said seductively, trying to get her attention.
 "Your test is outstanding, far better than the rest of the class. I wanted to
congradulate you on that," Ms. Spaulding answered looking at her almost knee-length
 "Oh well thank you Mrs. Spaulding, that means a lot," I answered.
 As we sat there in the silence I had an idea. Ms. Spaulding was only 22, and I was
16, so we weren't that much of an age differance. I sat on her lap facing her and
smiled, she smiled back calmly. I moved closer to her, and I kissed her on the lips.
Ms. Spaulding made no motion of breaking it, and she kissed me back, grabbing my ass,
moaning a little inside. As we kept kissing, I took of my shirt, & managed to get
hers off.
 "Oh Aria, if I get caught, I'd be history, but I want you so bad." Ms. Spaulding
said looking at my lace bra.
 "I wont tell Ms. Spaulding, and I want you." I replied as I kissed her.
 "Mhmm, call me by my 1st name baby, Amy." Amy said taking her skirt off, and her
just in her bra, thong, and heels.
 I slid my skirt off and took my heels off, just sitting on her lap in my bra and
 Amy took me and put me on her lap and started kissing me more passionately this
time. I stuck my town in her mouth and started licking our tongues together moaning.
While we we kissing, Amy took off my bra and was squeezing my tits. 
 "Mhmm, Amy I love it, harder. Punish me, I've been a bad student, yes!" I said. She
starting sucking of my boobs, as I took off her bra, and I did the same.
 Then I stood up, and she took my thong off. She looked at my pussy, and laid me on
her back table. She kissed my thighs, then spread my legs, and started eating my
pussy, while fingering it. I was in Heaven, and couldn't contain myself from louder
moans. Then she, took a vibrator and stuck it up my vagina. She climbed on top of me,
and I started eating out her vagina, and fingering her, while she kissed my vagina.
Soon, I cummed and she did, and I licked it up. She pulled the vibrator out, and
cleaned it off, then put it up.
 We cleaned up the back table, then sat at her desk and made out passionately for a
long time. 
 Then I got dressed, and she did as well.
 "Again, good job on your test Aria, you passed well. Go on now, I'll see you
& Then I left and went home, and thought about her all night.
 The END! (:

Sorry, if it seems rushed, my fault. I hope you liked it!

‹Sexy_Horny_Lesbian› says:   29 July 2011   103156  
loved it!make more!
ILOVETOFUCKjr says:   10 August 2011   661765  
thanks I'll try, I just wanna make sure I don't copy anyone's
stories because I dont try to.
Unicorn73 says:   13 November 2011   145162  
well u are a nasty slut but hot i would like finger you
Unicorn73 says:   13 November 2011   286971  
lol u noy a slut
ILOVETOFUCKjr asks :   23 November 2011   223661  
what? haha

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