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Of things to comeCategory: (general)
Friday, 15 July 2011
02:18:54 PM (GMT)
--EDIT: This is actually a post I wrote a long while back, just thought I'd put
this up here as well.

2011 is going to be quite the year for me. There are so many things that are going to
take place that will be a stepping stone for the rest of my life, all happening in
one year. It’s funny how even the most uneventful year would’ve given chance to
so many wonderful things, while it’s also funny how the most eventful year maybe
the most boring one for you as well. I just hope that’s not the case with me.

Unlike most people, New Year Resolutions have almost always worked out for me. And, I
don’t whether it’s because I’m good at keeping my word, or maybe it’s just
the way it turns out. Or it might as well be because I choose overly easy objectives
as my resolutions in the first place. Well, 2009’s resolution was not to kiss a
girl unless you were sure you wouldn’t regret it the next month. That, and because
I knew I wasn’t ready. 2010’s was to stay single because that’s how I felt like
being for the whole year. Now, this year 2011, I plan on changing things a bit,
instead of holding myself back from taking leaps, I am going to go fall in love. Not
the modern, much more generalised version of love either. A bit old fashioned, true
to oneself sort-of of love. Let’s just say that it’s love that lasts.

Moreover, later this month, I’m going to be applying for a bunch of jobs (and
hopefully getting one.) and begin earning some money (professionally) for the first
time in my life. Before I use to save up cash by starving myself and saving up my
lunch money and by selling pirated movies/series/anime that I download. And, I waste
up all my savings the following weekend on some date that I really enjoyed going on.
(: It was going to be different this time, I was going to be working for my money
alongside colleagues and I am going to have to prove to myself and everyone else that
working is not about how qualified you are, but about how productive you can be. I
want to find out how productive I can be. And as a plus, I am going to be paid in 4
digits by the month, so it wouldn’t be as easy to spend it all up.

And no, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped educating myself. In fact, the real
education has only begun. Later, also in this year, I’m going to start my
foundations and hopefully be able to start my degree the following year. I’ve
decided to go in the fields of I.T. as that’s the field I believe I’m most
interested in, and am best at. I’m glad the decision came finally to this, because
initially, with my parent’s recommendations and my teacher’s brainwashing, I had
come to believe that piloting/aeronautical engineering was the field for me. I
believed them too, after they told me the amount of cash I’d be getting if I were
working in that field. But I’m glad that at the end of the day, it came back to
I.T. as I know I can do good at it and that I would never get bored of the field and
let it go and decide to go in a totally different direction an year or so later.
(Like most people my age are doing.)

Finally, to do my foundations + degree, I am going to be moving away from home to
*insert commercial background voice here* Malaysia, Truly Asia. This, I believe, as
lightly as I am taking it, is going to be a difficult change for me. Because me being
me, I need to surround myself with countless friends and, all that is right at home.
To find a whole new life for me in Malaysia wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds, and
I’m not even sure if I’m up for it. Moreover, I’m going to be away from my
parents for the better part of the year, and that’s something I can never prepare
myself for. While this is all a part of growing up and I’m going to have to deal
with it, I ask myself, when did I ever agree to grow up in the first place?

So yeah, I guess that’s about it. There are (although not many) big events planned
to take place this year, imagine the countless number of unplanned events that are
going to take place at the same time..

Well, *takes a deep breath* here goes nothing.

eternalxin says:   15 July 2011   745679  
Good luck out there! ^o^ I know you can do it!
catchdhanish says:   15 July 2011   229657  
Haha, thanks :D
eternalxin says :   16 July 2011   196008  
^o^ No prob!~ ^-^


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