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Saturday, 2 July 2011
11:24:41 AM (GMT)
Oh my gosh. I know them. They were on an MTV interview. 
This is how their band formed.

:At a gay bar.:
First Guy: Hey.
Other Guy: Hey.
First Guy: So uh.. Yerrr pretty hawt.
Other Guy: Woah. You noticed?!? :D
First Guy: Yeah-hah. Fer a second there I thought I was looking in a mirror.
Other Guy: Awah, so sweet. So anyways, want to go sodomize each other?
First Guy: You know it!!

First Guy: *blowing other guy*
First Guy: How you likin' it?
Other Guy: It's great, but uh...
First Guy: What?!
Other Guy: I'm kind of a.. masochist.. you think you could..
First Guy: Oh, yeah, yeah yeah!! *sinks vampire fangs into guy's dick*
Other Guy: AHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!
First Guy: Hey. You're a pretty good screamer.
Other Guy: You like, listen to that screamo crap?
First Guy: Ah, some of it's okay.
Other Guy: So what are you..?
First Guy: Well, why don't we start a screamo band?
Other Guy: But I've never really listened to screamo before,
I wouldn't even know how to scream like that.
First Guy: Ah, that's okay, it don't take talent, just sexy hair.
Other Guy: Oh, fuck me baby!!

FG: Dude, I'm so fuuuuuckin' wasted!!! :D
OG: How's that song comin'?
FG: Great. Listen to these lyrics: 'I love, to suck your dick, I love, it, in,
my mouth!!'
OG: Hm... A little more acid, then?
FG: Yes..

*three years later*
FG: And that is how we started our own terrorist organization. 
Interviewer: But, uh.. I thought this was a band??
OG: Hah! You've obviously never heard our band. Hit it, guys.

*ten minutes later*
Paramedics: What happened to this man?!??!
Police: He apparently heard this awful band and committed suicide by strangling
himself with his own veins which he ripped out of his wrists in desperation to
end the awful sound of their horrible music.
Paramedics: I see. But why is all the other MTV workers dead?
Police: They are? Well, I'd say that's for the best.

The band (uh.. terrorist group) was last seen posting horrific videos on

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