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June, 2011(;Category: Random.
Sunday, 26 June 2011
07:30:08 AM (GMT)
Okay so I snuck out tonight and hung out with my best friend Devin(:
First we met up at the park and chilled, drinking mountain dew and avoiding the
security person. It was hella fun because we were just talking about how awesome we
were for sneaking out. Then I say “Let’s go to tops” So we go. On the way to
tops we pass this house full of drunken idiots and they say “Have you seen a man
with a dog?” When we say no they reply “Okay… well we lost him. If you see him
tell him we’re looking.” And we are just like “Yeah okay, go get more beer
hick” Because everyone who lives in hamlin is a hick(: hahaha so when we finally
get to tops we walk in and pretend we are shopping, then it turns into a sexual
conversation as we wander. We get to the medicine aisle and we just say the name of
the meds and nod to ourselves. Then we discuss how if the fake cigarettes don’t
harm you, are we legally allowed to purchase them.  Then we talk about how maybe
child actors use them to pretend to smoke, then I just say they use real cigarettes
and they just don’t inhale. Well while we are conversing this creep ass cashier at
tops is just staring at us. We walk on and go to the greeting cards place, stopping
to look at the geeky sunglasses.

 I turn around as we are looking, and as I’m taking this picture, and I see the
creepy cashier staring at us. At first I’m like “Oh no big deal, he is probably
just watching to make sure we don’t steal any sunglasses or something. Then we
continue our voyage through the greeting cards section and see a dog leash-don’t
ask me why they are in the same aisle because it baffles me- and obviously make it
sexual. Long story short I have the leash around my neck and devin is just holding
it. When I take it off and put it back on the shelf the guy had followed us and he
was STILL LOOKING AT US. By then Devin and I are just laughing like “who the hell
does he think he is” and shit. Then we go to a different aisle and he is watching
us so we finally decide to leave, getting creeped out. We walk down another aisle and
don’t see him at first. I say “20 bucks he appears once we get up there” and
what do ya know, there is creepy mc creep ass waiting for us at the end of the aisle.
This guy literally followed us out of the store and stared at us while we were in the
parking lot. It was hella creepy. Well anywhore, after we saw some drunken bimbos in
the parking lot and noticed creep ass- no, lets call him scooter- and noticed that
scooter was still looking at us we walk towards dollar general, still just shooting
the shit and talking about random crap. Devin finished his mountain dew and crushed
it with his foot, after he proceeded to throw it in the little drainage thing on the
side of the sidewalk. I call him a litterer and then finish my drink, have him crush
it, and do the same thing. We laugh and then walk towards the car wash. We find a
nice little place and Devin planks, leaving me to document it and then laugh like a
tired ass idiot.

So after all of this I say “Let’s go to that 24 hour bar” and he says
“That’s not the brightest idea” and I just roll my eyes at his asian-ness. On
the way I get distracted and we end up in an apartment complex and on its playground
talking about life and what’s been going on. We swung on the swings and devin swung
upside down-ish for a while and all the blood rushed to his head, it was funny. After
a few funny comments I decide to go down the slide and devin follows, being a creeper
in the dark. Then I swing on a spinning swing and devin climbs the thing and it was
funny because he had trouble getting down(: After that fun we played on a seesaw and
had loads of fun(: ahaha I sound like such a dumb ass. After that we wander into a
gazebo and then wander out of the apartment complex, talking about how we would
handle it if some creep came up and tried to kill us and then about drunk relatives.
After all of this we decide to go back to the park up my street. After some
hesitation we man up and actually go on the playground and sit in darkness and just
talk. Then, out of paranoia, I suggest we go to this little nook on the other side of
the playground so we don’t get caught. After this we spent nearly two and a half
hours just playing FMK and the awkward sexual question game hahaha(: Fun shit man.
Fun shitt. I can’t wait to do something like this again(:
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