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Friday, 24 June 2011
03:11:07 PM (GMT)
QUESTION 1/21 - If you were putting on a play, what part in the production would you
[x]I would like the leading role.
[ ]I would like to be the director.
[ ]I would like a minor part.
[ ]I would prefer not to be involved.
[ ]I would definitely be backstage.
QUESTION 2/21 - What type of vacations do you most enjoy?
[ ]I like solitary hiking in the great outdoors.
[x]I'm a sightseer who loves to see and do as much as possible.
[ ]I enjoy getting to know the culture by interacting with people.
[ ]I like a Club-Med type of vacation where you get a balance of solitude and
interaction with people.
[ ]I enjoy a good nudist colony. 
QUESTION 3/21 - Are you a gossip?
[ ]Yes, I love to talk about others.
[x]No, I mind my own business.
[ ]I like to hear about others, but I keep it to myself.
[ ]No, I don't like to invade other peoples' privacy. 
QUESTION 4/21 - If you had just one day to live, how would you spend it?
[ ]I'd throw the biggest party with all my friends and make love with as many as
[ ]I'd make a list of my favorite activities and do as many as I have time for.
[x]I would spend it with my closest friends and family.
[ ]I'd prefer to be alone and contemplate my life. 
QUESTION 5/21 - When someone steals your parking place right out from under you...
[x]I want to smash their car into oblivion.
[ ]I want to tell them what I think, but I don't.
[ ]I confront them and tell them what I'm feeling.
[ ]I look for another place.
[x]I have not a car.
QUESTION 6/21 - Would you tell a total stranger your most intimate secrets?
[ ]Yes, because for me it's easier to be more intimate with a stranger.
[ ]No, I only speak intimately with close friends.
[ ]I enjoy sharing my life experiences with friends and strangers.
[x]No, I don't reveal intimacies with anyone. 
QUESTION 7/21 - How do feel about speaking in public?
[x]I love getting up in front of people and talking.
[ ]It makes me feel petrified.
[ ]I can do it, but I don't enjoy it.
[ ]I won't do it. 
QUESTION 8/21 - When you interview for a job or a position that you really want, are
you optimistic about getting it?
[ ]No, I know I won't get it.
[ ]Yes, I'm always sure that I get what I want.
[x]It depends on how the interview went.
[ ]I always try to keep a positive attitude. 
QUESTION 8/21 - Are you modest?
[ ]No, why should I be?
[ ]Yes, because I don't like being the center of attention.
[x]Yes, but I still like to be publicly acknowledged for my achievements.
[ ]No, because I love being the focus of attention. 
QUESTION 10/21 - When you're at a gathering and don't know everyone, do you introduce
yourself or get introduced?
[x]I get introduced.
[ ]I introduce myself. 
QUESTION 11/21 - You are at an event and the hot DJ is finding his groove. Do you
start dancing?
[ ]No, I wait until others have started.
[x]Yes, I don't mind being first.
[ ]I don't dance.
[ ]I will only dance if everyone else is dancing. 
QUESTION 12/21 - How sociable are you at parties?
[ ]I tend to engage in deep conversation with one or just a few people.
[x]I mingle and socialize with many but not everyone.
[ ]I tend to be in the middle of the action and chitchat with just about everyone. 
QUESTION 13/21 - How do you spend your free time?
[ ]I like to go out with friends.
[x]I like to stay home by myself.
[ ]I like to chat on-line. 
QUESTION 14/21 - What kind of friendships do you have?
[ ]I have deep friendships with a few people.
[x]I have broad friendships with many different people.
[ ]I don't have many friends.
QUESTION 15/21 - What genre movie do you like best?
[ ]Action
[ ]Comedy
[ ]Science Fiction
[x]Drama/Love story
[ ]Horror 
QUESTION 16/21 - In grade school, you were...
[ ]The class clown
[ ]President of my class
[ ]The class geek
[x]A member of the in-crowd (Not that we had one, but other people said we did)
[ ]In my own little world
QUESTION 17/21 - How do you like to work?
[ ]In a team
[ ]Depends on the project. 
QUESTION 18/21 - Do you ever feel bored when you're alone?
[ ]Never, I can always occupy my time.
[x]Sometimes, but most of the time I stay busy.
[ ]Always, I can't stand to be alone.
[ ]No, I don't get enough time alone.
[ ]I am never alone because it scares me. 
QUESTION 19/21 - How much do you travel (for fun and for business)?
[ ]All the time, I basically live out of my suitcase.
[x]A lot.
[ ]Normal, I guess.
[ ]Very little.
[ ]Never. 
QUESTION 20/21 - What is your definition of a friend?
[ ]Someone whom I've known for awhile.
[x]Someone I feel close to even if we haven't known each other for long.
[ ]Someone who has repeatedly proven his or her loyalty, trust and faith over a
period of time.
[ ]A person with whom I've shared intimate feelings.
[ ]Anyone who I enjoy spending time with. 
QUESTION 21/21 - In my family, I was known as:
[ ]Chatterbox.
[ ]Clinger.
[ ]Troublemaker.
[ ]Wise ass.

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