This is a diary entry and i am just trying it out, so yes that will be
the title :D
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This is a diary entry and i am just trying it out, so yes that will be
the title :D
Category: (general)
Monday, 18 April 2011
03:35:20 PM (GMT)
yesterday i watched bridget jones diary haha, very good film, i have pretty much
spent the whole day with one of my friends, well old friends, from my old school at a
restaurant we were there for 4 hours! not eating talking, well we were eating just
not the whole time, i have just set up this account thing so yes, i am just trying
everything out, right now i am very hungry, that is why i have set the wallpaper to
banana, even though i hate bananas, one of my friends (yes she is on kupika, but i
will not say her name bacause, she might not want me too) well while we were at
school she decided to shove a banana in my mouth, at first i just chewed it normally,
but then i just felt like i was going to throw up so i just threw it in the toilet, i
don't know why but i am fine, but when it comes to swallowing them, it just wont
happen, its the same with eggs and medicine, i hate the smell of eggs and medicine
well i never actually take it unless it is 100% necisarry, like antibiotics or i have
had a tooth extraction which was extremly painful, this happened about a week ago it
took 3 numning injection things and then they just tugged it out, that wasn't very
painful though, i felt so sick afterwards and i had a headache, this was probably
because of the lack of oxygen going to my brain because i had my mouth open for like
an hour, with a hand in it, but i don't take it if i have a cold or something normal
as i just hate the taste, and i can't swallow those wierd pill things i just sleep
and relax, works for me :D, anyway moving on it is like 8:30pm i know it is kind of
early but i am very tired, anyway in the restaurant today my friend and i, had this
wierd mummy making napkin competition it was so fun, we ended up using all the brown
packs of sugar (like 6) by just pouring them into a cup and eating them, wow that was
a waste... well that is what happens when you're bored i guess, anyway she completly
wrecked my mummy when she saw me ripping it apart, and threw it into her mums almost
finished cappuchino, oh the devastation :/ ohhhhhhh dinner awaits me :D such joy,
such joy anyways so long

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