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marukaite chikyuu~Category: survey quiz things!
Friday, 8 April 2011
06:01:37 PM (GMT)
01. Are you the type of person who says you’ll do things, but then you end up
never doing them or just forget about them?
Yeah, that's only my life. |D

02. What was the last pill you took for?
The headache that I still have. p____p

03. When was the last time you held back tears, and why did you hold them back?
today in math class because I kept answering everything wrong and got frustrated;
held them back because I was in school and I hate crying in front of others.

04. Do you prefer gifts you can use for something (ex. electronics, pens, etc.) or
things you just look at (ex. snowglobes, posters)? Why?
Gifts I can use, because then every time I use them I think of the person who gave
them to me~
Although posters aren't bad.

05. Did you ever like something or someone, but then someone said something negative
about it / that person, and then your opinion changed?
Hmmmm... I don't think so? Unless it's like, my friend likes some guy/girl and
someone else says (s)he's mean to them then I'll probably advise my friend to talk to
them for a little bit to see. Probably wouldn't be as nice/open-minded towards the

06. Which race, besides your own, do you find the most attractive?
judgmental question much? that's not really what I go by.

07. Have you ever felt like you were cursed? How come?
Not really.

08. Do you like floral patterns? Do you own a lot of things that are floral
not really.

09. Are there any songs or artists that remind you of certain places? If so, which,
and what do they remind you of?
ahh.. not any specific ones I can think of. I'd have to hear a song to see.

10. Have you ever thrown up at school? If so, describe the experience.
Nope :3

11. Have you ever heard a foreign person imitate an American accent?
o3o No. I wonder how that sounds..

12. Do you use any glitter text generators, or have you ever used them before?

13. If you have straight hair, have you ever wanted / do you want curly hair? If you
have curly hair, do you wish you had straight hair? Do you wish your hair was a
different color than it is naturally? Do you dye it / would you ever dye it?
My hair's pretty straight. Curly hair would look ridiculous on me, so nah. I don't
dye it because I'm okay with its color (brown).

14. Was there ever one person that constantly picked on you in school? Did you do
anything about it?
not in particular, although people do kinda like to push me around. :s
I don't really pay attention to it.

15. Did you used to watch Looney Tunes when you were younger? Who was your favorite
hell yeah I did~ I liked Road Runner the best. c:

16. If you have an older sibling, do you look up to them? In what ways? If you have a
younger sibling, do you think they look up to you?
Don't have any siblings.

17. Where is your favorite place to go for a walk, and why?
Around my neighborhood because it's fun, and in the arboretum because it's so
beautiful there.

18. If someone comments you on your blog, pictures, etc., do you usually comment
Yep c:

19. Have you ever had a teacher that babied you?
My english teacher from last year. D;

20. Has anything awkward ever happened to you while you were playing a board / card
not that I can think of? |D

21. Do you like to play rhyming or word games? Which is your favorite?
I love word games like when you have a bunch of letters and make whatever words you
can out of them.
I always win at that game in Spanish class. And vocabulary is my love. <3

22. What would you do if you saw your 13 year old child kissing someone of the same
age? Do you think that is too young to be doing such a thing?
I haven't a clue.

23. Have you ever taken a sponge bath, besides when you were a child?

24. Do you ever combine words? (For ex: “Shup” = Shut up.)
It sounds like I do, but I don't intend to. Sometimes I just stop caring halfway
through the sentence. |D

25. Do you get dressed immediately after waking up, or do you wait a while?
I wait awhile, mainly because I usually don't want to leave the warmth of the clothes
I was sleeping in. ;;

26. Do scented candles make you nostalgic?
o3o No.

27. Are there any foods that make you feel nostalgic?
Not especially.

28. Would you rather be the bearer of bad news or the one receiving the bad news?
I'd rather be the bearer. 

29. What would you do if you discovered that your best friend or your favorite
celebrity was gay? Would that change how you felt about them, and if so, in what
my best friend? I'd support her, because her family probably wouldn't be very
my favorite celeb is Devon Bostick and if I found out he was gay I would die of

30. When was the last time a friend or family member offended you, and what was it
that they did that offended you?
my friends - 

31. What was the last frozen food you ate?
Just had 2 chicken burgers.

32. Do you know anyone who experiments or overuses OTC drugs?
yeah, my friend took like 10+ aspirins today (not to get high, she was in pain/sick
but I was like o____o BRO) 
and she told me she had Valium at some point. :/

33. What was the most recent movie your favorite actor or actress starred in? Did you
see it? Did you like it?
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2, lawl. Haven't seen it yet.

34. Were you a tattletale when you were younger?
Not really. 

35. List your family members, and tell 1 thing they do that pisses you off & 1 thing
you absolutely adore about them.
Dad; is condescending, tells others what I "think" or that I'll do something that I
haven't agreed to, but he'll play video games with me and says funny stuff so.
Mom; .. I don't know, she doesn't piss me off much & is there for me all the time c:

36. Do you watch Robot Chicken?

37. If you knock something down in a store, do you pick it up or just leave it on the
ground & pretend it was already there?
I'll usually pick it up.

38. Do you have / have you ever had a teacher who had great taste in music? If so,
what teacher was it & what kind of music did they listen to?
Unfortunately, no. :d

39. When was the last time the weather forecast was incorrect?
I haven't a clue, bro. All I ask about is the temperature and I usually don't check

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