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70 Things Most People Don't Know About MeCategory: (general)
Saturday, 5 March 2011
10:50:06 PM (GMT)
I don't even remember some of these. XD Anyways, the first sixty are old, and the last ten are new. 1. I finally got a facebook. :O 2. I own a dog, but I'm allergic to dogs. 3. I am also allergic to watermelon. 4. I hate group projects. 5. I also hate hugs, you never know what a hug can turn into. 6. I am really hyper/crazy with my friends unless its at a public place, then I tone it down. 7. I actually like this one guy, but can't tell my friends about it at all. 8. I can't date until I'm sixteen. 9. I kind of don't want to go to homecoming. 10. I think way too much about things. 11. Even though I play softball, I don't have a strong arm. 12. My ring tone of both text message and calling is Dynamite by Taio Cruz. 13. I hate when stories move too fast. 14. I love hats, but I don't look good in hats. 15. I used to like tie dye, but not anymore. 16. Sixteen is my favorite number. 17. When I'm older I'm going to get a car that is electric blue. 18. I am scarred of thunderstorms, but I act tough around them. 19. When I get hyper, half the time I don't even think about what I'm doing/saying. 20. I want my room to be paint splatters. 21. I just got asked out for the first time yesterday...yes on Halloween. 22. I love annoying people. 23. I hate when my friends act like something isn't a really big deal, but really it is. 24. I am starting to hate my friends... 25. I hate parties, because I always get bored at them. 26. I eat like a pig, even though I try not to. 27. I suck at every sport, but softball. 28. I don't really eat beef or pork. 29. My room is really messy and I own a lot of stuff, but I know what I own and I know where everything is. 30. I want to go back to 8th grade, and redo a lot of things I did. 31. I own a lot of stuff from my childhood, because I can't let that stuff go. 32. I was a blond when I was young. 33. I had a tooth surgery for something that is common, but most people don't know about. 34. I have dreams where I am always the main character and always falling for some guy. 35. I can tell when some one is creepy, just by looking at them. 36. I don't freak out about tests, they are stupid and the teacher is just testing you on what you know. 37. I have four lamps in my room, but really I only use one, and its a really small room. 38. I have a robe, but I never wore it, and its been like three years since I had it. Still has tags on it, too. 39. I have a pair of shoes that don't even fit me. 40. My favorite band at the moment is sadly a boy band, Big Time Rush. 41. In fourth grade I received a hate letter by my "best friend". 42. After I told the teacher about the letter, she told the whole class. This made me hate her more than I already did. 43. Surprisingly all the girls didn't talk to me for the rest of the year (two weeks), but all the guys did. 44. But then this one girl did, and she is now my best friend in life. 45. I may act like a leader at times, but really I am just a follower. 46. I like to just seat and listen and watch, rather than talk. 47. I hate juice, but I love milk. 48. I am taller than the average female. Actually, if you look at everybody in my grade all of us are taller than the average adult. 49. I have a book about how to write, but I have never read it. 50. When people ask me what is one thing I regret doing, I say nothing, because everything happens for a reason. I believe in that, and until something happens to you you probably don't believe in that. 51. I thought the best I Believe Speech was this one guy's speech. But I didn't vote for him. Needless, to say he still won. 52. I had my first kiss when I was seven. 53. My first crush was when I was three. 54. The person who I had a crush on knows that I used to like him, but we still talk. 55. Oh! I have a phone number to this one kid I met on the internet. 56. I have never called/texted that number at all. 57. I rather be at home than hanging out with my friends. 58. I want my birthday part at a hotel, but I don't think we have enough money. 59. Half of the stuff I say on here are stuff that I'm thinking and never tell my friends about it. 60. I hate my lunch table. I just hate it. Too many friends sit at it...I guess. 61. When my one friend asked me who was going to be at my party I named a couple of names. But then she got real excited by the last name I said. "Oh, good Alex is going to be there. You know she like the life of the party." That hurt my feelings, but instead of saying anything I just smiled and nodded. 62. There is really only five people in this whole wide world that I can tell anything to. 63. Three of them are guys. Two of them are girls. 64. One of the girls is my sister. 65. Needless to say they are all older than me. 66. People say I look older and I act older. Nah, that's just not when I'm with my friends. 67. When I'm with my friends I act like I'm six, but not in public. 68. Sometimes I wish my friends would grow up and act polite in public. 69. My one friend said that she used to do that, but then realized that its just better to go with it. 70. Well, I'm just not as fun anymore I guess.
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