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A Second Death? (Sort of Fanfiction ^.^' )Category: Soul Eater
Thursday, 13 January 2011
03:15:56 PM (GMT)
It was long ago since I died. 357 years to be exact. But I didn't die of a disease,
old age, none of those. Murder. Because of this, I returned to the earth's surface as
a ghost, and have lived on the earths surface as a ghost for 357 years, thinking that
I'd never rest in peace. But that was going to change.

A Witch attack. Under the Shibusen Academy. Everyone tries to forget it. But somehow
Deidara, Calum, Connor, Death the Kid, Liz, Patty, Black Star, Tsubaki, Maka, Soul,
Stein, Dana, Claressa, Oniko, and I. Against a group of incredibly strong and witty
It had been ages since the fight had started. The witches were cackling and teasing.
All the Weapon's were in their Weapon form, and all the Meisters were trying their
best to try and defeat the Witches using their Weapons. Even though there was a large
amount of people fighting against a group of Witches, it still wasn't enough.

Death the Kid and Deidara made up a plan. Kid would distract the witches by shooting
at them, and Deidara would sneek up behind them and cut them with her twin samurai
swords. They tried it, but it didn't work. Nothing worked. Far away shots, and close
up hits didn't work at all. They were fighting a loosing battle.

Black Star and Dana worked together, since they're weapons were slightly similar.
Black Star kept on trying to use the 'Fey Blade Mode' but soon after kept fainting,
since he wasn't strong enough yet.

I looked away from the witches, and down at the hand cuffs that were around my
wrists. I had once told Deidara that I couldn't take them off. Why? If I did, all the
years of being a ghost would flood back to me since I would be coming back to life,
but it would be killing me in the process. It would release a huge amount of energy
as well, which could defeat the witches.
Oniko, being in her weapon form, yelled out to me, warning me about the witches
attacking. I jumped out the way of one of the witches attacks just in time.
"What are you doing? Get a grip, Irene!" Oniko told me.
As always, I said nothing back, and continued fighting with the rest of the group.
Oniko started 'Trolling' at the witches, trying to put them off. I have to say, it
did work tremendously well, but not well enough. they soon enough learned to ignore
Oniko, which made Oniko even more pissed off.

It was when Oniko was yelling and insulting one of the witches, that I looked away
and noticed a witch aiming their attack at Stein, who had been knocked off his feet
by another attack. Without realizing it, I dropped Oniko down to the ground. She
quickly transformed back into her human form.
"HEY! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!?" she yelled back at me.
I got over to Stein, and rose my hands in the air. The witches attack hit the chains
of my hand cuffs, cutting them. The attack went into my head after that. I knew that
was fine though, since I was a ghost. But afterwards, my handcuffs were cut off by
the attack. They fell off my wrists and fell to the ground with a large crashing
metal sound. My pale skin turned back to a normal skin colour. My eyes returned back
to an ice blue colour. My hair turned from white back to it's original red colour.
Blood dripped down from a hole in my forehead. That was where the witches attack hit
me. Suddenly, a huge ball of energy escaped from my body. It looked like a large soul
that was surrounding me. I can remember screaming at the top of my voice. I may have
sounded like some sort of banshee.

Stein got all of the group to hide in the furthest away corner. The energy wounded
almost all of the witches. It burned some of them, but unfortunately not all of
I dropped to the ground. I can still remember the sound of my skull smashing hard
against the ground. Pain. I could feel it again. I had finally got back to life. And
I was dying again. Stein ran over to examine me, to see if I was alright. He knew
straight away that I was going to die, as soon as he saw me.
All I could do was smile at him. The thread that Stein used to stitch my 'Glasgow
Smile' back up with, started to come undone as I smiled. My mouth ripped more, the
smile now up to the side of my face. I couldn't speak, but I stared up at Stein, and
then shut my eyes slowly. Dead. My body disappeared in, what looked like, a shroud
mist. In replace, a ghostly white soul was left behind. My soul. I was dead.

All I know about my soul, is that it wasn't eaten or anything like that. It's kept
safe in a jar, in Professor Stein's house. It keeps his room lit up...


I hope you liked this ^^' I tried my best xD  Quite a lot of the characters in
this fan fiction are Soul Eater OC's from Angel's Soul Eater rp ^^
Here are the two songs I was listening to whilst typing this up ^^

Last edited: 13 January 2011

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   13 January 2011   374016  
Ahmazing my dear~
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   13 January 2011   497132  
mmmmmmeeeehhhhhh I don't know xD
Thankyou ^_^ 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   13 January 2011   707182  
 Wow, really well-written!
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   14 January 2011   979980  
Thankyou ^.^ 


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