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Monday, 29 November 2010
11:21:28 PM (GMT)
I’d like to say how much you mean to me in just a few words, but before I know it
it’s going to be a few pages, my apologies. Being near you, by you, beside you;
makes me realize I could be nowhere better. It’s the most amazing feeling in the
world being with you, I feel alive when I’m with you. Whenever you are happy, I
feel happy; whenever you feel lame, I feel lame. The thought of even hurting you
through words or actions makes me feel like the worst person in the world, I’m
sorry if I ever did hurt you. I could spend hours just thinking of the right words to
say to you, because I worry if I say the wrong words I might hurt you or lose you. I
even spend time thinking of things to say to you to make you happy, make you laugh,
or make your day.
	I love to see you smile; it’s the most unique, wonderful, beautiful smile I have
ever seen that no one can replace. I’ve seen plenty of smiles before, but yours is
the most amazing. No one catches my eye like you do, your eyes I could never get
tired of and could get lost for hours in, like bottled sunshine. Even your hair and
face structure is beautiful, as silly as that sounds. Your voice is incredibly
adorable and cute, even the way you dress is exquisite and beautiful.
	You are by far the sweetest, cutest girl I have ever met. You make me smile
immensely, the most real smile I have ever felt that makes me feel like I’m about
to burst. It doesn’t feel like theirs enough room on my face for the smile you give
me. It feels like my heart beats four, if not more times when I’m with, thinking,
talking, or texting you. Simply talking, texting, or messaging you gets me excited
for it feels like I’m that much closer to you. I know I may not be the best at
conversation, I really do try for you, but I’m okay with just hearing your lovely
voice.  In all honesty I think about you more than anyone, day by day. I even listen
to Everclear because I know it’s your favorite band which makes me think of you and
makes me smile, as silly as that sounds. 
dearest love i've seen the stars i've seen the doves
and you've made me starstruck
turned a heart into the sun
so sign me out of yesterday
ive forgiven my decay
for you have me swept away
i'll give you my cards if you give me your name
i'll open your wings if you do the same
trust me dear their ain't no shame
in rolling the dice and playing the game
walking the path of memory lane
to show you that my inner dreams
scream fluently  for you to see
that you are all i could ever need
i've seen tears turn to mud
seen a gaze burn the sun
made a spark out of bad remarks
but that's not going that far
for all i was was a scar
before i met you and became a star
chaos control is calling me
dialing smiles in your memory
for every time i breath 
in this delicate machine
you've given to me
it makes me see the ocean deep
as being not so steep
for a face like yours makes angels weep
and a voice like yours makes the solemn speak
so darling don't you see
that with every breath you breathe
i fall to my knees in symphony
so i hope you see
that if you let me be
and fall so deep
into everything 
we could ever need
you and me

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:   29 November 2010   311775  
I know what you mean. When waiting for a response to a message for
more than a minute feels like ages; but you are willing to wait a
lifetime to hear from them.
Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:   29 November 2010   897629  
I did, but i'm commenting again because you told me. Now read mine
>:D... maybe?
‹s a d i e :]› says:   30 November 2010   922610  
this is amazing;
if any guy said this to me I'd probably marry him, lol
‹BR33♥› says:   30 November 2010   168543  
my god.
that is the most romantic thing i've ever read.
it's amazing,jacob(:
‹JacobJigglypuff› says:   30 November 2010   417511  
you read fast.
thank you, ive noticed im good at being romantic, at least in writing,
i really tried on this though.
Thank you.favorite parts?
fuzzyelmoo says:   30 November 2010   591058  
That's too fucking  cute :3 :3
‹Captain.Incredible.Thor.Man.› says:   30 November 2010   551330  
i know how you feel. i have a certain person that i feel all of that
and more for <3
its wonderful.
‹Ican'tbelivethisplacestillexists.› says:   30 November 2010   323370  
"I'll give you my cards if you give me your name
I'll open your wings if you do the same
trust me dear their ain't no shame
in rolling the dice and playing the game."

That is my favorite part. Absolute favorite.
‹CSQisBAMF<3› says:   1 December 2010   528774  
Absolutely beautiful, whoever it was written for well..yeah.
‹JacobJigglypuff› says :   1 December 2010   624347  
well? favorite parts?


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