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oh.my.god. lol XD KupikanessCategory: (general)
Saturday, 20 November 2010
03:24:15 PM (GMT)
Urban Dictionaries results for Kupika:

1. Where emo wannabes a Twilight & Disney Channel fangirls hang out. A lot of
people cause drama because they're 10 year olds who don't know how to think properly.
This site used to be cool with lots of people who talked about videogames & anime but
now the owner Hina doesnt care that the place is infested with hypocritical perverts
and retards so the site sucks now, lol.
Actual 11 year old from Kupika:

twilight_gurly_gurl: u r afriad cuz i knoe asians cant fight cuz one was scared of
me so there u shold go scram before i smack u

ur stupud go die

2. A site for penpals;
Anonymous People;
But what makes the site important is that Ian is the coolest guy on there.
Ian Prestin.
i talked to ian yesterday on kupika.hes really coooool.

3. a place where scene/emo people hangout.
not as addictive as myspace.
is becoming popular.

for nerds.
and for mexican pervs to hit on 9 yr old kids.

sara:did you check what eddie said to sam on kupika?

ciera:yeah hes such a fucking perv 

4. This awesome website made by Aris, whose nickname is Hina. There are a few
precautions you should watch out for, like a pedo. But otherwise, if you ignore those
populations, you'll find yourself to be having some fun. SPARKSFLY is a cool person
you should talk to and she'll give you advice on how to get around and how to make
your profile look awesome.
Did you hear? Kupika crashed a few days ago..
Yah, but Aris is working his butt of to getting it back on.. I'm so bored without
Kupika so basically I have no life. Lol.

5.  An awesome website made by some dude named Hina from India or some shit
like that. You can hang out and message people or draw oekakis or get in a fight
about retarded people. Check out morgan_ on there. She's amazing.
Person one: Hey did you go to Kupika yesterday?
Person two: Yeah. Morgan_ was being bitchy again. Hina should kick her out.


‹whtevr› says:   20 November 2010   967664  
This made my day.
Biihtei says:   20 November 2010   905059  
@  ha_ha_uh_YOU_WANT_ME_TO_DO_WHAT_ :
lol you too then huh??? lol C:
yay <333 
‹Deb.smells.Bad› says:   24 April 2011   813932  
I wrote the 3rd one....years ago lol!
Biihtei says :   25 April 2011   831819  
@  Sarah_X0  :
ohmigosh-are you serious?! XDD
haha I love you for that-no homo xD 

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