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I hate the way you lie.Category: Survey
Saturday, 13 November 2010
04:40:55 PM (GMT)
Do you know anyone who is very, very shy?

Are you one of those people who laughs at scary movies?
No, I get really scared.  

Is anyone upset with you right now?
Seems like it.  

What kind of mood are you in right now?  

Do you have good hand-eye coordination?

Do you know how to swear in a different language?
Like one.  

Have you ever had to take the PSATs? 

Could you be a good actor/actress if you really tried?  
I'm sure.

Do you act like you don't care when you think someone doesn't? 

Name one of your personality flaws.
I have a really good one, so yeah.  

What season are you at your happiest in?  

Is there anything you regret doing today?
Eating McDonald's for breakfast.  

Do you get annoyed when someone tells a dead baby joke?  Yes.

What is the temperature outside right now?
Cold ish.  

What is the worst school mascot you can think of?
Lol a pig.  

Is love always hard?
If you're with a difficult person.

Are you a fan of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Are you any good at playing Simon Says?

Do you make it obvious when people hurt your feelings? 

Is there anyone who doesn't like you because of something you didn't do? 

Do you ever make people jealous on purpose?

Are you good at giving other people directions?
Hell no.  

How do you feel about long-distance relationships?
They suck.  

Are you a fan of the band Journey?  

Do you know a guy named Joe?

Have you ever heard a rumor about a person you've liked before? 

What's something that is a complete immediate turn off?


Is there someone who continuously lets you down?

What do you want as a future career?
Childcare or modeling.  

Do you like chocolate/peanut butter fudge? 
Chocolate fudge mmm. 

What is the best place near your house to get pizza?
Have you tried sushi before? 
I love sushi!

Do you know anyone who is allergic to horses?
Lol no?

If I gave you a dinosaur, what would you name it?  

Do you have any songs currently stuck in your head?  
The Harry Potter theme "The Session."

Is it just like, one line of the song over and over?
Does it bother you when someone is a different sexuality than you?

Do you know what Pedobear looks like?
Can't say that I do.  

When was the last snow day you had from school/work? 
It's been awhile. 

Have you ever switched religions or churches?
Lol fuck religion.  

What is the funniest band name you have ever heard of?

What is your favorite accent to listen to?

Are you really a rude person or do people just think that?
No I'm really nice actually.  

Will anyone be confessing anything to you soon?  

Do you think that any type of standardized testing is pointless?

Are you good at hiding your feelings when you want to? 
Most of the time. 

Has anyone ever assumed you had a crush on them?

What teacher do/did you hate the most?
Mr. Stephens in 4th grade.   

What's the main ringtone on your cell phone?
Main one is Birthday Sex.  

Can you name five songs by The Beatles without Google?

If you had a baby boy right now, what would you name him?
Romeo Jordan Legg.  

Who is number 40 on the Boston Bruins?

Is there anyone that is jealous of you or anything that you have?
Yeah, a lot of chicks are jealous of my sexy man.  
And my beautifulness lmao.

Do you think you would be a good elementary school teacher?
Oh yes.

French fries or onion rings?  
Hot fries. 

Have you ever participated in NaNoWriMo?

Do you prefer hairspray to hair gel? 

Is someone waiting for you to do something for them? 
I don't think so anyway.
Last edited: 13 November 2010

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