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Saturday, 18 September 2010
11:42:00 AM (GMT)
So, you want to know about Xaveria's past? Sit down and listen carefully, and
don't speak a word of this to anyone else...!

Every day was the same for Arie. Arie is Xaveria's somebody. She would leave her
house early in the morning after getting up at 6 in the morning to clean the house,
make her lunch, and get ready for school. She would aim to get to school for 9, when
school started, but usually she would get there half an hour late, because of all the
housework she had to do. Every morning she would come into her class with new bruises
and cuts on her. She would apologize to the teacher and sit down in her seat.
She could always hear the others in her class, whispering about her. She didn't care.
She just sat down and got on with her work. Arie would normally see Annion staring at
her. When the teacher would leave the room to collect something for a lesson, people
would normally start throwing spit balls at Arie. Annion would come over and sit on
Arie's table. She would call Arie names, ask her where she got the bruises from. Call
her an emo because of the scars all over her.

At Lunch, she wouldn't sit at a normal table. She would sit on the floor underneath a
set of stairs, hiding away. She would open up her lunchbox and look inside. An apple.
If she was lucky, there would be a biscuit hiding somewhere in the fridge, or a
packet of unfinished crisps in the bin.
Sometimes Arie would try to commit suicide at lunch, by trying to slit her wrist's
with a knife. The knives at school were always to blunt anyway. This is why she would
sit under the stairs for lunch. A) because it was away from everyone, and B) becuase
no one would see her attempting suicide.

She would walk home instead of get the bus, thinking she would avoid all the taunting
from the other pupils at her school. If she wasn't quick enough walking home and away
from the road, the bus would pass her, and the pupils inside it would throw leftovers
of their lunch at her.

When she got home, her Father would either be sleeping on the sofa with a hangover,
or still be out at the pub.
She would tidy the whole house, make the dinner, do her homework, and go to bed. She
wouldn't even have time to eat dinner. No wonder she is anorexic.
Sometimes, if her Dad had fallen asleep early, Arie would go out in the night and
head to the town, mayby go to the Library, rent out a book and read it in the park.
One night when she was in the park reading the book she had rented out from the
Library, she heard drunk laughing and singing. It was Annion and her bunch of
friends. Obviously they were off getting wasted at some pub. Arie rolled her eyes and
shook her head. "Poor fools..." she uttered. She said goodbye to her friends (an
alley cat and a few bats that lived in the roof of the Library).

That same night, when she got home her Father was awake and drunk. Her father started
yelling abuse at her. He hit her, punched her, kicked her.
"I..I'm sorry... I had to go get a book from the library...".
"What tone?".
"I can't help it, It's my natural voice".
He started beating her up even more. Throwing her to the ground, punching her in the
side of the head, splitting her lip, making her nose bleed from punching her nose. He
then thrust his fist right at her throat. She gasped for air, and fell to the ground.
She started coughing up blood. He had damaged her vocal cords. She tried to speak.
"Dad... please stop.." she uttered, her voice low and hoarse. Little did she know
that was her voice box damaged forever. She would talk with a hoarse voice from there
and on.
He raised his fist into the air. Arie started crawling towards the kitchen. Her Dad
grabbed both her feet and dragging her back. She managed to get one foot out of his
grip and kicked him right where it hurts. He let go of her, and Arie fled into the
kitchen. She grabbed a kitchen knife and backed up against a wall.
Her Dad came rushing into the kitchen. He straight away noticed Arie. He ran up to
her and held her arms against the wall. He grabbed the knife and held it against her
throat. He then brought the knife back and swiped it at her, only not hitting her
throat, but instead slicing her right eye (this is her now broken eye which she keeps
hidden underneath her large side fringe). She yelled in pain and held tightly onto
that eye. She snatched the knife away from her Dad with her free hand before he could
strike her again, and lunged it into his heart. He staggered back and fell onto his
back on the floor. Blood rushed out of the wound. The knife was still stuck in his
chest. Arie struggled to stand on her feet, but managed somehow. She walked over to
her now dead Father. She pulled the knife out of his chest. Blood dripping down from
it. She stood there with no expression on her face. Suddenly she lunged the knife at
her Dad again and again, laughing like a maniac. Blood spurted onto her face and
clothes. After a while she dropped the knife and stood up.
She raised her blood covered hands to her face, and dragged her hands down her face,
leaving blood hand prints on her face.
"I'm allright now... I'll have friends. I'm fine!" She laughed, like a psycho.

But she was wrong. The neighbours had heard the attack and phoned for help. When the
police arrived, they took Arie to the Police station, and later on decided to send
her to the 'Looney Bin'. Once there, she was placed in a straight jacket, tied up,
unable to move. She sat in her cell, rocking back and forth on her heels, singing
some sort of song creepily. One day, the workers were going around doing checks on
each 'patient'. When they got to Arie's cell, she had gone. Dead. Darkness had
consumed her. She was now a Nobody named, Xaveria. The Fiery Psycho.

Annion belongs to  ‹.::♣TheOnlyAngelFromHell♣::.› and Arie belongs to me

Arie's theme song

Arie. Born- 26th October 1994 in Spain. Died- 5th of September 2009, in the Insane
Last edited: 5 December 2010

‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   18 September 2010   840899  
God Annion was a little bitch to Arie wasn't she? xD

But thats still sad about her dad, fricken retard xx
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   18 September 2010   201527  
XD Retarded hobo.
Yeah, mayby that's why Xaveria doesn't really like Xiannon that
much... hmmmm
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   18 September 2010   699739  
Yet Xaveria hugged her xD
and would she know that Xiannon was Annion? would she have put much
thought into it? 
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   18 September 2010   465740  
I think she does know that Xiannon is Annion. And she gave her that
hug because then she never realised. But she's known the truth for a
long time >:3


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