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Sunday, 5 September 2010
03:47:07 AM (GMT)
If you would actually visit my funeral, then I ask that you stick around and listen
because it would go something like this. 

Come as you are, whatever you plan to dress as.  I really don't care if you're in
your pajamas.  There's beverages of all sorts and even beer for those old enough to
partake.  I encourage you to dress happily, but it is up to you.  

Some of you might never step foot into a church unless its a wedding or a funeral of
someone you feel obligated to attend for.  Well, no one's here to see who came or
not, so its up to you entirely.  But don’t dare only stay for part of it.

Ahem.  It is at funerals that people who knew the deceased come up and share happy
things and pretend like the person who kicked the bucket was a saint.  That isn't
allowed.  If you feel the need to say something nice, you must first say something
negative, and be entirely honest.  Something you would like to have changed about
him, something you disagreed with, whatever comes to mind.  I wouldn’t mind if no
one said anything, there is no pressure.

He was born on March 10th, 1988 at the Glendale Hospital, since Burbank didn't have
its own at the time. A middle child, he was the first of a set of twins, since his
brother was sitting on him and eager to kick him out.  Ever since he was old enough
to hug he loved doing so.  When he was age 4 his parents could pick him up and let
go, because he'd securely have his arms and legs wrapped around them like a Reese’s

He was never a popular kid, but at the same time he wasn’t quite a reject or an
outcast, just very shy.  He was always a little odd and never sought to do anything
amazing.  Elementary school went by without much worth commenting on.  He had a bowl
cut until about 8th grade. nuff said.  

It was when he was a sophomore in High school that he gave his life to Christ, but
nothing amazing happened.  There wasn’t lightening or a sudden change in heart or
transformation.  In fact he was the same for another 2 years.  It was February 2nd,
2007 (haha, I so hope I got that date right.) That he met a person whom changed his
life and set a lot of things into motion.  He met an 11 year old Arkansas girl with a
beautiful heart.  It was in that moment he found his reason to change, to improve,
and to grow.  He would do anything for her, and soon there were others, but she got
the ball rolling.  He would willingly die to save any of these people special and
irreplaceable to his heart.

He was not a saint.  Hell no.  He swore, he was not mature, he was a screwup, and he
struggled with every new issue in his life.  He was foolish and wore his heart on his
sleeve and gave it away like it would just grow back.  He came to love a great many
people.  Most were young girls, and you can ask any of them to recall a single time
he took advantage of their trust.  Though he did ask for hugs way too much. 
He was more a giant puppy than a teenage guy, and earned the nickname “cuddle
slut” like no one else in history. 

Anyway.  He met his soul mate and soon confessed his feelings to her on January 1st,
2008.  A girl who deserved better, but no one told her so she settled for this idiot.

He didn’t have many answers and often dove headfirst into other people’s lives to
try and do anything he could to help.  He didn’t know if he helped or not, or if so
then how much or how little.  He tried to live a righteous life (pause for laughter)
as his father had taught and demonstrated, so that people might be interested in
learning about the God that changed him and blessed him with the best of friends and

He was never a strong person.  If one of the (many) people he loved wasn’t doing
well, he wasn’t doing well either.  He became most attached to a few he’d known
the longest, probably unhealthily attached…  He wanted to be good to them and to be

Enough about that.  I spend so much time talking about that area because it was the
most important to him before his death. 

Well, here are a few songs he would have liked to share with everyone here, and he
really hoped that you all would listen to them and apply them to your own lives if
you can. –sighs-  God was the center of his life as best as he could make Him.  If
that bothers you then… -shrugs helplessly- I guess Travis bothered you.  God
changed his life for the best and he wanted everyone to begin new lives as good or
hopefully better than his…

“I hate when people tell me I’m a great person, thankfully it doesn’t happen
often.  I don’t like being put on a pedestal.  When people say great things about
me, I really really want to correct them.”  -Travis

“Think of the person you dislike most and quietly in your heart forgive them and
wish them well.  Holding onto grudges is drinking poison.”  -Travis 

If anyone has anything Travis said often or that Travis said once that stuck with
you, please share it and it’ll be added on here.  It can be serious, it can be
silly, both are nice.

 This is actually the song he planned to
sing with Amanda at their wedding.

This song is for one very special girl with brown eyes that disappear when she

CharlieStCloud says:   5 September 2010   568333  
Awwww... ^^
‹themoreyouMo› says:   5 September 2010   991156  
This made me cry.
Travis is an amazing man, who I'm sure has done hundreds of amazing
things for other people in his younge life. I'm lucky enough to be one
of the ones he touched.
At 11 years old that little girl from Arkansas had a heavy heart. She,
like everyone who doesn't know Gods grace, was lost and confused in
life and had a joke in her heart that she didn't know how to cure.
Then, on Febuary 2, 2007 she met Travis. He introduced her to God and
all his glory. He taught her and helped her
‹themoreyouMo› says:   5 September 2010   496823  
Hole, not joke. 
And I love Travis.
CharlieStCloud says:   6 September 2010   138135  
Dont we all 
‹~Confuzzlement~› says :   11 September 2010   831732  
mew... well, i guess i could say at first i was a bit distrustiful of
you travis, because you were friends with my best friend, and at that
time, i didnt really trust any guys from the age 15 to the age of 20
unless they were in my family. over time, i got to know you through my
freind and kupika. now your one of my friends, and i trust you a whole
lot more. 


 i hope you feel better soon travis.


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