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The Origin Of VampiresCategory: (general)
Saturday, 4 September 2010
05:44:40 PM (GMT)
so yeah just a theorie.  (dont get pissed off if im wrong, vampires.)

okay so lets dive in
(Adam and Eve are just the first names i thought of for a couple, no reference to the
real adam and eve) 
The Origin Of Vampires (or the TOOV)
Vampires were originally human. And all humans have a small amount (less then a drop)
of elixar of life, which allows them to live their life to around 60-100 by natural
means. The average man with no diseases will live to 120. And so there was a man
named Adam that wanted more than the limited amount of life for him and Eve, who were
both gravely ill. They traveled the world, and found a spring of life. These springs
had tons of elixir of life. and so they drank. and all of their warriors and men
drank. They drank themselfs into immortality. The gods didnt approve of this. They
had hidden the spring well.untouchable by humans.  not meant to be touchable. But
they were touched by greed. Only one or two people were supposed to drink from this
fountain, it was to be a sacred secret, but Adam defied. So they poisened the spring.
No one knew you only needed one gulp of the elixer for immortality so they drank it
every day. The poisned spring made them Vampires. Touched to not see the light of
day, to not be able to touch that which is holy. They could not truly live their
immortal lives. there was so much poisoned elixir in their body that they could
inject it into others and create vampires. They drank peoples blood to get to the
small amount of Elixir, but just a small amount wasnt enough. over time they gained a
taste for blood, and the younger generations forgot about the Elixir. 

so whatcha think?

‹Ella ★› says:   4 September 2010   982189  
Why are you bring the bible into something so ignorant? D:
SinfulKagemusha says:   5 September 2010   820523  
wait what in this refferences the biblle?
i havent been in church in forever so i have no idea if it references
 aww i got so excited cuz i thought someone liked itttt  
SinfulKagemusha says:   5 September 2010   770383  
re-read it : there is nothing bible in there >:O

and i said that Adam and Eve were the first names i thought of for an
ancient couple there is NO SYMBOLISM THERE@SinfulKagemusha 
‹Ella ★› says:   6 September 2010   173680  
Adam and Eve were in the bible...Genesis 1:1 
SinfulKagemusha says:   6 September 2010   721722  
Dango you arent listening to me D:<

it could be Susie and George, Adam and Eve were names that came to
mind as a couple! D:<

am  i like defiling their name by using their names?

i keep forgetting what they had to do with the bible (actually i
havent a clue for quite a bit), i just know they had uh something to
do with it. like the creation of humanity or something!

why do you hate itttttt D: *whimper* 
SinfulKagemusha says :   6 September 2010   978511  
do i come off stupid their im really not i just havent read the bible
in a few years. I didnt go to the church for a long time to begin
with. um lets see when we were still in minnesota, 3230 (house number)
mightve been when it last was. then later on when i went to nana's (in
arizona, my current living-state), but i mostly drew (some good
pictures for once) and sang the songs then.


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