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Wednesday, 7 July 2010
01:28:33 AM (GMT)
Rules: Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions. Post the first definition it gives you. 1.) Your name? Taylor An extreamly Good Looking Girl! Blonde Taylors are the best. They normally have really nice figures and beutiful eyes. She will be really outgoing. She likes to party but not to much. Most Taylors care alot about animals and the enviornment! If you get the chance to kow a Taylor honor that moment..love her..cherish her! She will be one of a kind!!! 2.) Your age? 16 Legal age for fucking in the UK. 3.) One of your friends? Kyle A generous, outgoing guy who goes out of his way for his friends. Can be sweet and caring towards people, he has a laid back and calm approach. Truthful, gullable, lovely and Sexy. Can be a bit of a stress head at times, can also hold grudges for a long period of time. Nice to get to know, easy to fall in love with. -The name Kyle comes from the Scottish origin. In Scottish The meaning of the name Kyle is: Strait. Channel. Narrow. Used as both a surname and first name. -The name Kyle is a baby boy name. The name Kyle comes from the Gaelic origin. In Gaelic The meaning of the name Kyle is: A place-name referring to the narrows; a wood or a church-Also an Irish origin. 4.) What should you be doing? Procrasterbating The act of wasting time, or putting off other more important activities by masturbating. XD 5.) Favorite color? Black 1.Darkness, a dark colour, the colour of this text is black. 2.A race - The black race can range from African american to polynesian. 6.) Birthplace? St. Charles, MO A small city outside of St.Louis] MO that has a strange mix of black people,rednecks,yuppies,rich people and poor people. It has a growth rate of 5% a year which makes sure that there is non-stop construction. St.Charles is the oldest city on the missouri river and constantly glorifies the fact that it was were the explorers louis and clark took off from. There is some crime and even some small amounts of gang activity. There are many homeless people but for some reason nobody notices all of the homeless people who hang out in the park at night (There is also many drug dealers and addicts). St.Charles is commonly reffered to as a small town in the news even though its not and is really quite large for a suburb. It is in many ways like St.Louis like the fact that st.charles gets more seedy as you go north or east as does St.Louis. My best advice is that you should try not to stay in saint charles for too long. 7.) Month of your birth? January The best month of the year with February right behind. When the coolest/hottest people were born. Also the prettiest time of the year..snow & winter time. Who doesnt love January? 8.) Last person you talked to? Greg A scottish word used mainly in glasgow meaning to always get drunk and flirt with women... 9.) One of your nicknames? Tay a sexy biatch... XD
Last edited: 16 July 2010

YuiitsuSakka says:   7 July 2010   760740  
@idhoinoioqnqwd : Random...? 
Extend says:   7 July 2010   405790  
thank you for deleting above comment.
YuiitsuSakka says :   7 July 2010   458836  
@Extend : It was my pleasure... I hate stupid people like
that. It's absolutely appalling. 

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