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Tuesday, 29 June 2010
07:16:10 PM (GMT)
Went west to Kelowna, had a fun time. :3

1. Went to the airport to wish my great-aunt a good trip. I won't see her again until
Christmas. ;_:

2. Quick trip to McDonalds. I felt a heart attack coming after, say, 3 chicken
nuggets and a few handfuls of fries. (I was able to finish the root beer though.)

3. Went to a little fun place called Scandia. Arcade/ Mini Golf/ Go-kart. 'Twas very
fun indeed. :D

First, me and (most of) my immidiate family (My family of 5, plus my grandmother) hit
the mini-golf course. At first, I was getting, like, triple-bogeys and such, but near
the end, I got one hole-in-one and par shots. The last hole gives you a chance to win
a free game.
I cheated a little bit, but I got it. :D
Nobody else in our group did. (Because they didn't run up the little slope and hit
the ball before it went past the grate thing.)

Then we hits the arcades with tokens to spare, after getting a Haagen Dazs. (Kaito:
Four words.

Dude, there were games from the finer days of gaming in, like, the 90's! :D
A few that stuck out were Mortal Kombat II, The Konami Simpsons game, The XMen Arcade
game, Crazy Taxi, aaaaaaaaaaaaand aStreetFighterIIChampionsEditionPinballMachine!!
No definitave Street Fighter games were there.  (Other then this weird crossover of
Street Fighter and XMen.)

The only one I ended up playing was Mortal Kombat II with my brother.
We played 3 different matches.
I won 2 of 'em. 
I played as Sub-Zero for the most part.
Kicked Ben's butt.
I never figured out how to do the fatalities though. I started getting an idea at the
end of the last match, but screwed up the joystick before it worked.
A lackluster finish. 
But I still won.
Then we had to go. :[
Ben called it being lucky and cheap.
It was obviously skill.
My dad was watching and everything.
He called me the Mortal Kombat II queen. xD
Honestly, Mortal Kombat was the LAST game I expected to be good at.

BTW, I kept the Haagen Dazs box, I'm going to bring it home, photograph it, and maybe
do a tiny thing for you all when I get back from my short trip. ;D
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‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   29 June 2010   721745  
Hell yeah, Sub-Zero.
Kirti says:   29 June 2010   275915  
Kelowa? Sounds like the name of a horse that carries mounted rangers.
Where is it?

Scandia sounds fun! Although I don't understand all the game lingo.
But you like videogames enough that I don't doubtcho skillz :p
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   29 June 2010   818016  
Kelowna is in BC. (The most south-western province.) It's located in
about the middle of the provence, and only an hour drive from Vernon,
the place I most often go to vacation.
I only now realize I spelt Kelowna wrong in the diary. ;_; *goes fix*

Oh, I didn't realize I was talking in unfamiliar lingo, I apologize.


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