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New to Kupika...Category: (general)
Sunday, 27 June 2010
02:55:22 AM (GMT)
June 27, 2010

Yeah, hey. I'm Jakeb and for the most part i guess I have just made a Kupika. What is
Kupika, i have no flipping idea. As of right now i guess it will be my own personal
The reason as to why i have made a Kupika is because my friends told me about it;
That is about it, i just finally caved in and made one. Right now i feel like crap
though, things are going very very not so well in my life. I lead a pretty privileged
life, but i feel like crap because of the things that have happened to me lately.
First and foremost My Girlfriend; I love her to death and think she is the most
fantastic person in my life. But somehow in a convo she found out i watch
Pornography, yippie. This shocked and hurt her very badly. It feels like i do good
things, then i go and stab her in the back. I don't mean to, i love her! This is why
I'm quitting porn. This is no problem for me, and it will better me as a person. I
don't need porn, i have her. I just wish she wouldn't get so jealous and lay guilt
trips on me all the time. I don't think she realizes it sometimes. I am an effeminate
guy who relates well to females, and she accuses me of having many "Girlfriends"
saying it like I am in a committed relationship with them all, no bull crap! I love
her and only her! We just decided on "Vanilla Twilight" to be our song, which is
good. My other bull-crap news is that i need to get a new phone battery. Sucks cause
this has never happened to me before, I have no way to contact people with my voice,
or if i am away from computer. Just kind of talked to my girl and the matter just
kind of got worse. She didn't know about my phone and thought i was ignoring her
texts. And...gah just a lot of me being stupid and her blowing stuff out of
proportion. It is almost two in the morning and i think this is about it for my
Kupika blog, Never had a blog so i guess i'll try to update once or twice a week? I
wonder if many many people can read this, or if i am just venting? I dunno. Tomorrow
(or i guess today) I am going to clean my room and sit on my bed with a good book. I
need to go shoping for a few people before Thursday, yikes, time to cash my
One-hundred dollar check; but that is a story for another day. [All Hail The Eggplant
King!] (I guess i'll try to throw in something like that at the end of each Blog or

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