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Friday, 25 June 2010
12:20:10 PM (GMT)
What is your favourite album?
seeing as i've only owned one album,
i'd have to say Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits.
i don't even own it anymore haha

When is your birthday?
january 9th, 1994, 1:00pm!

Who's the last person to text you?

Excited for anything?
the rest of my summer break!

Current mood?
AWESOME. kind of nervous though..
mark has stories for me, apparently..?

Are you waiting for anything?
meh, just mark to get back from his walk.

Last person you said the word "love" to?
sydnieee! haha

Look at your inbox, who has sent you the most messages?
maarrk rofl

Last thing you said?
outloud? "HAI"

The last person you texted needs you at 3am, do you go?

Plans for tomorrow?

Last person you hugged?

The person you like, did you see them today?
noo D:

Are your parents still married?

What are you listening to?
zombie - pretty reckless

Who is all in the room with you?

Whats your favorite color?

Are you and the person you like dating?
yeees. ;D

What did you do today?
art exam! DOOOOOONE!
hai summer.

Where is your favorite place to shop at?
err, generally just campus crew, bluenotes,
forever21, winners and sportschek.

You're thinking of someone right?
uueheh, now i am

Do you miss someone that's not in your life no more?
not really.

Do you have any pets?
yup, 2 kittieeess.

Who annoys you the most?
hahaa, 80% of my school.

How old will you be in 2 years?

What is your favorite Kool-Aid flavor?
ew, none thanks

Do you have a wireless keyboard and mouse?
noo,  i have a wireless mouse at my dad's house, though.

Last sporting event you watched on tv or in person?

Who makes the best fudge?
ahh i haven't had fudge in so long.
i really don't know.

Do you believe that the world is gonna end at 2012?
no, the Mayans just weren't educated enough to count past that date rofl

How many songs are on your iPod or MP3 Player?
637 lol

Have you ever made your own survey?

Have you ever had a pet goldfish?
no. only betta fish.

When did you last eat waffles?
eeew! go away.

What is the most overrated thing in your opinion?
all the disney channel kids, and their sad attempts at making music.

Do you have a video Skype account?

What color is your bed comforter?

Does being in love make you gain weight?
haha probably! i always eat like, chinese and unhealthy
shit when i'm with mark. but alot of girls that i've talked to
who date feel uncomfortable eating infront of their boyfriend,
so they actually end up losing weight. so idk.

Do your parents have home videos of you as a kid?
yeah, tons. just have no idea where they are.
my dad probably has them haha

Do you think Obama has tried drugs?
he probably had a wild university life.

What is your favorite radio station?
102.1, fuck yeeess

What brand is your refrigerator?

When is the last time you went to a birthday party?
bahahaaa i dont know man

What is the best thing to happen to you this year so far?

How long have you lived in the house you live in?
likee, 4 or 5 years?

Do you read a newspaper daily?
no, lmao

Anything your really afraid of?
too lazy to type everything.

Have you ever had a really bad haircut?
of course.

Do you like your peanut butter crunchy or creamy?
in the tub and away from me, thanks.

Have you ever ridden a skateboard?
yeah, terribly.

Do you drink enough water on a daily basis?
2 bottles a day. good for them kidneys!

Would you burn the American flag for a million dollars?

The main thing you cant leave your house without?
ipod, cameraaa. and clothes!

Do you think the economy is improving yet?
dude, i don't really care

When was the last time you read a book?

Where did you get that shirt you're wearing?
alberta. my aunt actually got it for me haaha

Do you play pranks on April Fools Day?
usually. ;D

Can you see your ribs when you're shirtless?
a little.

What's the first lyric of the last song that you listened to?
"all we need is a little momentum, 
break down these walls that we've built around ourselves"

How many bandannas do you own?
.. none

Do you crack your knuckles a lot?
ohhh lord yes

Have you ever had to get stitches?
noo, almost thoughh

Did you know that you can find out how to make meth on the Internet?
never really thought about it, but yeah man you can basically learn anything for the
interwebz haha

Stripes or checkered?
CHECKEEERRED idk hahahaa

Don't you hate how cameras are almost everywhere in public now?
uhhh well .. no? ahah

Have you ever shoplifted?
loool no

How do you feel, physically, as of right now?
kinda tired, and my back hurts for some reason.

If you were to make a new account, what would your username be?
donnntt knooww

Do you wear white too much or too little? Or in between?
urhhmm, i think i have like .... 4 white shirts? idk lmao

At school [and if you go to school], is your locker top or bottom?
it's full brothhhhherrrr

Would you put out a cigarette on your tongue for one thousand dollars?
yeah sure. doesn't have to be lit lmao

What do you consider 'gothic'?
labels are for soup cans and fags

When you go to the mall, where do you go first?
depends what i'm there for.

Have you ever been to court?
yyeee, Supreme, but on a trip in Montreal

Look to your right. What do you see?

Does your mouth hurt right now?

Do you like tire swings?
never been on one.

What's your favorite movie of 2010, so far?
most of my favorite movies are from 2009

Do you usually make sound effects when you're bored?
maaaann, all the time

Has anyone slapped you across the face before?
hahaa i think so

If so, why?
idk ask them

What would you do if you witnessed domestic violence in public?
.. walk away, idk

Do you think that laser hair removal would actually work?
they offer it, so obviously it must work

Are you wearing any bracelets right now?
yeah actually! hahaa my germany bracelet

If so, how many?

Is the heat constantly on in your house?
fuck that, its summer!

Have you ever sat in a fridge before?

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