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Last Summer's Black Heart~ Chapter 1 Part 2Category: Book/Drama
Monday, 14 June 2010
12:28:14 AM (GMT)
the messages. 

	1: To: John Quinn
	From: Claire Outon
	Subject: Friday

	Hey buddy, what’s up? I’m waiting 2 c u come Friday & have a fun filled weekend
w/ u. I heard about what happened 2 u yesterday, forget those losers. They’re not
worth ur time. btw everyone’s on ur side =)
	Luv Clairebear <3

	I laughed to myself and typed up a reply to Claire’s message. Claire was
Constance’s best friend and a girl that had a crush on me. Constance said she could
date me if she wanted, as long as she was okay with me and her being bffs. 

	To: Claire Outon
	From: John Quinn
	Subject: Friday

	Ah ntm, just got the rap from my parents, yet again. But that doesn’t matter, how
about u? Can’t wait 2 c u 2. Haha our weekend will be fun, I promise. Maybe
Constance will even smile 4 once =) I already have. But no point in punishing them
until after summer break.   That’s good 2 know. 
	C u Friday, John.

	I clicked the tiny send button and then moved onto my second message, but once I saw
that it was Crystal I skipped her message, then Jay’s then Ron’s, Emma’s and
Rebecca’s and stopped at Constance’s. 

	7: To: John Quinn 
	From: Constance (Love) Welsh
	Subject: Hugs

	Hey Johnny, been awhile huh?  Thought I’d catch up with you...and I was wondering
how you’ve been. I’m fine, really fine. I promise. I can’t wait to hang out
with you and Claire at the sushi place this weekend. How are things between you two?
Still going strong, I hope so. Or I’ll kick you! Jk, love ya always~ Constance
(Laughs) Quinn =O =D <3

	I laughed at her message, replied to it quickly and then turned to my side of the
bed where a picture of Constance and me sat. She had her hair tied up in two braids
on either side of her head and was giving the camera the peace sign while I kissed
her cheek, she was also laughing. I missed that Constance. I really did. And somehow,
I would bring her back. I would, I had swore to myself I would since the day she had
gone south. It was my time to be her friend.

Yeah, I'll Work On A Character Info Later On =)
Author's Note: Okay Does This Sound Like It's Being Told By A Boy, Or Did The Fact
That I'm A Girl Take Over And Make It Sound Like A Girl Was Telling It? XD

‹icanbeyourmelody. ♥› says:   14 June 2010   673725  
that's reallyyy good. (:

and don't worry. it sounds like a dude's telling it. xD
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   14 June 2010   869703  
@‹icanbeyourmelody. ♥› 

Really? Thanks =)

Oh Good. I Was All Like, OMG If It Sounds Like A Girl Then Won't That
Be Messed? XD 
‹icanbeyourmelody. ♥› says:   15 June 2010   579037  
really. it is. (: and you're welcome.

lol. it doesn't sound like a girl. it sounds like dude.
it's much better than when i try to write from a dude's perspective.
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   15 June 2010   401915  
@ ‹icanbeyourmelody. ♥›  
 Lawls Thanks, I'm One Of Those Writiers That Doubt Their Own Work XD
Maybe I'll Post The Next Chapter Tomorrow =)

Oh Man, I Was Sitting Their Going, How Can You Make It Sound Like A
Boy? Ah That's RIght! Refer To All The Boys You Know, What Do They
‹icanbeyourmelody. ♥› says:   15 June 2010   623521  
i'm the same wayyy.
yay. (:

and lol. that's totally right. xD
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   15 June 2010   387096  
@ ‹icanbeyourmelody. ♥› 
 Lawls I Think All Writers Are Like That, Cuz Every Writer I Know
Say's They're The Same XD

I Know Right? My Friend Argued With Me Later Though, He Was Like
"We're Not All Perverts You Know! Well Not All The TIME Anyways..." XD 


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