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Last Summer's Black Heart~ Chapter 1 Part 1Category: Book/Drama
Monday, 14 June 2010
12:22:53 AM (GMT)
Chapter 1; Bust it up

	“Man this is gonna be the best night ever.” I told the guys, we all had our arms
around girls and were flat out drunk. We were so drunk that a few of us kept on
stumbling on nothing but flat ground. We were just lucky that the cops hadn’t come
and found us yet in Granger’s back alley.
	And that was pretty darn lucky, because every teenager in the whole of this town
called McGidelys knew that Granger’s warehouse alley was the most watched spot by
the cops ever. Ever since three friends had died here nine years ago, but it was
their own fault, like they could have heard the burglar coming and avoided his aim of
fire, but instead they called the police, waited where they were to act like heroes
and got shot. 
	But since then kids have dared others to go in there and a few others have died, but
yet again it was their own fault. Tripping on the shut down machines and hurting
themselves. But I shouldn’t be thinking of that tonight, because tonight was meant
for fun and partying. 
	“Joohhnnnyyy” Crystal bugged me, pulling on my arm. “When are you going to pay
attention to me?” She whined. I laughed and hugged her tight. 
	“My attention’s always on you babe.” I told her, Crystal pouted and shook her
head at me. Man what did women want these days?
	“No it wasn’t but you already knew that didn’t you.” I laughed and bent down
to look into her blue eyes, Crystal didn’t pull back.
	“Of course my attention was on you.” I whispered and with that I kissed her
puffy pink lips gently, taking my time in kissing her. I’ve always liked the
foreplay. Just like how I’ve always liked playing hockey, football and soccer. But
I didn’t always like girls.
	I was one of those guys that would think girls had cuddies and stay away from them.
Sure it was a dick move, but hey I didn’t know there was actually no such thing as
cuddies. If I had, I’m sure I would have started hanging out with girls at a much
younger age than eleven.  
	When I pulled away from Crystal, her eyes were still closed and she was smiling,
great a stupid smile on a blonde girl’s face. I knew I was a jerk, but that was how
I was. I wasn’t about to change that. 
	“What’s up there?” A girl totally sloshed asked. I looked to where Rebecca was
	Up above exactly where she was pointing was where Nathan Ricket had hanged himself.
On top of the old bell tower attached to the Granger’s warehouse. Nathan was sort
of a legend around here. He was 6’2, good grades, an A+ student. Nice sleek black
hair, he basically looked like a model. He had a loving family and a little sister
that stuck to his arm like glue and a girlfriend... Everyone says it was her fault
that he hanged himself. Because he took the girl next door and took her as his
girlfriend. She was geeky; he played football but was smart. She wore glasses; he
wore a varsity football jacket. She was a reject and a loner, more of the type to go
and kill herself; he was popular and had a great life. 
	But after Nathan took Lillian Gorck as his girlfriend, she bought contacts, a whole
new look and make-up. She completely changed herself into a popular girl, a boy
magnet. And after only a few months of dating him, she started cheating on him. 
	And that’s when people knew something was wrong with Nathan. He grew angry,
violent even. At one point he had even smacked his eight year old sister. Smacked her
hard enough that she needed stitches. But that wasn’t probably what made him want
to kill himself. 
	A month after he’d hurt his sister they found out she had cancer. And a serious
case of it, it was a leukemia cancer. 
	Half of the people in this town believed he killed himself because he hated what he
had become because he had loved his girlfriend so much and she had cheated on him.
	The other half believed Nathan just didn’t want to see his little sister go
through that anymore. So he killed himself.
	In a sense I guess he killed himself for both reasons, that’s what made sense to
me anyways. But ever since he had killed himself on that bell tower, his family
turned secretive and secluded. They moved further into the country of our town and
started home schooling their daughter who had recovered enough from her cancer to go
to school, but she could always go back into remission.
	But the parent’s had a right to do that, I guess. Because they just found out
their daughter had leukemia and less than a few weeks later their son goes and kills
himself. The Ricket family had just gone downhill since then.
	No one’s even seen their daughter since back then. I had been in the same grade as
her; I was only six months older than her. Although I had never talked to her.
	“That’s the tower where Nathan Ricket hung himself.” I told Rebecca. Crystal,
Rebecca and Emma shuddered.  Ron laughed and hugged Emma.
	“Don’t think about that story babe, drink up!” Ron yelled. Emma gladly took
his beer and chugged it down as Jay and everyone else laughed at her. And then
Crystal froze, I looked at her, confused.
	“Do you hear that?”Crystal asked me, I looked around and tried to hear what she
heard as everyone quieted down, we all stood there, beers and other sorts of alcohol
in our hands, trying to hear what Crystal had heard. 
	And then we all heard it.
	We heard the loud, unmistakable sound of police sirens and the blue and red flashing
lights that sat on top of the cop car.  
	“Shit!” I yelled, throwing my beer into the bushes and pushing Crystal ahead of
me. Everyone else dropped their evidence and dashed for the high fence that blocked
us from our cars. 
	I gave Crystal a boost to the top of the fence, she gripped onto it and started
climbing down the other side, I threw my keys at her and then helped Emma up.
	Jay and Ron were already over the fence and had started their cars; they were just
waiting for the girls to get in. 
	I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were all just going to ditch me, let me take the
blame because I was the one with the heavy police record. Because I had spent a night
in jail before and they hadn’t yet, they were just scared little cats that were
ready to throw me to the big wolfs. 
	Mad and angry, I hastily climbed over the fence as the others drove off. With
Crystal in Jay’s car with Rebecca, my keys thrown on the ground like worthless
	The police sirens grew louder and I could even see the bright gleam of the lights
now. Cussing to myself I lost my footing and fell from my place on the fence, I fell
flat on my back. Shit! I was done for now. 
	“Stop where you are young man!” A officer yelled. I didn’t move, I stayed on
my back and waited for the man to look down at me.
	He offered me a hand helped pull me up, before he pushed me against the fence and
handcuffed me. I had always hated hearing the snap of the cuffs clipping onto me,
waiting eagerly to bite me if I resisted arrest. 
	“You have the right to remain silent.” The cop said, and then he shoved me
roughly into his car, where a cage separated his seat from mine.
	“Hey!” I called to him. “Can you at least pick up my car keys!” but the cop
ignored me, hopped into his car and put in the keys. I was so done for.  Not even my
parents would get me out this time...

	“Get in there!” The cop yelled at me, pushing me roughly into the cell block
that would be mine for tonight. Oh joy. A crappy bed and a pot for a toilet what
	But I had been right about my parents. They hadn’t even answered the phone after
seeing the number. They were pissed off at me, and wouldn’t even bust me out this
	But I guess one night wasn’t so bad compared to what I could have gotten. One time
I had been in jail for a whole two weeks before I was released. That had been worse
than this. And before that, when I was thirteen I had gone to Juvy to serve some time
for certain things... 
	Resting my head against the cold stone wall I sighed. It was only three months until
I turned eighteen, and would have my record cleaned. But because of this they would
probably add another three years onto my, to be cleaned record. Shit I was messed. 
	I bet if I knew what I knew now, I would’ve changed who I was when I was younger.
But then again maybe not, the crowd I hanged out with probably wouldn’t have
changed, because the popular kids always wanted to get into trouble, just not get
	“Are my parents here yet?” A voice asked. I turned to see a girl sitting in the
cell beside mine, blazing red hair, and leather jacket with spiked bracelets and
roughed up jeans that had probably been dark before. She looked like she was worse
than me. 
	Big cop that liked to act tough came tumbling down the hall of cells and stopped at
hers, a tough hard look in his eyes that said tough love. 
	“No sorry sweetie, they haven’t. I’ll call them again.” The cop said. I was
stunned at this; he was acting so nice towards her, but acted like shit towards me?
Jeez what had she done for him, a job?
	“Thanks Krave. But I think they’re having...time. You know what today is.” The
girl said, I could see her face clearly now. A cute small round nose, her hair spiked
up in a cute way. Her lips were black and she had a lip piercing and a small nose
	Her eyes were covered in a light layer of eyeliner, but only on the top of her eyes,
making them appear bigger than they really were. And mascara that lengthened her
eyelashes to an unbelievable length. 
	And then there was her eyes, they were the most amazing Green I had ever seen, it
was almost like she was wearing color changing contacts, maybe she was...but if she
was I couldn’t tell. The only thing that was off was her dark brown eyebrows. 
	So red wasn’t her natural color, well actually no one had that red of hair, so it
would have to be dyed. I caught myself wondering what she would look like with her
natural hair color.
	“Yeah...sorry about yeah... Well if that’s what you want. Call me if you need me
okay?” Krave whatever said, and then he turned around and walked away from her
	And then red head girl turned her head to look at me, and laughed. She actually
laughed at me. I couldn’t believe this god damn night. 
	“What?” I asked. She just smiled to herself and leaned back on the crappy cot in
her cell.
	“Nothing. You just look really pissed.” She said. I shook my head, she was an
observant one.
	“Yeah well you would be too if your friends left you to get the blame. By the way,
what’s your name?” I asked the girl. She covered her eyes with her arm and
yawned. Her teeth were perfectly white and straight. 
	“Xaie. Xaie Connors.” Xaie told me. She turned to her side then, pushing her
pillow under her head. “What crap ass friends you have whoever you are.” I
laughed and lay down on my own cot, and turned to see the back of her wild red hair.

	“It’s John, John Quinn. And I know, being popular comes with a price. Hey I
haven’t seen you around before, you new?” I said. The girl sighed.
	“Well John, I’m new around here. Well to school anyways. I was homeschooled
awhile back. My parents finally loosened the leash and are letting me go to River
High School.” Xaie explained. I nodded, that explained why I hadn’t seen her
around before, I mean it was pretty hard to miss a girl with hair that red. 
	“Ah I see. Well it’ll be cool to have you around.” I said. Xaie didn’t
reply, I saw her breathing slow, and then the quiet as she fell asleep in her cell.
Well at least I had gotten her name. 
	And everything about her just seemed unique, her hair, her eyes, her face, her
clothes even her name. And with that I fell asleep on the crappy cot in a cell beside
the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

	“Alright, you don’t be coming back here to visit us again anytime soon now.”
Officer Krave told Xaie as she wiped her eyes lazily and got up to exit the cell she
had been in all night. 
	“Fine, fine. If I feel like it. You know I like visiting you guys.” Xaie said
while laughing. Krave frowned at her and locked her cell behind her.
	“That’s not funny. Next time I’d like to see you outside of a cell.” Krave
scolded Xaie as they walked towards me. Xaie stopped laughing and stopped at my cell.
She gave me a gentle smile and walked towards me, I sat up.
	“Have fun in there now John. It’s not every day you get in one of these. See you
around.” Xaie told me, loosely holding onto my cell’s dark bars with her black
finger nailed hands.
	“Ha ha. Nice to meet you too. Sure you’ll see me around...I’ll be in here next
week.” I joked. Xaie laughed and pulled her hands away.
	“Well I hope your parents come soon. Come on Krave; let’s not worry my parents
anymore.” Xaie motioned to Krave and then walked on, Krave stopped at my cell to
give me a good, hard stern glare with his dark brown eyes before he walked off to
catch up to Xaie.
	I leaned back against my cell’s wall and yawned. I had slept, yet I hadn’t. I
had spent maybe five hours sleeping and the other three just sitting in bed thinking
about stuff.
	When Friday came around, I was wondering if I should use my power in the popularity
circle to exile Jay, Ron, Emma, Crystal and Rebecca.  Because I just could, that was
probably the only good thing about popularity; you could hurt the people that hurt
you back, but harder.	
	But this week was my last week of school before summer break, so it wouldn’t
really be worth it right? If I couldn’t even enjoy their punishment. 
	“Quinn! You have a visitor.” A cop called down to me, I shrugged off the wall
and went to my cell walls to see who had come to see me. 
	I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised to see who it was. Crystal wouldn’t
want to get punished. But why was she with my uncle?
	“What do you want Crystal?” I asked as she stopped in front of my cell. My uncle
Tim gave me a warning glare.
	“I didn’t want you to sit here all night. You shouldn’t take the blame by
yourself John. So I got your uncle Tim. I knew your parents wouldn’t come. By the
way here are your keys. I parked your car outside.” Crystal told me. I laughed;
Crystal just didn’t want to get punished. 
	“Thanks I guess. But you can go now; I need to talk to my uncle Tim.”  Crystal
handed me the keys with her hand shaking a tiny bit and then she ran for the door. I
heard it slam loudly behind her. 
	“You should be nicer to your rescuer. That girl really likes you.” Uncle Tim
told me, a stern like tone in his voice. I sighed and pushed back my medium brown
hair, it was messy and thrown around like a skater boy’s hair. But it only reached
to my jaw line.
	“If she really liked me, would she have left me last night?” I asked. My Uncle
Tim shrugged and motioned to an officer to come over and release me.
	“Sometimes people are selfish before they are nice.” My uncle told me. I hated
how he always tried to sound wise, but he was a good man anyway I looked at him.
	The officer opened my cell door and let me go; my uncle took me by the arm, waved to
the cop and took me off to my car. I just couldn’t wait to see what my parents had
to say this time.

	“When are you going to stop disappointing us Johnathan?” My mom told me as she
set down plates for dinner. She dared to use my full name. I rolled my eyes, put down
my cap and leaned back in my chair at the table. 
	“When you two stop treating me like a three year old.” I said, yawning. I wanted
to put my feet on the table, but if I did I’d probably get another rap about that
	“We wouldn’t have to treat you like one if you didn’t act like one.” Mom
said, she slammed a plate down in front of me and then stalked out of the room. My
father put down his newspaper and gave me the stink eye.
	“She’s right you know John. You better clean up your act before your eighteenth
birthday or we won’t get you a sports car and we’ll take away your truck.” Dad
told me, he picked up his glass of whisky and sipped it as he kept his eye on me. 
	“Oh come on, it wasn’t my fault dad!” I said. My dad grunted, gave me the lift
of one eyebrow and went back to his newspaper.
	“It was your fault. You went there, were careless and got caught. It’s your
fault your record is so bad. You did underage smoking, drinking and speeding tickets.
Should I go on Johnathan? Just because people dare you to do stuff doesn’t mean you
have to.” Dad explained. I wanted to laugh, but I didn’t. My dad was an ex
military man. The only reason he had to quit was because after a gunshot close to the
heart he started having heart problems.
	Besides the fact that he wasn’t in the military anymore, he still worked out to
keep his fit shape and wore his combat boots. I bet if my mom hadn’t hung his
uniform in a glass case he would still be wearing that too.
	“I don’t care about shit.” I said, I took a bite of garlic bread, and then
scooted out of my chair.
	“Why can’t you be that boy that used to love baseball, soccer, football and
hockey? Where’s my son?” Dad asked me. I stopped where I was and slightly turned
to look at him.
	“He grew up a long time ago. And I still play soccer, football and hockey.
Remember?” I answered him, I saw him slightly sigh and then go back to reading his
	He was probably just mad about my future. Back when I played baseball I had a scout
looking for me to join the big teams when I got old enough. Well big teams for
sixteen year olds.  I was twelve then. And everything seemed to be going right until
I met Constance Welsh. She was the very definition of perfect.
	Constance was a 4’11 girl at twelve and a 5’6 girl at seventeen with long black
silky hair and a smooth attitude. She introduced me to the other world. The world of
partying and dating, but the only reason why I got in was because I was quote;
h-a-w-t. Therefore I was qualified for a spot in the popularity crowd. After that I
quit baseball because it took up too much time in the summer and started dating
	I still know her to this day; she’s still as beautiful as she was at twelve as she
is now at seventeen. The only difference is that she turned quiet. I always see her
smoking or getting totally drunk at a party and then leaving with some worthless dude
that probably just wants her for sex. 
	I’ve tried to help her, because she was my first love, but she won’t let me. She
claims she’s fine and that nothing’s wrong with her at all. Even though she wears
black nonstop and one time I saw slit marks on her wrists. 
	But I’ve given it my best shot, and the best I can hope for is that Constance
won’t kill herself on me. And that she moves back in with her parents so that they
can watch over her. 
	I closed my door behind me, the signs with foul language and skulls saying don’t
enter swaying as the door hooked into place. My room was the way that I had left it.

	Navy blue covers with black skulls on it thrown onto the floor. Bed sheets falling
off the bed and my three pillows spread out across the room. Scratches in the wood of
my bed frame, posters of Green Day and other bands falling off the walls. And clothes
spilled out all over the floor.
	Hockey equipment falling off its metal stand, soccer equipment messed in with it and
my radio half falling off my over stocked dresser.
	I hung my jacket on the back of my bedroom door and scooted some stuff off my
dresser to put my radio back on, and then I decided to put some of the stuff away. 
	And then I lay flat on my back on my bed, not bothering to pull my comforter up. And
I felt the vibration of my LG slide in my pocket and pulled out the black phone.

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	My phone read, staring at my phone I clicked its buttons and opened up the
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