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Monday, 31 May 2010
09:57:17 PM (GMT)
Chapter One:: Distance

"Ew. Look at her. She's wearing those god-awful jeans." Snobby.

"Isn't that Minami Hana? Doesn't she...cut?" Dumb bitch.

"She's such a freak. And she never talks to anyone except for Shinonome-sensei. And
even then she doesn't talk to her a whole lot. She's so weird." Another
annoying snob.

"Hey! Minna, look away! She's glaring at us." A failed attempt at whispering on a
dumb bitch's expense.

Hana sighed long and hard, tired of listening in on their stupid conversation. In her
seat by the back window, though far from her classmates' gossip, she could hear every
distasteful word they spoke. Their snobby tones, annoying comments, bull-shitting
about her life. Of which, they know nothing about. It made her scarred
porcelain skin crawl.

"I didn't know she could breathe." A few snickers.

She turned her head, gazing down at the surrounding outside environment. The cherry
blossom trees were in full bloom, swaying delicately in the light morninng breeze,
petals dancing in swirls. The lush green grass, freshly cut and still dripping with
dew, pointed upwards, ignoring all indication of wind. In the distance, settled above
the horizon in thick, pink-orange clouds, the sun beamed a dim tangerine. 

"What is she doing?"

"Class is going to start in a few minutes..."

The beauty of nature could almost bring a smile to those full, pink lips, had it not
been for the distraction of her peers. But regardless of them, she still revelled in
such a... comforting sight. Just the mere sway of the cherry blossom trees gave her a
giddy-ness that only an artist could achieve. A small smile threatened to tug at her
lips. And then the bell rang.

Loud, yet soft. Ping-ping-ping-ping. Like a sweet piano tune.

Everyone shuffled to their desks, plopping down into their seats. No one sat next to
Hana. They only sat in front of her, or in a desk diagonally from hers. But she
didn't care. That was there choice. And even if she could, she wouldn't make them
change their minds. 

"Good morning, class," Shinonome-sensei chimed, waltzing into the room adorned in a
casual long green skirt and a green turtle-neck. She always liked to match, Hana

"Good morning, Sensei!" everyone replied politely, except for you-know-who in the
back of the classroom.

"O-genki desu ka?" It was a strangely formal day. Shinonome never usually just asks
everybody how they're doing.

Hana looked away from the enthralling beauty of nature, her icey-blue gaze travelling
up to her favorite teacher. She wondered if the question was directed at her, seeming
as how the blond woman stared back with concern hidden away in her pretty green eyes.
The girl gave her a slight nod, not too entirely sure on how to react.

"Hai, genki desu. Sensei wa?" It was annoying how they all spoke together.

Black hair flopped in her face as she looked down at her oddly styled binders. She
started analyzing every curve of the circular 'I don't bite...hard' sticker situated
in the bottom-left corner of her black notebook. A wave of agony suddenly washed over
her, disrupting her intent staring contest with her school stuff. The pain bombarded
her ribs. 

"Hai, sensei mo genki desu." Shinonome-sensei's voice was low. Maybe she was facing
the black-board.

'Why the fuck does it hurt?!' Hana thought viciously, her arms moving in a swift
movement to grip at her sides. The pain had never been this bad. The beating she
recieved last night hadn't been bad enough to feel like, hours later, someone just
shot her with a fucking AK-47. And it wouldn't end. 'Why won't it stop?!' 

Everyone just ignored her, listening to Shinonome and only Shinonome as she
introduced someone to the class.

Hana didn't care. The horrible fire burning in her sides and ribs brought a stinging
notification that tears were soon to roll off of her eye-lashes. 'It hurts...It
hurts.' She hunched over, still holding herself, her shoulder-length black hair
hiding her face as the tears finally spilled over. 'Why won't it go away?!'

"Aoyagi Ritsuka, please take the seat in the back next to Hana," Shinonome said,
probably giving whoever the fuck the new kid was a shut-eyed smile.

"Hai." Cold, passive, dark. 

And the pain, the exploding agony, seemed to melt away. Finally. There was no
lingering throb. It was entirely gone. 'What the fuck?' She removed her arms and
stared at her small hands, resting her head on the desk as she did so. They were
smooth and pretty, porcelain and nimble, delicate and soft. That baffled her,
considering how on the top-sides there were thick gauz bandages secured onto small
stab wounds.

With a shaky sigh, she lifted her head, ssat in her regular slump, and glared at
nothing in particular. 

"Hey, you. Lend me your book," said that unfamiliar voice. 

Hana gave him a quick glance, taking in his unfamiliar appearance. He had tousled
dark hair, mysterious dark eyes, and black cat features to go along. In other words,
he was plain. But... in an odd way, kind of cute. She mentally slapped herself in the
forehead, giving him a slight nod to take her book. It's not like she needed it

"You don't talk much, do you?" He sounded weird... Like he was bored but interested
at the same time.

She shook her head. 'Why am I even acknowledging him? All he's gonna do is use me.'
She was still facing him, even though her eyes drifted elsewhere. 'Keep eye-contact
and he'll use it to keep talking. Don't keep eye-contact and he'll leave you alone.'

"Why do you have a giant bandage on your cheek?"

'Oh no. He did not just ask me that. Oh my god. What do I tell him? That my
mom fucks me up every night?! Oh hell no.' Hana blinked profusely, shifting her gaze
back to him, ignoring the lecture. He wasn't looking back at her, seemingly engrossed
in the school book. But, then again, he's probably only looking at it so that he
won't get in trouble. 

For the first time, she noticed that he, too, had a bandage clinging to his cheek.
"W...why...do...y...you?" she replied quietly, her voice harsh and raspy, like she
hasn't used it in a while. In all honesty, she hasn't spoken a single word in two
months. And it hurt to speak.

"..." The boy was silent for a second or two, like he was surprised and probably
recalculating. "I asked you first."

"W...why should I tell you, someone I don't know?" Hana retorted, getting the
hang of talking. It still hurt. Hell, it fucking burned. And it was still quiet and
rough, but she almost wanted to keep going.

He had no answer. His face was cold and distant. Just like hers. "Your name's Hana,

Always switching subjects. 'I don't like that.' "Ne. What's...yours?" She gave up on
silence. It was a conscious decission that she didn't want to make. But there was
something about this boy that made her want to talk again.

"Ritsuka," he replied coolly.

A sigh. Hana faced front, turning her head to look out the window again. Her tail
curled around her waist, the fur somewhat long and warm. It was white and soft like
bunny fur. As were her ears; soft and white. 

That never made sense to her. How could her hair be black and her catty features be
white? Maybe it was a mutation of the recessive genes in her family. She shrugged
mentally, eyeing a brown sparrow fly away from its nest that hid in the crook of a
branch in the closest cherry blossom tree.

Her cheek stung briefly, causing her to look away. Her fingers found their way up to
the bandage, prodding gently as if to massage and comfort. That only made it worse.

"Okay, everyone. Partner up and discuss the lesson," Shinonome-sensei chimed, the
chalk tapping on the black-board soon after.

And immediately after she said that, everyone burst into small talking groups.

"Ew. The new kid tried talking to Hana."

"I know. Does that make him a freak too?"

"Uh... duh! Who would wanna talk to that stupid freak?"

"Why are you guys so mean? Yuiko thinks you're being mean."

"Oh, shut up, Yuiko."

Hana did her best to ignore it. What they were doing to Yuiko wasn't fair, she'd
admit, but she didn't want it to bother her.

"Hey, Ritsuka-kun?" Yuiko asked softly. She must've detatched herself from that
group. Good girl.

"What?" Ritsuka gave the pig-tailed blond an annoyed response.

"Can Yuiko work with you?" Why was Yuiko so sweet?

Hana glanced at the two, briefly, before deciding that she wanted to write something
down. As she flipped through the pages of her notebook, she finally found her special
event page. Searching the top of her desk for a pencil, she grinned mentally and read
each event so far.

First line: I was born! November 2nd

Second line: And then I was hospitalized because I supposedly had a tumor!
November 30th

Third line: I didn't really have a tumor. Stupid doctors... And my dad ditched
us for some chick he met on the internet. December 19th

Fourth line: I learned to walk! May 3rd

That's not how she remembered the 'ultra special event' page... Oh well. On the fifth
line, she scribbled down what happened in a mere five minutes. 'Started talking
again, met the new kid, and my body hurts.' She even added in a face that was
supposed to stand for distress. But it looked like a deformed square instead.

"Hey, Hana. You wanna work with us?" Yuiko again.

As if she were a dear in head-lights, her head snapped up and she stared, wide-eyed,
at Ritsuka and Yuiko. She felt...strange. 'Calm yourself, chica.' She wasn't sure on
how to react. That's the second time in one class period. Today was a really bizzare

"Well?" Rituska didn't look thrilled to be working with anyone. And Yuiko was just
smiling like a mad-woman. That girl was so awkward. But at least she was nice.

"Uh..." Hana nodded, watching the blond pull up a desk and plopping back down into
it, still smiling like a mad-woman.

"Do you have a cell phone, Ritsuka?" Yuiko asked, seemingly nervous but happy all at
the same time.

He looked at the textbook he borrowed from Hana, almost like he was ignoring the
poor, naive blond. "Nope. I don't"

Hana watched the two intently, waiting for an oppurtunity to answer a question. She
was enthralled. It was like a game. A very... weird one, but a game nonetheless. And
she wanted to participate. 

"Oh... Well then... Where do you go for cram school?" She was trying so hard.

"I don't." He was so not.

"Oh... Who do you like in Morning Musume? Yuiko likes Goto Maki. Goma-chan's so

"I can't tell them apart."

Hana decided to speak after analyzing their conversation. "I like Goma-chan, too.
^_^" Her voice needed some maintenance, but she still went on. "I have a cell phone,
too. But I don't go to cram school."

Everyone, Shinonome and the whole class, finally caught on to the white-eared girl
and stared. Just stared. Except for Ritsuka. 

"So she can talk," someone jeered.



Hana held the spoon in her fingers, occasionally twirling it or poking at the rice in
her bento box. No hunger pangs. Not today. Even if she was hungry, it's not like she
has enough to eat. So why bother? All that fills the little squares in her bento was
a spoonful or two of rice and three pieces of egg. 

Her mother had been trying to limit the ammount of food she ate. And that's okay.
'I'm never hungry anyways.' Hana hasn't eaten anything in two days straight. Not
because she was being starved, not because she wasn't hungry. But because she felt
that her twin should eat more. 

Kyo was just as reluctant to eat. Maybe because their mother was always beating him
too. Or, maybe he was depressed or something. He refused to eat any more than Hana
ate. And that was little to nothing at all.

She never noticed any markings on him, though. Maybe it was a different kind of
beating. But what other kind is there besides violence? She shrugged, propping up an
elbow on her desk and leaning into her palm. 

Ritsuka still sat in his desk, two feet away, eating blankly as if he were deep in
thought. He seemed... far away, distant. Like he wasn't there at all. 

"Hey," Hana started, unsure of what to say next due to the cold look he gave her.
"Can I... eat with you?" He just shrugged, returning to his lunch without giving her
so much as another glance.

With a sigh, she scooted her desk a bit closer. 'Maybe I should talk to him?' Out of
child-like curiosity, she reached up an arm, fingers feeling for the soft
bunny-likeness of Ritsuka's ears. She groped them, tugged them, rubbed them, poked
them. And then, finally, she let her hand fall back to her lap when she noticed the
annoyed look the boy gave her. "Sorry. You're ears...are just...really soft." Hana
gave him a tiny, almost unnoticable smile.

"Thanks." It was like he didn't care.

And that was another thing that the two had in common, she noted. She didn't care
much about anything nor did she really care about why or even that she didnt care.
Why should she? If it doesn't directly effect her, hurt her, blah blah blah, what
have you, she could care less about it.

Her tail lashed around, searching for her hands. A light blush flooded her cheeks.
"Stupid uncontrollable tail!" she growled, getting a slight chuckle from her lunch
partner. "Don't laugh at me! I hate that!" she hissed on.

She was serious. No matter how hard she tried to ignore it all, there was always a
feeling that stuck to her gut. No matter if it were subconsciousor conscious, it was
there. People could talk all the shit and gossip they wanted. But if they laughed at
her... Let's just say it hurt her. Really bad. "I hate that..." 

'Don't cry, missy! Don'tcry!' Her eyes stung, but she somehow managed to hold it all

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