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Saturday, 1 May 2010
10:02:39 PM (GMT)
"More Sakura! Ah! More!" Hinata moaned as Sakura's tongue dove in and out of her.
Her back arched as she came with a scream. Sakura giggled as she looked over the girl
beneath her. Her face was flushed and some of Sakura's juices were near her mouth.
She had bite marks and hickeys on her neck and collarbone. Her large chest rose and
fell rapidly as she tried to catch her breath, multiple marks on them as well.

Hinata looked at the pink haired girl above her. This was only the third time that
they were doing this but it never got old. Each time, Sakura's touch would excite her
and then she just couldn't get enough. Sometimes she would do some things to Sakura
but she was always the submissive one. She really didn't mind. Sakura was able to
please her better than anything and everything even though she was always shy

"You're very loud. You know that Hina-hime?" she purred in her ear. Hinata blushed
and turned her head away in embarressment. The pinkette grabbed her chin and turned
her face toward her, gently placing a kiss on the shy-girl's lips. "I love it."

Hinata smiled as she sat up, combing her fingers through her long, tangled hair.
"T-that was great, S-sakura-chan." she mumbled, blushing as she climbed off the bed.

"Where are you going?" Sakura asked as the Hyuuga wrapped herself in a towel.

"I-i just need s-something to drink." she stuttered as she headed out of the room and
to Sakura's kitchen. She grabbed a small cup and pulled some cold 'hot' chocolate out
of the fridge. She poured it into the cup and then grabbed a can out of the side
door. She turned it upside down and sprayed out a load of whipped cream. "Yum."she
smiled before giggling like a little kid.

Sakura licked her lips as she eyed the whipped cream can from the doorway, multiple
images and ideas running through her mind, all of which involved Hinata. "Hey
Hina-chan?"she said in a thoughtful tone.

"Y-yeah, K-kura-chan?" Oh how she loved that nickname when it came from her lips.

"Come back to the room when you're done, 'kay? And bring the cream can with you."

-a couple minutes later-

"W-why did you w-want this, Kura-chan?"Hinata asked as she entered the room, looking
at the can with a (really cute) confused look.

"Oh nothing, just a silly idea." Sakura replied as she walked over to the girl. She
took the can and placed it on the bedside table before turning back to her. She
pulled her into a gentle kiss, deepening it as Hinata moaned.

It was odd. The two girls' styles were opposites. Sakura loved it rough while Hinata
liked it a bit gentle. Sometimes, like today, she just couldn't get enough and just
wanted Sakura to eat her out and fuck her until she couldn't walk.

Sakura quickly pulled off the towel and pulled Hinata over to the bed. Before Sakura
could do it, Hinata pushed the pink-haired girl down and straddled her. Sakura gasped
as she landed on the bed but started to moan as the quiet girl latched onto the sweet
spot at her collarbone. She started moving lower but then Sakura suddenly flipped her
over. "My turn."she panted, latching onto one of her breasts.

Hinata gasped and arched her back, trying to get more of her breast into Sakura's
hot, wet mouth. She let go but quickly latched onto the other one. Hinata's hands
began to wander lower, sliding along the other girl's smooth skin. She brought her
right hand down to her own middle as one of her fingers entered Sakura's. The girl
gasped, arching her back as she thrusted against the girl's small hand. Hinata
panted, getting closer to her own climax but Sakura's hand stopped her.

"Not just yet Hina-hime."she panted. She slid down to Hinata's hand after she grabbed
the whipped cream. She spread the Hyuuga's legs apart as far as they would go, which
was pretty far since she was so flexible, and Hinata squealed at the cold metal of
the can in Sakura's hand against her leg. Sakura brought the nozzle to Hinata's now
clearly visible core and pressed the tip into her. She pressed the top to an angle
and Hinata cried out as the cold topping filled her.

"Ah! S-Sakura!" she cried. Sakura pulled it away but quickly replaced it with her
tongue, eating as much of the cream as she could. She groaned at the taste of it as
it mixed with Hinata's juices, creating a delicious treat for her.

"You should taste this Hina-hime." she chuckled, her voice husky, "You taste
delicious." She leaned up and gave Hinata a deep kiss.

Sakura was right. It was delicious. 'Course she would have liked it better if it were
Sakura's taste instead of her own. A wave of courage washed over her and she flipped
Sakura over, grabbing the vibrator out from under the pillow at the same time. She
turned it on, quickly spread Sakura's legs, and rammed it into her.

Sakura cried out in pleasure as her back curved off the bed. The angle the girl had
entered her had her hitting that certain spot immediately and it was amazing! Hinata
hooked one of Sakura's legs over her shoulder, opening her up more, while pounding
the toy into her. "Ah! Keep going Hinata! Harder! Faster!'

Hinata did as she was told and soon after the pink-girl came with a cry. She pulled
it out as she stayed on her knees and placed it within herself. She began riding it
as Sakura watched. Hinata came as she moaned Sakura's name and the other girl came
just at the sight and sound.

Both girls laid next to each other on the bed, panting and sweaty, as they tried to
catch their breath. Sakura rolled over and pulled Hinata close to her as her eyelids
began getting heavy. "I love you, Hinata."she mumbled.

"I-i love you too, S-sakura." she mumbled back. She leaned forward and licked a dot
of whipped cream from the corner of Sakura's lips. "Yum." she giggled before going to
sleep, Sakura following soon after.
"Ngh. T-temari...." Hinata panted.

"Yes Hina-hime?" Temari chuckled, her hanging hair tickling Hinata's stomach as she
leaned her head down to where her fingers were working.

"P-please.....h-hurry up." she whined.

"Very well." But just before her mouth reached her, her breath arousing the quiet
girl beneath her.....

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

"Urgh." Hinata groaned as her head slumped against the pillow. "M-maybe they'll g-go


"Maybe not." Temari growled. "I'll answer it quickly and then I'll be right back.

"Hurry up." she whined again, covering herself with the sheet.

-Temari downstairs-

"Who is it?" Temari called, securing the towel around her body.

"It's Ten-ten! I need to talk to you." the person answered. She opened the door and
the other girl came barging in.

"Can I help you?" the Sand-nin asked politely.

"Oh. D-did I interrupt you doing something?" Ten-ten mumbled as she saw the Temari
was only wearing a towel.

"Kinda so can you hurry up a bit?"

"Okay.....Uhhh. I-i don't know how to say this b-but...I mean Neji just left
a-and...well I need help with....well 'cuz he d-didn't finish....and..."she trailed

"Spit it out women!" she snapped, getting impatient and wanting to get back to Hinata
before the shy girl got mad.

"I need you to help me orgasm!" she blurted out, blushing horribly.

There was a moment of silence before Temari smirked, "Oh that's all? Why didn't you
say so before?" she giggled, grabbing the flustered girl's wrist and dragging her to
her room. "Hinata!" she called.

"H-hinata's here?"

"Yep. You kinda interrupted us before." she answered.

"Gomen." Ten-ten mumbled.

"Hai Tem-chan?" Hinata asked but quickly covered herself when she saw Ten-ten.
"Temari-chan! W-what is s-she doing here?!"

"She needs our help, Hina-koi. Isn't that right, Ten-chan?" Ten-ten was blushing but
nodded slightly, her eyes on the ground.

"W-with what?"

"She needs our help for her to orgasm." Temari said simply. Hinata blushed and Temari
chuckled darkly. "You know Hina-chan..."she said, walking over to her, "You're so
adorable when you blush." She leaned down and purred in her ear,"I could just eat you
out all night." Hinata gasped and let out a quiet moan. "Ten-ten." Temari said, not
even glancing at the girl.

"H-hai?" she stuttered.

"Get undressed and get on the bed." she ordered before latching onto Hinata's neck.
The smaller girl gasped and then started moaning as the blonde girl sucked harder.
Ten-ten watched, getting aroused, before pulling herself together and undressing,
blushing the whole time. Why was she here again? Oh yeah. 'Cuz Neji had to leave for
a really urgent mission almost just before she climaxed.

"W-what now, T-tem-chan?" she stuttered as she sat on the bed. She crossed her legs
and covered her chest from the slightly cold air.

"Just lay there and relax. Let us do all the work." Temari answered before pulling
the nervous girl into a passionate kiss. Ten-ten sensed Hinata moving behind her and
she leaned back against her. The quiet girl's hands caressed her softly, heading
farther down. Temari pulled away from her so they could breath but quickly attached
onto her neck.

Ten-ten moaned softly as Temari nibbled just above her collarbone and started sucking
on it. Her back suddenly arched as Hinata drove two fingers into her, causing her to
scream and moan as well. "Y-you're so sensitive, Ten-chan." Hinata whispered in her
ear before nibbling on it. Ten-ten blushed and tried to hide her face but Temari
pulled her into another kiss.

"We love that about you." she said after pulling away, "Don't we, Hinata?"

"Very." she mumbled, nuzzling into Ten-ten's neck. She moved her free hand to her
lower body and started pleasuring herself. Ten-ten gasped as she felt her hand
nudging her lower back.

"I bet you know what she's doing." Temari smirked, massaging Ten-ten's breasts. "Do
you wanna see? Do you wanna see what our adorable Hinata is doing?" She grabbed her
shoulders and turned her around, leaning her against herself. Ten-ten groaned as she
saw Hinata. She was on her back against the pillows with her legs spread wide open.
Ten-ten watched as her hand dove in and out of her, her juices flowing out steadily
onto the sheets.

"Oh Kami." she moaned under her breath.

"Don't you love seeing her like that?" Temari growled into her ear. "With her legs
wide open, pleasuring herself while we're right here, moaning without us even
touching her."

Temari moved Ten-ten to the side and leaned her face down to where Hinata's hand was.
She quickly pulled it away and replaced it with her tongue. Hinata arched off the bed
and let out something between a scream and a really loud moan. Temari kept doing
whatever it was while Ten-ten sat there, not sure what to do.

"T-ten-ten." Hinata gasped.

"Y-yeah?" she stuttered.

"C-come over -aaah- h-here." Ten-ten crawled over to her and sat near her head.
"S-straddle -aah!- m-my neck." Ten-ten hesitantly swung her leg over to the other
side of Hinata and looked down at her.

"Now what?" she asked as she looked down at the moaning girl.

"This." Hinata grabbed Ten-ten's hips and pulled her forward, quickly driving her
tongue into her. Ten-ten threw her head back and let out a loudmoan. Temari pulled
away from Hinata for a second and reached over to the bedside table. She paused for a
second, watching the other two girls. She grabbed something out of the drawer and
went back to her place between Hinata's legs.

"Ah!" Temari moaned as she placed the vibrating dildo inside herself. It was a big
one with extreme vibration and it filled her perfectly. Ten-ten suddenly came with a
scream and Hinata tried to lick up all the juices. She rolled off of the girl and
laid there, falling asleep. Hinata came a few seconds after and Temari made loud
slurping noises as she cleaned up the mess. Hinata leaned forward and grabbed the
vibrator while flipping Temari over, Ten-ten watching through hooded eyes.

Temari's moans got louder as Hinata slammed the dildo into her, hitting her 'spot'
each time. It wasn't long before she came and Hinata pulled the toy out, juices
soaking it. They laid on either side of Ten-ten and pulled her against them.

"Thank you guys." she mumbled, nuzzling into Hinata's neck.

"You're welcome Ten-ten." Temari replied.

"T-that was fun." Hinata giggled. "We shoud do it again s-some time."

"Yeah. Night guys." Neither of them noticed the front door opened.

Then they heard Neji's voice at the bedroom door, "Ten-ten?"

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i am too tired today...tomarro okay babe

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