“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start
today and make a new ending.”
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“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start
today and make a new ending.”
Category: (general)
Thursday, 29 April 2010
05:40:49 PM (GMT)
One thing you want to say to someone but never could?  
I wish I could have told my friend Jackson how much he meant to everyone before he
went and killed himself :/
But it's not just what I wish to say to people. It's what I wish I could show people,
too. I wish I could show all of my friends just how much they mean to me, but that's
just not possible. They mean too much.

One thing you've always wanted to get/do that you have never been allowed to?  
Well my parents are pretty lenient, so there's not much that I've wanted to do and
not been allowed to. I've always wanted to go bungee jumping, though, and I don't
think my parents would let me do that. 

A song you listen to when someone has really upset you or made you angry?  
Well "Our Time Now" by Plain White T's and "Real Thing" by Boys Like Girls always
make me feel better. So does "Hey, Soul Sister", obviously :P That's just a feel good

What is one piercing you'd get if pain, school and/or work was no issue?  
I have no desire to have anything pierced besides my ears. It's just not very

What is one tattoo you'd get if you could magically make it invisible at any time?  
Again, I'm not too into tattoos. I guess if I had choose, I'd get a little deathly
hallows symbol on my hip 

What's the worst thing a parent or relative ever said to you?  
My family is not at all the type to say hurtful things. It always kind of upsets me
when my mom tells me she doesn't think I can get into my dream college, though. 

What's the worst thing a bf/gf ever said to you?
I've never really had a serious boyfriend, so I can't answer that. 

What's the worst thing anyone has ever done to you? 
I got voted out of my lunch table Survivor-style in seventh grade :P
What's the last thing you think about before you go to sleep at night?  
I normally just make little scenarios in my head, about things I wish would happen 
I always try to go to sleep happy.

Is it the same thing you thought of 1 year ago, or even 5?  
Not at all, really. I mean the things that make me happy are changing constantly, so
I try to switch it up.

Have you ever woken up crying?  
No, not that I can think of.

What do you when you are upset or angry, and no one seems to care? 
Well my best friend always cares, but when she's not around I just deal with it.
There's no need to whine about it. 

Have you ever taken a shower just to get away from other people?  
A couple times, but mainly when I need to get away I just go play Sims or read Harry

Is there anyone in your life you don't want to hurt, but just wish they'd go away? 
Um,  not necessarily. There are some annoying people that I could live without, but I
figure they're in my life for a reason.

Are you pro-love, or anti-gay?
See, I hate this question. Of course I'm pro-love. I believe anybody has the right to
love someone else. I have no problem with gay people being together, I just don't
agree with gay marriage.
Have you ever had a moment that changed you forever?  
I have had a couple moments of realization that have changed the way I think, but
nothing that has completely changed me altogether.

Have you ever been abandoned by someone you thought you could count on?  
yeah, but that's life.
Did a parent ever miss something important to you, like a school concert?  
No, my parents are pretty good about coming to things like that. 

Has someone you cared about died before you got to say goodbye?  
Yes, my grandpa and my friend Jackson. I never said goodbye to my grandma either,
although I knew she was going to die.

Have you ever been forced to lie about your feelings?  
Yeah, sometimes you can't tell the truth, because other people's feelings are more
important than your own.

Have you ever done something really bad, for a really good reason?  
No, I'm a good girl. I've never done anything "bad". I guess my answer to this
question is, yes, I got drunk once. The good reason is now I'm not planning on doing
it again any time soon. Partying is ridiculously stupid.

Is there anything your bf/gf could do to make you stop loving them?  
I don't have a boyfriend...but if I did have a boyfriend that I was completely in
love with, there isn't any one thing that could make me stop loving them. Maybe a lot
of things all together, but not one single thing. True love doesn't end like that.

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