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Tuesday, 27 April 2010
10:13:34 PM (GMT)
Is there anything expired in your refrigerator?
haha probably

What were you doing the last time someone video taped you?
hiding lmao

Name your favorite Beatles song?
err, Helter Skelter, Blackbird, Eleanor Rigby.

Do you usually get a "to go" box at restaurants?

Last sporting event you attended?

Do you or did you ever hang posters on your bedroom walls?

If so, who or what was on them?
The Beatles, and more. Hahaha. 

Describe your shower curtain:
flowers, i think.

Do you always try to play matchmaker with your single friends?
no. i play WHEELS

Do you prefer dangling earrings, hoops or studs?
eh none

What was the last piece of mail you received?
not sure. probably just flyers.

Do you read the funnies in the Sunday Paper?

Who do you know that had a baby most recently?

What was the last meal or food you cooked?

Do you have any nervous habits?
i bite my nails, i cross my arms, and i fiddle with my fingers.

At what age did you get your ears pierced?
i can't even remember.

Have you ever used a Polaroid camera?
yes. i love it.

What is your favorite stuffed animal?

On clothes do you prefer polka dots or stripes?

Have you ever driven a moving truck?
i've held the stearing wheel!

What is the longest you could go without a soda?
pretty long.

What free catalogs do you get in the mail?

What was the last piece of candy you ate?

Do you wear shoes on your carpet at home?

When is the last time you checked a book out of the library?
a while ago.

What were the last photos you had developed pictures of?
can't remember.

Ever bought something from Home Shopping Network?
no lolol

Do you read the gossip magazines in the check out line?
i read the headlines.
apparently tom cruise is gay ?

If living in a 3 story apartment building, what floor would you choose to live on?

Do you still own any cassette tapes?
i've seen some lying around the house.

Do you need coffee or caffiene to get through your day?
sometimes caffiene.

Last time you were on a diet? What diet was it?
haha no.

What shape of diamond looks best on your ring finger?
i don't know, i'm not interested in diamonds.

If given a day off Tues- Thurs, what day would you choose?

Do you still own a camera that takes film?

Can you name all 7 Dwarfs?
never saw that movie. so no.

What is your favorite piece of furniture in your house?
my bed.

When and where was the last amusement park you went to?
like, 2 years ago. can't remember the name.

Are there any frozen dinners in your freezer?

Last thing you bought in a vending machine?
strawberry milk.

Have you ever taken dance lessons?
we had a dance teacher come to my 
gym class a few times.

Do you own any sports apparel or jerseys?

Does your mom still keep your baby teeth for memories?
ew wtf! i hope not.

If eating live cockroaches made you loose weight instantly, would you eat them?
no. never.

What is 1 rule you will give your teenage children concerning dating?
i don't want kids. but i would probably tell them "you only live once, but don't be

Do bikers in big groups wearing all leather scare you?
no. half my family down in Texas is like that.

If no one is home, do you close the bathroom door to pee?
yess haha

Tell us something about your neighbor:
the girl on the left is a bit of a whore.
the guy on the right shovels our sidewalks in the winter.

When is the last time it rained?
yesturday, i think?

Have you ever watched 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' on TLC?
no. pathetic.

If paid 1 million dollars per baby you adopt but you couldn't have help, how many
would you adopt?
2, then give 'em to people who would want them.

How often do you drink Monster?
i've tried it like once, last year.

Are you waiting for something?

Lil Wayne or Plies?

How do you feel about guys who smoke?

Are you excited for the weekend?

Did you enjoy the movie Twilight?
it was alright. i liked how i saw things in 
my mind while reading it better.

Are most of your friends older or younger than you are?

Anyone you were good friends with, that you no longer get along with?
i think so.

Where's you're phone at?
on my bed somewhere lost under the covers.

Miss anyone you shouldn't?

Is there someone you want to fight?
haha naahh

Would you rather have your parents catch you having sex or smoking weed?
pot lmfao

Do you get annoyed when you see someone you don't like?
no, i'm just like "oh hey, i don't like youuuu"

Could you see yourself dropping out of High School?

Camping or nice hotel?

Have you ever received a myspace message that made you cry?
facebook message.

Do you swear in front of your parents?

Would you ever get a tattoo?
maybe a small one.

Are you a different person now then you were 5 years ago?

Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?

What were you doing 12 AM last night?
starin at my ceiling

How was your weekend?
it was amahhhhzzinngg

What did you do yesterday?
ahhh don't make me think back to yesturdaayy

Are you a mean person?

Do you miss someone?

What woke you up today?
my mom.

Are you a bad influence?
haha, i've been told i am,
with my views and such.

Will you be up before 7 am tomorrow?

What is something you disliked about your day?
too cold.

Excited for anything?
tomorrow. and thursday. and the weekend.

Is there anyone you care about more than yourself?

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