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My Poetry (There's a lot in here)Category: Poetry
Wednesday, 17 March 2010
12:03:55 PM (GMT)

Walking through fire
To get to my friend
To reach the end
I'll save them then bring them back
Turn my back to the attack
I'll look in you in the face
Hear your heart race
I've been betrayed
You know who's to blame
My pride has been wounded
My sight gone away
But still my friend, I'll go out of my way
If you need me, just ask
I'll tredge through the rain
To untie you from the tracks
And bring you back again
I'll expect it
And you should, too
So don't you dare act surprised
When despite what you've done
I race to your side
That'd be an insult
Of the worst degree
To have you have
So little faith in me
I'll walk through the flames
To help you excape
We'll get through this trial
Until we get to the light
And know, my friend
I won't remember the slight


The clock chimes
And I hear it
A deathly grin
And I see it
A chill to my bones
And I feel it
A song on my lips
And I sing it
My nightmare begins
And I fear it

The dark tears away 
All of my courage
As I sit here and temble
I think to myself
Of all I have done
So now the fright holds me
Whenever I hear 
Old Grandfather's breath
Drifting like a harp's sweet song.

The pain goes on
And I hate it
The light is near
And I want it
My heart beat lingers
And I keep it
My thoughts waver
And I fix it
Air is short
And I need it

Now I run
Like the coward I am.
So scared
And of what?
The space in the attic?
The girl in my mirror?
The voice in my head?
The night and it's myths?
The mouth and it's power?
The kiss and it's owner?
The clock that ticks
Whenever time passes?
The flower that wilts
Whoever has forgotten?
The shadow that follows
Wherever I go?

The bird sings
And I use it
The tool breaks
And I lose it
The day is so soon
And I await it
The brightness so wasted
And I taste it
The heart is so swooned
And I miss it

The shadows crawl
I gasp again
Tears escape
The evil laugh of a former friend
Who else could hate with much vigor?
And know the worst ways to haunt me?
I pray because it is the only protection
And God knows, I need it.
My heart calms.
The dawn's relief.

LIFE'S SECRET (Originally The Dancer)

I see you in the moonlight,
Dancing, dancing,
I try to join you,
But I do not hear the melody,
Dancing, dancing,
You, who finds the will to smile,
The strength we lack,
While the world carries a frown,
Painted on the face for eternity,
Dancing, dancing,
I try to join you,
But I do not hear the melody,
Dancing, dancing,
While those show sadness,
They have been broken,
But not as you have,
Yet you dance forever more,
A sun shining on your face,
Silver sprites of the moon
Laying so elegantly on your hair,
You are an inspiration,
To me,
To us,
Dancing, dancing,
I find hidden strength,
I join your dance,
Finally hearing the melody.


My eyes cry
They dance and die
As one now
Never let it fade

My eyes have never seen
Such a thing as now sits before us
But I breathe
And I laugh
Because I am scared

As one now
Never let it fade

I'll hold on to you
This memory
My eyes still search it
Endless sights accounted for
But one thing left to do

As one now
Never let it fade

Never let them take it away
Your mind is your own
This I'll always know
Say good-bye to this ole world
As one now
Never let it fade
As they take everything else away
My eyes still see

As one now
Never let it fade


In this meadow
In this beauty, this peace
This scene I adore
With simplest of ease
I'll block out the aching and pain and be numb
If that, indeed, is what needs to be done

My heart never held
So calmly before
And I think
The dream was sweeter and more
Intricately woven
But it still works the best
In here there's no torment
No torture in this
My fantasy dream
My last hope and breath
To keep me alive
For sanity to exist

I'll close my eyes
And move to the meadow
I'll make myself numb
No rage or regret
I'll give up my love
To keep away pain
That, my friend, is the game that I play

Call to me
In this darkness, I fear
That if you do,
Still, I won't hear
Call to me
In this darkness, my dear

In the mists of the cat's last meow
The wolf sings its howl
And there it said
And I cry to myself
As they all fall down dead.
No, I'll keep them alive
With all my strength
And power, and might
Though in the middle of all,
I'll say it again
To try and make myself sane and then...

Call to me
In this darkness, my dear
If you do,
I must hear
So call to me
In this darkness, my dear
And make all these things that I fear
Up and go and disappear

Up, and go, and disappear
So I will have nothing
Left for me here

THE DARKEST DREAMS (Probably one of my fav if not my fav.)

I look to the window
Covered in snow
I sing to the bluebird
This song that I know
It's never been written
But I know that by now
I've heard it so much
That I could never forget 
The lines that I heard
That made me lose this

Sleep little child
The dawn'll come soon
But I just can't wait
To break my promise to you
So tonight, know my sorrow
Know I wish it weren't said
The darkest dreams run around in your head
And there is nothing 
Nothing in my power that I could do
To keep this dearest promise to you

I sing to myself
In this darkened room
The lines that I heard
That afternoon
I know you won't miss me
Though you said that you will
I know you won't miss me
That thought that might kill
You said you didn't want to
But I don't believe
When have you ever
Not lied, to me?

Sleep little girl
The dawn'll come soon
But I just can't wait
To break my promise to you
So tonight, know my sorrow
Know I wish it weren't said
The darkest dreams run around in your head
And there is nothing 
Nothing in my power that I would do
To keep this dearest promise to you

My heart could not break
When you bid me ado
Because I learned my lesson
Long before you
You said you might fix it
That same little lie
But you just can't beat
A heartache like mine
I saw the sadness 
In your eyes that day
As they came here and forced you away
But just smiled
'Cause I knew all along
That'd I'd hear you singing this song

Sleep little love
The dawn'll come soon
But I just can't wait
To break my promise to you
So tonight, know my sorrow
Know I wish it weren't said
That darkest dreams run around in your head
And know there is nothing 
Nothing in my power that I wouldn't do
To keep this dearest promise to you

Sleep little love
The dawn'll come soon
But you just can't wait
To break this promise anew
So tonight, know my sorrow
Know I heard it be said
That darkest dreams run around in your head
And know there is nothing 
Nothing in the world that someone would do
To 'keep this dearest promise to you'


My friends
Long known and just met
Are important in their own way
They mean something to me
To us
To everyone
But they just can't understand
Why I might rather be with siblings
Than them
So I take this moment to explain
Just what my brothers mean to me
To shed some light
On what I think.

I think baseball and sports
Friends and fun
Laughing games
Kind to everyone
My bragging right
Shining so bright
Who could this be?
But my youngest-older brother to me?

I think...
Funniest of all
Having a ball
Smart and intelligent
Though I think that's the same sentiment
Coaching me on life
To be the best I can be
Who but my middle brother to me?

I think far away
But caring still so much
A big bear hug
A conversation
On things that perplex
A different view
And though we're so far apart
In age
In distance
I still hold a close place in my heart
For my oldest brother to me.

All three
Are the best
Forget the rest
Do you not see?
Cannot, will not hear me?
Must I speak more plainly?
Fine then.
I love my brothers
And they love me.

MY MILLENIA (One of my fav.)

Time, goes on
As I wait for a reply
Then you're gone
And I'm left sitting here
It seems like forever
My millenia

One week, one month, one year
A decade of them
Stretched on in endless succession
And I fear I am
Beginning to understand now
I am understanding

Where do you go
When there is no one to run to?
Where do you sleep
When there is no where to hide?
And everyone is after
It seems like forever.

Don't leave this place
And rest
With rocks as companions
They don't know warmth yet
And I...
Guess I don't understand
So leave me here as I am.
Maybe one day I'll grow up.

It seems like forever.

Almost half another decade
But much longer than that
Must be for I feel so old now
But I know that I am still young

Come closer now
And breathe
No pain, no more
No emotions
You see I am numb.

But I'm not.
Oh, it seems like forever.
Time goes on.
I wait for a reply
And it's mine.
So I sit here
I feel so alone
In my millenia.


Lay back, close your eyes
I would sing along
But water fills my lungs
So I listen
And my heart beats
Beats, beats...
I won't let go.

The shivers fill my nerves
From head to toe
It's too cold
I take one breath
Then another
It is so hard to do
But it is all that's left
So my heart beats
Beats, beats..
I refuse to lose

Music fills my ears
And I know that I'm alive
The rest was a nightmare
But my vision has cleared
My hair is wet
My eyes too heavy
But I lift them
Because I cannot die
Die without saying good-bye

Then my heart beats
Beats, beats...
The melody is so sweet


I look deep into her eyes
Hardened by fear
Betrayed by lies
Her face says she's tough
Her voice will say she's had enough
But those fragile fingers on the countertop
They twitch and flinch and never stop
Oh, no, they never stop
Never will they ever stop
It breaks my heart
To see this girl
Once so high
On top of the world
But reality is strong enough to pull her back to the ground
There where she must hide her shame among the crowd
I look in the mirror
But refuse to see
This girl as what now must be me
What have I done
To loose all I had
To loose all the friends
To be so plain mad
At all around me,
I swear and fight
Then in my bed,
I cry at night
And who will know
Who could recognize
This girl I see,
Staring back at me?


I need a hope
I need a light
Something to look to
In the arctic night
Where beauty abounds
In everything
There, my friends, is what I need


Should I cry?
In this absense of light
It frightens me
And I am so sorry
So apologetic
But I don't cry

I creep
And the shadows follow me
Should I weep?
Will it keep them away?
Can I do one thing, anything
To keep them at bay?
Sobbing won't help
So turn the other way
I won't cry

People lose their faces
Lose their lives and their light
They cast shadows and I fear them
Cast dark stranger and I tear then
But I won't cry
All alone, what would it do
But drawn their attention?

The dark faces look away
Hiding in their lies
I'm alive, I'm alive
I swear it
But they don't know how to believe
They lost the will to cry


I walk
And trip and I fall
Cannot stand tall
With all the world crashing down
Depression leaks down the hall
Memories fade
Be erased

Deep breath now
Breathe deep now
Don't let them know you are falling apart at the seams

Concrete fingertips
Aching lips
Bruised from your kiss
Just leave me alone
Is what I'd like to say
But you would never just give me away

Deep breath now
Breathe deep now
And never
Let them know
That I'm secretly falling apart
And never
Let them guess
The sorrow that I hold

Don't cry
Tears shine
They will notice the light
In this dark heartless night
Don't yell
The sound will give away
Where hides my heart
My aching heart

Quiet please
Breathe deep
Don't speak
Deeply breathe
Quiet please
Don't speak
Don't let them know
That you're bursting at the seams
Just breathe
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