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Thursday, 4 February 2010
09:07:47 PM (GMT)
I might get grounded from the internet for the next few months.


It'll just be until my grades get up, so I might even be back by interum.


And, I mean, even if I do get grounded, mom might still let me on my laptop


Plus I see my dad every other weekend, and I can use his computer.


Report cards come out tommorrow. Hopefully it'll be okay. Hopefully nothing will
change and I'll log on like usual. But most likely you won't see me for a while, and
I'm going to hate it!

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   4 February 2010   650563  
Aw shit.
What math class are you in?
Kirti says:   4 February 2010   256284  
Regular algebra.

Actually do you know how to do this sort of problem? "X squared plus
five X plus six over two X minus four divided by X plus three over X
minus two". (I dunno how to type that with the lines and everything)

There's a "skip flip multiple" step in there somewhere right? Or was
that multiplying the... Gahhhh. (halp?) 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   5 February 2010   129482  
I'd hate for you to go, but I understand the situation you're in. D:

Good luck with your report card.
BooRadley says:   5 February 2010   677305  
D; I hope you get the grades you need, good luck!
‹ruthie .› says:   5 February 2010   737094  
Oh dearrr. Good luck with your grades!
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   5 February 2010   358974  

I hope you get good grades so you can stay online with us xD
Oroborus21 says:   5 February 2010   121569  
good luck. dont you need the net for school though like research
papers and such
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   5 February 2010   524202  
You'd have to tell me if there are parentheses anywhere, but it sounds
like what I'm learning at the moment (I'm in algebra, too). Is it like

X squared + 5x + 6                             x + 3
----------------------     divided by  ------------------------
        2x - 4                                           x - 2 
lunasan says:   5 February 2010   103372  
I'm in geometry so I could help with algebra, and if you type it like
that you need to make it clear WHAT is over what, because if you type
it then it could be interpreted many way :P 
Kirti says:   7 February 2010   695601  

I have now officially failed math. I'm posting this on my dads
computer, but when I go back to moms she and I will have a
"discussion". Details pending- either in a few hours or in two weeks I
can tell you what's going to happen.

And if anyone can respond to this before I have to log off, how can I
entertain myself without the internet...? (I'm ashamed to say I really
don't know. I could read, write, sculpt and... that's all I've got.) 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   7 February 2010   974826  
I use the internet for most of my entertainment. 
Sorry. D:
Maybe you could look into some music you may like. I know you don't
like music much, but there might be something you'd enjoy. 
Kirti says :   9 February 2010   630971  
There is! Unfortunately, it's Japanese so I can only really get it
using the internet. I've begun writing a story in word document, since
word does not require the internet. It'll be partically my only way to
pass time, so it's practically going to become a novel >.<

Sneaking on after mom goes to bed, day one. 


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