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Friday, 22 January 2010
11:01:13 PM (GMT)
The dark and stromy cold night blasted winds at me, whipping my hair everywhere, I
couldn't see very well and I was breathing hard from the running I had been doing,
because he was following me, and this time I couldn't see him. Because I was on an
old deserted road in the middle of no where with light posts every fifty miles, it
was dark, cold, creepy and scary. 
"Elena..." The voice whispered, it's cruel deep gruffy voice. I twirled on my feet,
looking east, west, north and south, but my eyes weren't like a cats, not even if
they were green, I couldn't see in the dark.
"Come to me..." He went on. I clutched my jacket closer to me, the wind was freezing
me half to death, but maybe that would be better than him getting me.
"No!" I screamed into the night air, I turned back the way I had first been
facing then and lifted my feet once again to run, I had to find safety...I needed
     The only thing I could hear was the crackling storm, the wind in my ears, the
dead night, his shallow breathing, all I could feel was the ground beneath me, my
coat clutched together between my fingers, my hair whipping in a dance around my
face, I could only smell the musk of the deserted road, and old oil, I could see
nothing but the light in the distance that was slowly coming closer, and closer. I
was almost there, almost in a safer place, where I would be able to see him, my
haunter, my worst fear.
"Welcome it Elena, welcome the darkness, it will get you anyways..." He whispered
right next to my left ear, I froze in the middle of the street. I was so close
to the light, yet I couldn't move, his words had frozen me, soild to this old black
cracking pavement. 
      I moved my lips, trying to speak, but no words came out, my gaze was sightless
and darting everywhere, where could he be, where? Why was it I could feel him
sometimes, and other times I couldn't?! I needed to move! I needed to unfreeze, I
needed my dead father to protect me.
"Good girl, I promise, this won't hurt a bit..." His intention was cruel, and as cold
stoned as his heart and soul, if he even had one, all I ever saw of him was a black
shadow, almost like a black mist or millions of black flies.
     My hair was lifted, I could feel that, and then suddenly there was a hand on my
neck, it's grip looseing and retighting, he gave another adjustment before he gripped
my throat with all of his might, I choked on the air left, and made very nonpretty
gruggling sounds in the back of my throat as he lifted me into the air with his hand,
I struggled, kicking my feet in the air, trying to kick him, trying to get him to
release me, bringing my hands up to clasp around his hand to make him release me, but
I hit nothing, and everytime I tried, the grip just tightened even harder.
    And then I felt so dizzy and unknowing that I began to blink slowly, the slow
blinks became even slower until my eyes closed, my legs slowly stopped swinging until
they fully stopped, my arms that were trying to pull his hand off my neck a few
minutes ago went limp and loose, and everything was black, blank, awful, scary, sad
and depressing. I gave up then, he had me, there was nothing I could do. The last
thing I can remember, was the big bright white light, it took away all the darkness,
and then I saw no more, felt no more, heard no more, breathed no more.

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