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reason for maybe leavingCategory: another non-fiction story
Saturday, 16 January 2010
08:49:25 AM (GMT)
my parents don't trust me being on the computer,
says their are people out there that would try to rape
me or worse, and they could kill my family its scary 
to think but its what my parents think so i can't
argue with them, i'll try to write more diarys though
ok, until then stay safe, and all you child molesters, don't
be surprised if all of you get the death penolty,
eventually in the future, i just might make sure of it like any
other parent, who worries, i think the world would be a better place, 
if we didn't have evil people like them, do you think so also?
Last edited: 16 January 2010

‹OMG ITS TEE BEE!!!!› says:   16 January 2010   207699  
i hope u be ok...nd i hope u dont leave u are a really cool person
Hikati says:   16 January 2010   383505  
hey, yeah i hope you dont leave too. youre awesome, and kupika would
be a darker and more boring place without you!and i  hope you'll be
ok, though i don't think that youre gonna get raped.but yeah, cant
argue with parents.
Oroborus21 says:   16 January 2010   483310  
Ok try and understand something. Any cases of
internet-stranger-meeting abductions or rapes, etc. are so RARE (not
too mention sensational) that they make the news! this only creates a
false idea that its a major problem. 

The reality however is very different.

Every day, men but most especially women, are the victims of sexual
assault from people they know! Date-rape is THE most common and most
at-risk situation for a young woman for example.

Situations at school parties, etc. are also potentially bad
situations. And of course the highest incidence of sexual assault and
such crimes occurs via molestation and rapes by family members and
friends of the family.

As far as "stranger" events you are more at risk from someone in your
vicinity, someone who lives in your neighborhood or nearby who sees
you and knows your routine.

If your parents were being logical they wouldn't let you ever go to
any parties, or date anyone or be out on your own or walk down the
street...but that would be completely irrational right? Well so is
being over-concerned about stranger-danger on the internet.

The Internet isn't totally necessary for your life but it can be an
enriching one. And talkign with people online can expand your
worldview your education and your experience, ESPECIALLY if they are
different from the usual small group of peers you generally associate
with. So meeting people online of all ages, cultural backgrounds,
education and experience is generally a good thing.

If you are really super concerned about it, then simply dont provide
too much personal identifying information to anyone you dont know in
real life off-line and never agree to meet up with someone unless it
is totally coordinated, in public etc. and your folks know about it
and approve.

Of course thats a two-way street and people may be worried they don't
know if YOU are the predator who refuses to provide info that they can
check up on.

So that's a balance one always has to check which is why camming, or
verifying they are for real may be a good thing among other measures.
It all depends on how close you plan on getting with theperson. Some
"best friends" online have never met even after 20 yrs of writing to
each other and knowing all about each other.

 But bottom line just think about it logically. What is more likely to

that some stranger you met online who lives thousands of miles away is
gonna pack their bag, go to the airport fly all the way to your town,
rent a car, hotel whatever and try and meet up with you to commit a
crime on you?

or that you are going to have too much to drink at a party someday and
find yourself in an unexpected bad situation??

use your brain and you wont have too much to worry. your folks too
need to be a little more realistic about the real potentials here
rather than succumb to the fear-mongering and sensationalism of the
media and certain groups with agendas.
‹sexi_italian_gurl› says :   12 February 2010   792474  
i hope u don't leave


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