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7 Minutes In Heaven with Vampires. (very detailed)Category: (general)
Saturday, 16 January 2010
02:21:10 AM (GMT)

The tall elder woman handed you a fancy velvet envelope. When you open it you took
the letter in you hand that said a simple number, 2. The elder woman faces a young
man about your age and gives him a sign telling him that his number has been taken.
He gets up holding a crimson red rose heading to your direction. All that you can
think was how perfect and gorgeous he was. He took his hand out and said: ''Shall we,
love?'' His gaze never left yours. You nodded and followed him to the black wooden
door. As he opened the door you got in noticing that the room was not dark as you
expected. Alexandrian closed the door and started to look at you. His eyes glowed
bright blue and each time you lookedeeper, you felt the most greates sensation of
pleasure. ''What's your name, love?'' He said while getting close and near you.
''(your name here)'' You said. Alexandrian came even closer o you and you felt his
cold body pressing you against the wall. He started carrising your cheeks very gently
and spoke: ''Your scent is irresistible and so is your lips.'' You did not move,
neither think, only feel the need of him. As Alexandrian pinned you harder to the
wall, you wrapped your legs around his waist he leaned in to kiss you very strongly
and passionatly. You carresed his hair while the most enjoyable kiss you ever felt.
You felt Alexandrian's mouth open and it forced you to open your mouth as well. His
breath was warm and his tounge met yours quickly. You unbottoned his shirt and
revealed his amazing structured body. He unbottoned your shirt as well and both of
you collapsed in the floor. He stopped the kissing and moved to your chest until he
reached you neck. Alexandrian stood kissing and smelling the sweetest scent coming
from the inside of your neck. Shortly, he began to lick you neck intensively. You
feel the deepest pleasure and the desire of Alexandrian, nothing existed only him.
After passing your hands through his back and feeling his perfect body, you feel two
sharp blades getting deep inside your neck. Your response was moans of pleasure and
desire. You feel a warm liquid flowing down your neck and you realize that it's your
own blood. You still was in the world of Alexandrian and nothing panicked you,
nothing scared you. Alexandrian started to press you even more tighter while he was
feasting from your blood. Having you pressed against his body was even more
desirable, so you pressed against him as well. The pleasure started fading and your
breath started wasting. Alexandrian did not stop, and his world ended whn everything
became black and when your heart stopped beating. Sometimes vampires take possesion
of the most breath-taking body to use for seducement. Be carful next time, and do not
stare at the lestful eyes of this kind of vampire. 



The tall elder woman handed you a fancy velvet envelope. When you open it you took
the letter in your hand that said a simple number written, 1. The elder faces a young
man about your age she tilts her head up so he may get up. He heads towards you and
you loose your breath completly as you stare athis impossible beauty. He took your
hand gently--still looking at you--and lead you to the room. When you entered to the
room your heart raised when he grabbed your waist. ''Mind if we sit down?'' He asked
with the most romantic sound in his light voice. ''Of course'' You said while you sat
in his lap. He holded you so gently and treated you like a beautiful delicate flower.
''My eyes never left you when you first entered this place'' He whispered in your
ear. ''I'm so glad i get to be with you, even if it's only seven minutes'' He
whispered again. His whispers ringed so lightly and they reapeted.themselves every
time in your head. ''Me too'' You finally said. ''I hope you don't mind, love, but i
want to give you a magical moment with me. Of course, you accept or decline.'' He
whispered again. Your heart fluttered, accelerated and you couldn't speak. You
finally nodded your head because you did wanted him and you felt an extreme level of
connection with him. Nodding your head was something unconciously, but you did not
regret it. Zackary removed your shirt and slid off your skirt, leaving you in your
lingirie. He kissed all of the right places where you felt pleasure and desire. You
wrapped your legs around his wait and unbottoned his shirt exposing his perfectly
structured body. For the very first time, he kissed you so passionatly. You stood
kissing him and holding his head while his hands moved to his pants unzipping them.
He came close to you lips and he whispered: ''Ready, my love?''. ''Yes.'' You
whispered in a soft moan. The magical moment was filled with the greates pleasure you
have ever felt, the moans that both of you delivered and passion received. Everything
was perfect. You laid your head in his chest when you realized that there was one
minute left. ''Stay by my side? For eternity?'' He whispered. ''I want to stay
forever with you.'' Your whisperes came out clearly and it made him smile. He started
to bite his wrist and you watched his blood flow down his arms, dripping in your
cheeks. He grabbed your head gently and kissed you. The kiss was wet with his blood
and as he opened his mouth it forced you to open it as well. The blood rushed down
your troat and everything went in motion. Yet from all of the crazyness you heard
gentle whispers again ''I'll with you when your heart stops beating.'' Of course
Zackary inmortalized you, don't worry. Now remember, you are binded with him for
eternity now. 



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The tall elder woman handed you a fancy velvet envelope. When you open it you took
the lacey paper in your hands and it had a simple number written on it, 3. The elder
woman faces a young man about your age, she tilts her head uo so he may get up. When
you see him, you realize that it's Leonard. You know Leonard since last year and you
always considered him as a very mysterious person. Dispite what you considered about
him, he was a breath-taking figure. When he walked toward you he smiled and said:
''It's great to spend seven minutes with you,___'' He grabbed your hand and you
smiled at him in agreement. You entered the room with him and you felt a rush of
confidence since you already knew him. ''So Leonard, how you been lately?'' Yo said
starting a normal conversation. ''Very good, just looking at the same beautiful
wonders each day.'' He said with a dark yet romantic smile. ''What wonders?'' You
asked curiously. ''I've became obsessed with you since the moment I met you. Everyday
i view how you live your human life and the beauties you do each day. I may seem like
a stalker but that truly is not my intention.'' He chuckled and smiled. You blushed
completely and couldn't find anything to say. ''Dont blush, love, you are becoming to
tempt me.'' He half-smiled making it look very attractive. ''You do this everyday?''
You asked in a shy voice. ''Yes, i'm no human.'' He winked. You felt shock when he
said that and this time when he smiled, you saw his fangs. ''Vampire?'' You asked a
bit afraid. ''Yes. I hope you're not afraid.'' He kind of looked down. ''No, i'm
not.'' You said and got near him. He began to caress your cheeks and leaned to press
his cold lips against yours. You kissed him back and you gave it as much as passion
as he did. ''Okay you just tempeted me.'' He whispered. Leonard licked your bottom
lip and you opened your mouth. You felt his tongue inside your mouth fiercely as you
did the same to him. Both of you started to feel a big sensation of pleasure. While
the kissed, Leonard moaned softly and it made your sensation intense. Everytime he
moaned softly he pressed you tight with his body, holding your waist and moving his
hands lower. This time, you moaned softly as the pleasure became more intense.
Leonard stopped and looked away. ''I have to control myslef.'' He muttered. ''What's
wrong?'' You asked still grabbing his neck gently. ''I...I want to make you mine, for
eternity.'' He said still looking away. You found yourself speechless. ''Is that okay
with you?'' He asked with so much hope in his voice. ''Yes, yes Leonard, please make
me yours.'' You pleaded in a nice way making him smile. He took a sharp blade from
his pocket and handed it to you. ''Here. Cut deeply in my neck and drink from my
blood. Dont worry, i'll be okay.'' He said. At first, you hesitated to cut him, but
then you did.His blood flowed quickly from his neck and you began to lick it. He
moaned as you stood there taking from his blood, making yourself inmortal. Your legs
got numb and you were about to fall in the floor, until Leonard grabbed you and
whispered in your ear: ''Give this process time, love. By the time you wake up, you
will be completely mines...forever'' And then you felt soft lips against yours as
everything began to get pitch black.

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