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I am sailinng, I am sailing;Category: (general)
Friday, 1 January 2010
05:58:31 PM (GMT)
Do you wear lipgloss, lipstick, chapstick or nothing at all?

What's one thing that has pissed you off in the past five days?
My dad. xD

Is there someone on here that you greatly dislike?
On Kupika?

Do you say 'flexible' or 'bendy'?

Are you wearing a belt right now?
Noo. Wearing my pjs'. Don't need a belt for that sirr.

Are your feet propped up on something?

Do you worry about things that aren't your responsibility?

How often do you say 'ain't' or 'y'all'?
Super rare.

Can you do a cart-wheel somewhere in your house and not hit anything?
No. xD

Are you currently tired?

^If so, why?
New year eve.

Have you seen the movie Avatar?
No. I didn't yet. I was going to but..

^If so, did you like it? Why or why not?

From your favorite movie, what part was your favorite?
I have a lot of favourite movies. (:

Do you know someone who has been kidnapped?
Apparantly Karla Hamolka (sp?) kidnapped one of my cousins and like.. raped and
killed her.  I didn't know her personally but leik.. its family..

What have you sacrificed in the past year?

Do you state the obvious frequently?
Yes. xD

Have you ever told someone that it would be better if they killed them self?
I wouldn't like to say that, and then it happened. It would bother me forever.

Are you emotionally sensitive?
Well, depends.
Usually I can hold my ground and not let the person see they are hurting me.
Depends on what they say/do. ;v;

What's in your pockets, if anything?

Do you own a watch?

How do you feel when people talk about you as if you're not in the room?
Pisses me off. 

Do you own a knife?
Well.. there are knives in the kitchen and.. like.. they're used for cooking?
They dont' count.. xD

What's your favorite vowel?
e. :3
...Actually I don't have a favourite vowel.
I just kinda.. picked that one.

A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y. Why sometimes?
Sometimes y?
Y isn't a vowel.

Aren't cupcakes just basically mini cakes?

^Why not call them mini cakes instead?!
Cause they're already called cupcakes? xD

Have you ever told your parents to shut up before?
Yea. xD

Has civilization corrupted?

Do you tend to correct people?

What's the stupidest thing that you have lied about?
Im not suure. 

How many necklaces do you own?
A few.

Have you ever been to Forever 21?
Yes sirrr.

Have you ever tasted glue?
Probably when I was in kindergarden? 

When's the last time you inflicted pain upon yourself?
I try to avoid getting hurt. xD

Cruise ship or sail boat?
Sail boats are pretty cool so like.. yah.
Cruise ships would be really nice though.

Do you know every word to the song you hate most?
 Sadly yes.

Where were you at this time three days ago?
Here on the computer?

How do you take out your anger?
Music, drawing, isolation.

Have you ever woken up and your arms were sore, but you didn't know why?

Once, twice....What next?
..Thats right isn't it? 

Your name....List two different ways to spell it.

Do you prefer fridges with vertical doors?
Thats a normal fridge anyway.

Are visitors allowed to smoke in your house?

What, about the economy, bothers you most?
That everything revolves around money.

What's the last thing you stole?
I don't steal things.

Have you ever been kicked in the face?
I think Krista or Jacquie has..

^If so, what was your reaction?
"Da fuck?"

Have you ever said 'off the chain'?
No. xD

Do you put fruit in your cereal?

Lime green lights or orange lights?
Lime sirrr

Oh what fun.

First survey of 2010. 

‹J▲C K› says :   1 January 2010   827694  
lol @ title
moar leik.

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