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Friday, 25 December 2009
09:13:57 AM (GMT)

                We walked out the school door, Zeke holding my right arm, since he
was on right side, making sure I wouldn't hurt myself on the walk home.
	"What did you dream about? Do you remember?" Zeke asked, out of the blue with only
had a mile to walk left.
	"Oh...," Thinking, I looked at the sky. "It was later on in the day, probably an
hour or so after now. I was home and my dad kept asking if I was okay and tried to
convince to me to go to the hospital."
	"That's all? Did you go to the hospital?" I stared at Zeke with the expression that
says "Are you crazy?"
	"No. I hate needles and doctors. I know they help you, but I never did like them." I
finally moved my eyes to his face. He was watching me, like I was joking. "I mean
it," I added, to let him know I wasn't kidding."
	Continuing to stare at me with an awed expression he moved a piece of hair out of my
face. It was sort of that feeling with Jake, only this felt better. I stayed relaxed
with my mind on alert. He seemed to be searching for the right words to be spoken
	"Alexia...," He struggled some more, "how... do you feel about me?" He turned his
head and I stood in place, forgetting how to move my feet.
	"I've only known you for a day, Zeke." Something had hit a hole into my heart, too
much pain I couldn't bear. He sighed.
	"I know that, but..." He cut himself off, and I don't think I would have gotten any
more of that sentence, even if I asked.
	I sighed, I didn't think I should tell him. Would it freak him out? I moved my eyes
back to the sky and stared to walk forward. Knowing he would catch up to me, I moved
slowly. Once he was next to me, before he could as any more questions, I grabbed his
hand and wrapped my fingers around his. I glimpsed at him and I saw his cheek grow a
dark, cherry red. I started to giggle, but I stopped, started to feel dizzy. I let go
of him and began to rub my temples, but I was too late. My knees locked in and I fell
in Zeke's direction.
	I woke up and the first thing I saw, and was familiar with, was the ceiling to my
living room. A hand squeezed my own and I turned my head to see who was letting me
know they was there. Zeke was. I sat up with speed.
	"Zeke? What time is it?" Frightened was in my voice. I don't know why.
	"It's...," He moved his head around so he could see the clock in the kitchen, "four
fifty-seven. Why?"
	"Is my dad home?"
	"No he didn't come home yet. He called to make sure you were home, and I assured him
you were, and you were in the bathroom so you couldn't talk on the phone right now.
You owe me." I stuck my tongue out at him child-like and he chuckled. "What did you
dream about this time?"
	I just glared at him, blankly. I thought hard, lines formed on my forehead.
"Nothing. I don't remember anything." His mouth made a popping noise when it hung
open and I spoke before he could try to say anything. "Give me the phone."
	"Huh?" He raised an eyebrow with confusion wiped on his face. I motioned towards the
phone and he handed it to me. I dialed.
	"Dad, don't ask any questions, but I need you to call the police. Have them wait at
the Downtown subway station undercover. A rape will happen behind the ticket booth."
	"Alexia, I don't-" He started in, but I was too quick and in a hurry to let him
	"Dad, please, do it on your cell and block the number, after you give them the
information hang up the phone." I hung up as well, not wanting his to ask questions.
	"Alexia, why did you do that? Where did you get that information?"
	"I-I don't know." I stumbled the words out of my lips, which seemed to be frozen
with my fingers and they stayed in place. The clock, in the upper hallway, stroke
five o'clock.
	"I better get going." Zeke looked over his shoulder, the window showed clouds in the
sky. It was going to rain.
	"Okay." I stood up and stretched. "Thanks for, you know, waiting for me to wake up
and see if I wasn't in bad condition or anything." I stood on my tippy-toes and
leaned forward towards him. He leaned forward and touched his forehead to mine. His
closed his eyes. I kissed his left eyelid, gentle as ever and whispered in his ear.
"I know now what you were about to say before I passed out on you."
	"What's that?" He whispered, I could sense a smile in his tone of voice.
	"I love you." I couldn't help but smile.
	"Yes," he chuckled, "I do love you, but do you love me?"
	"Maybe, maybe not." I giggled and he kissed me on the forehead.
	"Playing hard to get?" He replied, still laughing, and I shrugged had nothing to
say. He hugged me and left I went back onto the couch. I glared at the door to my
left, the one that leads out door, and the one to my right, which leads to the
kitchen. The television was on, but nothing to watch. Picking up a random book in the
bookshelf next to the t.v., I began to read. I didn't pay attention to what book it
was when I started, nor did I when I finished. I didn't really read the book, I just
stared at one page thinking about how I knew about the rape incident. I page was
filled with words I couldn't read, my mind was full of knowledge I didn't teach
myself, and my life was going somewhere out of my control. I can't stop it. I tried
to put my mind on something less dramatic and depressing, and that is when I saw my
dad barge into the living room.
	"Alexia, are you okay?" He asked, walking towards me.
	"Dad, I am fine, why do you ask?" Confusion was toned in my voice.
	"Are you sure? Alexia, are you okay? Do I need to take you to the hospital?" He
asked once more.
	"Dad, I'm fi-"
	"Alexia, answer me!" I just stared at him. I shook my head. Something's wrong, he
never yells at me. What's going on? I ran up the stairs before anything else could go
	Walking into my room I slammed the door shut, tired of this craziness and it's only
started today. I pulled out my drawing note pad, to calm my nerves. I don't think I
have told anyone I could draw, most people at school just know. I sold pictures,
drawings of mine, to all the kids who wanted one, for five dollars. I wonder if Zeke
would like it if I just gave him one for a present. I started to draw, but I wasn't
paying much attention to the drawing. Zeke was on my mind.  I looked at my wall,
hoping tomorrow would come soon.
	Hours passed as I just drew. Once I started to do detail I really took time to see
what I have so far. It was me, in the nurses room. The dream. I threw the note pad
and crawled as far away as my bed would let me. My breath was accelerating and I
couldn't slow it down. By the minute this was getting freaky. Something wet was
running down my face, I felt like screaming. The only thing I could think is the
nightmare will come true, soon.


I wish you people a Merry Christmas and enjoy!

Last edited: 6 November 2010

Sachiko_Yuujin says:   25 December 2009   900674  
Merry Christmas~!
‹✬Kaybell❣› says :   25 December 2009   844927  
You too!!!! xD 


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