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Thursday, 17 December 2009
09:23:23 PM (GMT)
What is your goal in life? 
Song -  Hero of War- Rise Against
Comment -  none. ;v;

What do you wish to say to the world? 
Song -  All The Things She Said- TaTu
Comment -  ORLY. 

You think of love as...  
Song -  Memory Lane- McFly
Comment -  That doesn't sound promising.

You think of hate as... 
Song -  Attention- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  That might be pretty true.

You believe in... 
Song -  Human Connect to Human- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  ..Interestinnng.

You couldn't live without...  
Song -  Hey There Deliliah- Plain White T's
Comment -  UHM.

You wish you could...  
Song -  Zoom Into Me- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  If I could do that, that would be kinda weird.

You'd love to see a film out called...  
Song -  Bleed it Out- Linkin Park
Comment -  Sounds so emo.

[More In-Depth About You] 

You dream to be...  
Song -  Supermassive Black Hole- Muse.
Comment -  Of course.

If you wrote a song, it would be called...  
Song -  Kampf Der Leibe- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  That hurts. D:

If you made a film of your life it'd be called...  
Song -  Permanent- David Cook
Comment - Thats not that bad.. xD

The theme song would be called...  
Song -  The End- Simple Plan
Comment -  ;v;

My life motto...  
Song -  Stuttering- Ben's Brother
Comment -  No comment.

I spent most my childhood...  
Song - Re-education (Through Labour) -Rise Against
Comment -  LOLOL.

I will not tolerate...  
Song -  Death Goes to Disco- Goodnight Nurse
Comment -  Uhmm.

[Your Opinions On... Still Shuffling] 

Song -  Milkshake- Goodnight Nurse 
Comment - ? 

Nuclear War? 
Song -  When Im Gone- SImple Plan
Comment -  Sounds good to me. xD

War in General? 
Song -  Pocketful of Sunshine- Natasha Beddingfield
Comment -  Wtf.

Song -  Dogs Unleashed- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  That makes no sense.

Song -  Dont' Talk To Strangers- Hedley
Comment -  Sure. xD

Song -  Live Every Second- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  Orly.

Song -  Beichte- Tokio Hotel (Translates to confessions)
Comment -  lolololol

Song -  Schrei- Tokio Hotel (Translates to scream)
Comment -  Still, lolololol0ol. xD

Song -  Stargirl- McFly. 
Comment -  That sounds nice. xD

[Shuffle Story] 

I woke up today at 6am. The birds outside woke me. I felt...  
Song -  Dangerous And Moving- TaTu
Comment -  I'd like to know why I have all those TaTu songs on my iPod.

After deciding I'd better get up I decided to listen to my fav band called 
Song -  Traume- Tokio Hotel (Translates to dreams..from what I know of. xD)
Comment -  :D

Their song entitled...  
Song -  Again- Yui
Comment - That didnt' work out well did it.

After getting ready I head downstairs. The phone rings. I think...  
Song - The City is at War- Cobra Starship
Comment - ..Alrightythenn.

It's my close friend. S(he) wants me to 
Song -  Shake it- Metro Station
Comment -  Orly. ;] And I hate this song. 

With them. I decline telling them I'm 
Song -  Totgelibt- Tokio Hotel (Dead Love. How emo..)
Comment -  SURE? LOLOL.

and unable to get there. I end the call and watch... 
Song -  Nothing Special- Illscarlet
Comment -  Sounds about right.

On TV. When it's finished I decide to go for a walk. My neighbour says... 
Song -  Spring Nicht- Tokio Hotel (Don't Jump)
Comment -  ...Wtf sirr.

To me as I walk past. I smile and say --- back.  
Song - Hand Grenade- Hedley
Comment -  Makes no sense.

Whilst on my walk I see a stray kitty I mutter...  
Song -  When It Was Good- Flipsyde
Comment - That song is annoying. And wtf. xD

But I move along. As I get closer to town I hear people shouting. I think., 
Song -  Silent Scream- Cinema Bizarre
Comment -  Well that's creepy.

I rush and see it's a car wreck and someone is stuck inside. I scream... 
Song -  Obviously- Mcfly
Comment -  WTFWTFWTF.

and run to a parserby to help me drag them out. They say... 
Song -  Black- Tokio Hotel

Together we drag the person out. They can barely speak. They say... 
Song -  All About You- McFly.
Comment -  Well thennn..

Collapsing, the paramedics come and tell us... 
Song -  Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin
Comment -  ;v;

--- I reply.  
Song -  Gunnin'- Hedley
Comment -  Lovely.

I run back home to tell my friends and family. Mum says... 
Song -  For the Nights I Can't Remember- Hedley
Comment -  ...uhmmmmm.

and Dad shouts... 
Song -  Teardrops on my guitar- Taylor Swift
Comment - That song definately shouldnt be on my iPod.

I sigh, as the phone rings. It's the guy I helped save. He says... 
Song -  Alien- Tokio Hotel
Comment - ...Well thats nice.

"No ---" I reply. We decide to keep in contact.  
Song -  How Soon Is Now?-TaTu
Comment -  Apparantly I went through a TaTu liking phase..


Your wedding song is...  
Song -  Phantomrider- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  I Love the song but not good for weddings. xD

Your epitaph will read... 
Song -  Born For This- Paramore
Comment -  whatsanepitaph? ;v;

Your love life theme tune is...  
Song -  The Bitch Song- Bowling for Soup
Comment -  :l

Your parents theme tune is... 
Song -  Everybody knows- Mcfly
Comment -  Knows what? xD

You will always be remembered for... 
Song -  Tounge Tied- Faber Drive
Comment -  Hmm..

The critics will say this about your film/autobio? 
Song -  Humanoid- Tokio Hotel
Comment - ..Thats not good. xD

Something you wish you told someone but never did is...  
Song -  Hilf Mir Fliegen- Tokio Hotel (Help Me Fly)
Comment -  In a way, I guess.

[Finally... Fortune Shuffle!] 

My children will think this of me: 
Song -  Hunde- Tokio Hotel (Dogs)
Comment -  WTF.

My partner will propose to me by saying: 
Song -  Forever or Never- Cinema Bizarre
Comment -  Well then..

My Mum will say this on my wedding day: 
Song -  Screamin'- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  I don't think that could be used in a good way.

My relationship with my husband/wife'll be: 
Song -  Wir Sterben Niemels Aus- Tokio Hotel (Basically its about staying forever)
Comment -  Thats good. xD

This coming year is going to be all about: 
Song -  The Heart Never Lies- Mcfly
Comment -  Oshit..

The year after that will be all about: 
Song -  Misery Business by Paramore
Comment -  Funn

The last year of my life will be spent: 
Song -  Bubble Wrap- Mcfly
Comment -  Weee~ Thats not good. ;v;

My biggest achievement will be: 
Song -  Reden- Tokio Hotel (Talk/Talking)
Comment -  GREAT.

My biggest regret will be: 
Song -  Vergessene Kinder- Tokio Hotel (Forgotten Children)
Comment -  Nomnomnommm...UHM. Dunno what to say there.

My last words will be...  
Song -  Ich Bin Nicht Ich- Tokio Hotel (I'm not me/I'm not myself/I'm not who I am)
Comment -  Then who am I? 

My grandchildren will remember me as: 
Song -  Everything- Michel Buble
Comment -  This song shouldn't be on the iPod either but thats a good way to be
remembered. :D

[Random - This Section Really is the end. Finish sentences.] 

Roses are...  
Song -  Sleepless Nights- Faber Drive
Comment -  I suppose that can make sense in a way.

and violets are... 
Song -  Final Day- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  Orly.

I wish I could learn how to...  
Song -  Beautiful- Social Code
Comment -  Haven't heard this song in at least a year annd... I suppose it makes

Laughter is... 
Song -  Nas Ne Dogoniat- TaTu (Not Gunna Get Us)
Comment -  Another Tatu song?

Tears are... 
Song -  Sorry- Buckcherry
Comment -  ;v;

If you don't know me by now... 
Song -  Transylvania- Mcfly
Comment -  None.

Another word for lies is... 
Song -  Durch Den Monsun- Tokio Hotel (Through the monsoon)
Comment -  Actually, if you think about it, it does make sense.

A message I have for the world is... 
Song -  Gomenasai- Ttu (Sorry/Im Sorry)

How you feel about this survey being over.  
Song -  Save You- Simple Plan
Comment -  Lets go with that.

Alright. That was fun.
I have no clue why some of those songs were on there btw.

‹sketch~phantasmagoricalfailure› says:   17 December 2009   344424  
that was..weird lol
how do you do it?
‹DasAtem› says:   18 December 2009   260387  
Do what? xD
The quiz?
You just put your iPod on shuffle annnd put the song titles into the
OXYGEN says:   18 December 2009   905903  
Song -  Milkshake- Goodnight Nurse 
Comment - ? 

‹DasAtem› says:   18 December 2009   586341  
‹'94› says:   18 December 2009   640951  
alright imma just steal this while I wait for you to GET OUT OF THE
‹DasAtem› says:   18 December 2009   851827  
SnakebiteHEARTwithaBUBBLEGUMsmile says:   19 December 2009   484370  
haha i shall try =D
‹DasAtem› says :   19 December 2009   650565  
You should, its a fun quiz to take. (: 


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