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I'm in a mood to post lots of random diarys.Category: (general)
Sunday, 22 November 2009
06:46:53 PM (GMT)
How many requests are in your friend requests right now?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear balls?
I just giggle.

What's one good and bad thing about yourself?
Bad: I giggle all the time. Especially when I shouldn't.
Good: I'll come back to this one..

You cussed today didn't you?

Are you scared of the dark?
If something moves, or makes a noise, yes.

What kind of phone do you have?
I have 2.
A good one.
And a crap one.

Relationship status:

Do you have any clothing that belongs to the opposite sex?
A hoodie.
With the batman logo on it.

What do you find most unattractive?
A lot of things.

What's so good about your life?
My friends.

Anybody that inspires you?
Proffesor Layton and Phoenix Wright.

What makes you feel extremely awkward:
A LOT of things.

Who has your heart right now?
A guy I know.
I don't know if he still has it thoughh.

Who last called you babe/baby?
I don't think anyone ever has..

Have you talked to an ex today?

Name one thing you would want everybody to remember about you:
I would want my friends to tell stories about how tall I was. How I would tower over
them, and could always reach the things on the top shelves of tesco.
That of course, is a lie.

Do you snowboard?

What do you currently hear?
People talk about trousers on QI.
And Proffesor Layton puzzle music.
It's my mothers game.
We're stuck on a puzzle.
It's the one with the flower beds.

Longest relationship:
I don't even remember.

Who's your bestfriend?
Too many to name. <3

What's the hardest decision you've ever had to make?
I don't remember.

What did you do today?
Go see 2012.
Ate a pancake.

What would happen if the opposite sex grabbed your butt?
He grabbed my 'boobie' not to long ago. 
I just laughed.
But I'm flat chested.

Looking forward to anything?
Tomorrow, I guess. 

Kissed anyone with the name starting with an S?

Say something to someone without saying any names:
'Of course. It's Russian.'

True love and happiness for the rest of your life for 1 million dollars or 1 million

What annoys you the most?
Repeating myself.

Have you ever cheated?
In video games.

Favorite color?

Has this been the best year so far?
Heck yes.

Tell me about what you're wearing right now:
Shinee stud.
Star earings.
White baggy butterfly that Zoe bought me.
Black skinny jeans.
And underwear of course.

Fruits or vegetables?

I love winter.

What's your biggest obsession?
At the moment?
Apollo Justice.
And Spok.
I love that man.

What's going on this weekend?
I went to see 2012.

Most recent surprise?
It wasn't suposed to be surprizing.
But it did surprize me.
He actually showed me his drawing, like he said he would.
He hid it's legs though.
He said they were ugly.

How do you feel about your bestfriend's significant other?
All my friends are single.
But one of  my best friends likes someone.
I think he's a twat, but I've never liked guys like that.
And she gets on with him well, and they've bonded.
So I guess it's okay.

Who last texted you, and what's your relationship with them?
I don't actually know.

What grade are you in?
Second year.

Closest pink object to you?
The wing of a phone charm.
It's winnie the pooh, dressed up as a butterfly.
I hate him.
Sootie's cuter.

Are you good at giving massages?
I've never tried.
And never will.
I'd end up trying to tickle them.

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