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Friday, 20 November 2009
09:07:09 PM (GMT)
Showers. You know with water and soap? Bet you 567,786,767,889 dollars people will be expecting a porn video. Anywho. Showering. I have this strange, I don't know, Phobia? Of being dirty. I can't stand it! I take 3 to 6 showers a day. Oh dear. Is that bad? People tell me i'm using all the water on this Earth. TCH. Like you aren't. I'm not particularly a clean freak. My room and things are avrage, not to neat but not very messy either. So I ask. Is there something wrong with me? I wonder. My immune system is suffering. No dirt no desease. That's how I see it. No desease, no training. No getting stonger. So Is this all bad. I wouldn't know. There's no hope of stopping. So tell me. Why?

Twilightsucks says:   20 November 2009   436985  
You simply have OSD whatelse of it?
Kirti says:   20 November 2009   472652  
It's called OCD actually. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It
really is bad for your health over all, because showering too often
removes beneficial oil, which eventually causes your skin to dry out
and crack. You'll still get sick though, no matter how much you
shower. In fact, there are some illness's that are spread in shower
steam. (Or that's what the ScienceChannel said in that half hour
special about diseases.)
Additionally, a bath takes one hundred galleons of water, where as a
single ten mintue shower takes over two thousand galleons. So
those people are right, it is very harmful to the environment.
‹✁HaruDesü™› says:   20 November 2009   172700  
So I really am the cause of these 2012 rumors. 8,D
Lets see, 4 30 minute showers equal big number. 
I don't see how I can stop though. I need to shower at least 3 times.
I go mad if I don't. It's also fun to practise my skills of
telekinesis while I do so. It's a difficult situation. Your so
informative. Thanks bunches Kirti. Your practically the discovery
chanel! It's so [Insert word here.] 
‹*Starry*Eyed*Bitch*› says:   21 November 2009   587922  
People say everyone is wasting water but we've always had the same
amount of water we've ever had. The only people wasting water are the
people going into space when it doesn't come back!

If people ever tell you your wasting water, tell them that.
Kirti says:   21 November 2009   720082  
Abbi- We don't have the same ammount we've always had, because we're
using it faster then the earth can purify it and send it back into the
water system. Because of all the unnatral chemicals we consume, human
waste products are actually very toxic, and harm the area it's dumped
in enormously, unlike actual water.

My point is, it takes time for the water cycle to happen. It's a very
slow natural process, and humans don't give it the time it needs,
because if we did we'd all die of thirst.
Kirti says:   21 November 2009   778276  
Sorry about ^ that ^ , I'm something of an environmentalist...

There are loads of ways to practice! Granted, I can't do what you can,
really... But  my mom always said that lighting a candle, then sitting
a few feet away and trying to manipulate the flame is helpful. 

I don't know what to do about how much you feel you need showers
though... (I'm sorry, I'm ranting but I'm not really helpful to
‹Queen Of Thee Pit Of Darkness xD› says:   22 November 2009   953133  
I know you are mad at me please listen though.
Everyone has OCD, its not even OCD you're dealing with.
This is not a disorder, its a tendancy. Something
you saw or did in the past is makeing you do this now.
There is nothing wrong with you, its normal I promise. 
Please can I help?
exquisite says :   22 November 2009   500802  
I'm the same.

I must be clean.
I always carry hand sanitizer with me, I always wash my hands even
after touching a door handle, I carry baby wipes, and I shower like, 5
times a day. 

It's most likely OCD, but I'm thankful for my insane ways. 
Or I'd be those people who eat chips and rot in front of tellies in
their own filth.

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