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Sunday, 8 November 2009
05:51:04 PM (GMT)
This weekend, Murphy's Law PROOVED Itself to me.
Murphy's Law states: "That anything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong"
And its true...

Saturaday was supposed to be a good day. 
Well it was...Until a point......
Me and paige were supposed to stay up all night at "the Couch"
And we did....Sorta....but there is a really FUCKED up story behind it.

Alright the day started off fine, she came over
her mom dropped her off,
Everything was good.
We dropped her backpack off at the couch
and we left again. 
a few hours later
I went to my house and I put a blanket in my bag and left.
And we went to the couch and put it there
Still everything was going perfectly.

around 8 30, we dropped orion off at his house 
and we went back to the couch
well turns out
And you know we were laughing about who would steal a fucked up couch
then she got all serious and said our bags were missing.
and then we got PISSED
and we went around looking for our shit
But we couldnt find it
so we decided to take a couch that someone was throwing away
so we did
and we put it back there
right after we put the couch back there
we heard gunshots like 20 feet away.
and i went to go see what it was
and i seen a black dude walking to his house
so i was like no big deal.

we decided to go to the store.
and we did
on the way to the store
this dog ran across the street and started growling at us
so i pulled paige behind me
and i told the dog to go home
and it lisented....and at the wrong time
the dog walks into the middle of the busy road
gets clipped by one car and then ANOTHER car comes and hits it DIRECTLY
the dog goes under the car
and goes compleatly stiff
me and paige did the SAME THING AT THE SAME TIME
we both yelled OH SHIT
and we coverd our mouths with our hands
the dog was still alive
but we didnt help it =/
I knew if we tried to help it 
it would have bit us
so we kept walking to the store

around 9 30- 9 45
we left samanthas house after telling her the HORRIFIC thing that we just saw
and on the way down the road
we seen this BRIGHT ass light on the house at the end of the road
and we didnt know what it was.

But Today I found out what it was.

It turns out that this girl was RAPED behind that house at 9 30
and the light that we saw was a cops headlights

well saturday night just did not go well for anyone

and thats how murphys law prooved itself to us
that anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong

But I was NOT expecting a mothafuckin dog to get hit
that was just.........unbearable.

But I did find out one thing that made me happy that night xD

‹CharliePaige› says:   8 November 2009   338918  
And what made you happy?!
majesticmya says:   8 November 2009   964028  
‹TeenageGirlsWithCameras› says:   8 November 2009   525770  
‹Katie Michelle(: <3› says :   9 November 2009   807199  
your weekend sucked
but whats the one thing tht made you happy?

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