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Sunday, 25 October 2009
09:03:41 PM (GMT)
Pick seven completely random friends that you feel comfortable around.

One- jonathan
Two- alisha
Three- alex
Four- lacey
Five- cody
Six- meaghan
Seven- matt

These ten people are stuck in a house with you for a full year. waitwhat. 
There is no leaving the house at all until the year is over. 
Choose the person that you think is best suited for the question.
Fuck if i know XD

One- There are five bedrooms, who would be in each?
A- me and jonathan
B- alisha and lacey
C-  cody and matt
E-..meaghan and nessa

Two- If there was someone singing in the morning who would it most likely be?

Three- Who would be the one most missing there boyfriend or girlfriend?

Four- If two people were considered the Mom and Dad of the house who would it be?
me and jonathan probly lol 

Five- If you really wanted candy and all nine in the house had it, who would you
take from?
lacey she wouldnt care lol 

Six- Who would be the ones arguing all the time?
jonthan and cody 

Seven- If someone had to watch you brush your teeth every morning, who would it be?

Eight- You bought two bags of chips at the store, and twenty minutes later,
they’re both gone, who ate them all

Nine- Who would hate being in the house most?

Ten- There is a mouse in the house, who is the first to:
A- Scream?: nessa
B- Jump into someone’s arms?: matt
C- Kill it?: lacey

Eleven- You walk down stairs in the middle of the night to get a glass of water,
someone is dancing on the coffee table in a leopard thong / bikini. 

Twelve- Who would be the first two to get on each other’s nerves?
cody and jonathan 

Thirteen- Someone wakes everyone up in the middle of the night clanging pots and
lacey or cody

Fourteen- Someone steals a pair of new socks that have never been worn, who’s the
alisha just to cause a big laugh 

Fifteen- Someone has built a fort in the laundry room. Who is it?
tat would totaly b jonathan and alex lol 

Sixteen- A pillow fight has broken out. Who started it?
lol lacey and alisha would start tat or me hehehe

Seventeen- Someone tries to be nice and make pancakes for everyone, but ends up
almost setting the house on fire. Who failed?
tat would totaly be me i suck at cooking

Eighteen- Someone is tanning on the roof. Who is it?
LOL tat would be jonathan just cuz he is bored lol 

Nineteen- Two people are found making out in the closet. Who’s the secret couple?
probly me and jonathan

Twenty- Who is always in bed first?
totaly jonathan

Twenty-one- The music is way, way too loud. Who’s trying to break eardrums?
totaly cody

Twenty-two- There is a marathon of your favorite show on television, what is it and
true blood and just the girls

Twenty-three- You split ice on the kitchen floor, who slips and breaks their arm?

Twenty-four- Someone has put a different colour food colouring in each of the four
toilets and has filled the soap dispenser with acid. Who is the prankster?
um cody

Twenty-five- Someone is crying, what has happened?
meaghan her man dumped her again

Twenty-six- Someone has the same sweater as you, so you get mad at them and order
them to take it off, who is it?

Twenty-seven- Someone has been seriously injured! What happened?
jonathan and cody got in a fight 

well the year is up  wat happend 

well jonathan has a black  eye matt has a broke arm i cought the kitchen on fire
meaghan is goth now and nessa has no friends and the fort had to come down lol 

aw man that good ;D

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