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...Am I watching to much anime?Category: My dreams
Thursday, 20 August 2009
09:13:40 PM (GMT)
Ok look. I had the weirdest dream last night. 
I'm an Ouran/fruits basket/Death Note mega fangirl.
I  don't recall any other dreams like this one but anyways here it is.

ok so last night when I was sleeping the dream I had was about The twins, Mello,
Matt, L, Yuki and Haru.
Apparently we were staying at some sort of resort and they were there. So I guess I
walked out of the room I was staying at and saw them arguing about who was the better
character. So then I walk in and they just stare at me. Then the twins get the most
evil smile ever and they walk over me and just stand on each side on me like how they
do with Haruhi and I'm just standing their wondering what the hell to do. Then Matt
actually puts down his game! and goes over and whispers something to Mello which gets
him pissed. Being the emontional one. While Mello marches over the the twins which
are now behind me using me as a shield. So Mello throws me to the side and starts to
yell at the twins. Which at this point L and Yuki come to check on me while Matt and
Haru just watch whats going on. So I get up and Mello demands to know who's better.
And I'm just standing there trying to think up and anwser when Mello take a nip off
his chocolate bar...then he demands the anwser yet again. So I reluctantly say. "You
guys are all my favorites!" Then my mother wakes me up..

I told my equally addicted anime friend about the dream and her reply was "Your
watching to much anime. You should only watch an hour a day." 
So my questions to you is:
1) is their such thing as to much anime?
2) Do any of you know what this dream means?

Still please comment you don't have to answer the questions you can just comment
basically on anything about it. 
Thank you.

‹vanilleeis› says:   20 August 2009   118245  
You can never have too much anime. I've had strange anime dreams
before. I like to get weird anime dreams ^_^ The dream just means that
those are your favorite characters and you love anime^_^ Don't listen
to your friend. Watch anime all day if you want. If I could only watch
an hour a day, I'd probably die
Lera_006 says:   21 August 2009   542999  
A good dream is when its and anime dream. Atleast to me it is. Either
way I'm not going to stop watching all my anime. I too would probably
shrivel die if I could only watch anime for an hour a day. But I told
my mother (who likes anime too) and said that I'm fine as long as I
don't hallucinate about the characters during the day then I'm
perfectly fine. ^^
‹Poison♥Pops› says :   21 August 2009   913216  
Anime dreams. I've had that one before. :B It just means you love
anime, yep yep.


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