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Monday, 27 July 2009
06:19:15 AM (GMT)
Jaten was standing on the balcony of a mortals house, gazing in at a sleeping girl. He's stomach growled. He turned away from the girl and head for the forest. Kaiko was walking down to the park with Mioko,"Sis,lets have some fun..."He said,taking his shirt off.Mioko smile,taking hers off aswell,leaving her bra on. Alexandreca was on her way to Jaten's alley home when she noticed to mortals stripping in the public park. She changed to a bat and watched them from the trees above them. Mioko took of her pants,running and jumping into the lake.Kaiko kept his pants on,jumping in aswell."Woohoo!" Alexandreca followed them, admiring Kaiko. He would make a fine meal, she thought as she turned back to normal. She walked to where they put their clothes and called out, "May I join you?" Kaiko turned around with a jump/"U-um,sure?" Mioko growled a little. Alexandreca smiled at Kaiko, not even glancing at Mioko. Alexandreca shook out her long silvery hair, slipped off her dress and walked into the water. "Hi, I'm Alexandreca. And you are?" She put her hand out to Kaiko. Kaiko smiles and takes her hand,shaking it."Im kaiko,and this is my sister,Mioko."He gestures to Mioko. Alexandreca smiled at Mioko. "U look like the type of girl my brother would like." Mioko grunted,diving under.Kaiko sighed."Don't mind her,she can be a jerk sometimes...." Alexandreca smiled. "I don't mind. I'm used to that response from girls like her. Too overprotective of the ppl they love." Kaiko smiled,"I know....your pretty....anyone ever tell you that?"Mioko swam out to the middle of the lake,waiting for kaiko. Alexandreca blushed. "No, and ur sister is waiting." A ring from the beach. "And I have to go anyways. But before I do go, can I have your number?" Kaiko blushed."Um sure....."He gave it to her,."Bye ^^" He said,swimming out to Mioko. Alexandreca walked up to the beach and slipped her dress back on and walked off without a glance back at the beach. Jaten was in his room, thinking about the girl he'd seen so many times, wondering where her and her brother were. There was a knock on the door. "Come in!" he called. Alexandreca stepped in in her silver silk pajama dress. "I've found her mystery girl, Brother. Her name is Mioko." Mioko sighed and hit him playfully,trying to swim away.Kaiko went after her at such speed,he got her in less than a second. Jaten and Alexandreca were back at the lake, both of them in their swim suits. Alexandreca walked right into the water, but Jaten hesitated. "He Kaiko!! I'm back, and I have my brother with me this time!" Mioko blushed as she saw Jaten,Kaiko smiles and Alex Jaten smiled at Mioko adoringly. "Hi," he said shyly. Mioko kept blushing as she stepped out of the water,sitting on the bench.(Scratch that,shes in her jeans and a bra)Kaiko smiled. Jaten follows her. "Hi, I'm Jaten." Alex watches for a moment, then turns back to Kaiko. "Miss me?" Alex takes his hand. Kaiko smiled,pulling her into the water."Yup"^^ Mioko studdered a little."M-my names Mioko..."She said,blushing. "Your quite pretty Mioko." Alex kisses his cheek. "How sweet of you." Mioko blushed harder."Um-um....thanks.."She said,slightly turning her head. Kaiko kissed her back,on the cheek."Haha i know right."He said,laughing a little. "Your laugh is so cute." Alex told Kaiko. "Please talk to me. I want to know you." Places his hand on her cheek. "Haha thanks..^^"He said,blushing slightly. "?U-um...l-like what.."She said,relaxing at the feel of his touch. "Would you like to go somewhere more private?" he asked her gently. Slides his hand down ur cheek and to her shoulder, rubbing her neck with his thumb. "Shall we swim?" Alex asked before disappearing underwater and reappearing a little bit away. Kaiko swan out to her,catching her in his arms."Hehehe,yes we shall" "Sure..."She said,taking his hand lightly. Alex giggled and lightly kissed him. "Looks like we'll be alone for a while," she said. "Your sister is going off somewhere with Jaten." Jaten smiled at her and took her hand a little more firmly, leading her away, down the brick walk and into a hidden garden. "Is here ok?" "Im sure shell be fine...she usually is.."He said,kissing her gently. "Y-yeah..."She said,leaninng on it as well. Alex kissed him back and rapped her arms around him. Jaten stepped inside with her and closed the door behind them. He put his arms around her. "I have waited so long to meet u." "Y-you have?"Mioko said,resting eachj of her arms on his shoulders. Kaiko kissed her a little more deeply,wrapping his arms around her waist. Alexandreca played with his hair, kissing him as equally deeply. "Yes, I have, my dear Mioko. I have watched u from a far, not being able to build up my courage to talk to you." He pulled away just a little and placed his lips close to hers so that they were barely touching. Miokos breath and Jatens breath met and mingled."I-i...."She said with a small smile,moving forward a little so her lips were on his,parted to talk."i've never met someone like you.." Kaiko smiled,putting one hand on the back of her neck,deepening it more. He pushed her away. "I-I can't. I'd put you in too much danger." Alex pulled away. "Can't we go to your place? It's somewhere more comfortable and dry." Mioko looked at him confused.."how?" Kaiko got out of the water,alex in his arms."Yeah,we can" Alex giggled. "Kewl." Jaten stared at her longingly. "I love you, and I am a-a creature of the night." Jaten draws back his lips, revealing his fangs. "I--i love you too....and i want to be with you...i don't care what creature you are..i care about you.."She said,looking at him as he is at her. Kaiko smiled."Um,wheres your brother and my sister." Alex pointed to the garden door. "In that garden. It is Jaten's favorite place to be." Jaten stared longingly at Mioko. "Leave me Mioko. If you love me, you will stay away and not follow me." Jaten jumped over the fence, leaving her alone. "Jaten.."Mioko sunk to the ground,tears forming in her eyes. Kaiko set her down."Come on mioko!" Alex crosses her arms. "I meant without her and Jaten." Jaten stood just outside the fence of the garden, staring at Mioko with tears in his eyes, knowing that he's the reason for her tears. "I can't take it," he mumbled as he walked to the gate and opened it, running to her. Kaiko sigheedd."Nevermind sis XD" He said,picking her back up. Mioko buried her face in her hands. "M-Mioko..." Jaten choked out. "I can't, I just can't. I have to have you." Jaten takes Mioko in his arms, kissing her neck and teasing it with his fangs, but not biting her. Alex giggles. "Now we're talking! XD" Mioko wraped her arms around him,pushing her face into his shoulder. Kaiko walk through the door,smiling. Her pushing her face into his shoulder caused him to slip and his fangs pierced her neck. He drank a slow, deep drink from her. Alex was rite behind him as they walked up the stairs to his bedroom. Kaiko sat down in his bed,open wide arms. Mioko moaned in pain a little. Alex jumped into his arms and kissed him, causing them to fall back and lay down. Jaten opened his eyes and slid his fangs out slowly, licking the wound closed. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." Kaiko smiled,kissing her gently,as he pulled her leg over his. Mioko lifted up and looked at him.."I-it's ok.."She said,eyes still watered."Just promise'll never leave me." Alex smiled warmly and brought her other leg up, pulling up her dress around her waist. Jaten smiled at her and wiped tears off of her cheek. "I promise to never leave you." He took her in his arms and kissed her gently. Kaiko wrapped his hand around her thigh,kissing her gently. Mioko smiled and kissed him back. Alex closed her eyes and tangled her fingers in his hair and grinded slowly. Jaten broke the kiss. "Come with me, please. Come live with me. Come be mine. For eternity." He moved his hand farther up,almost to her butt,pushing his hips into hers. Mioko looked at him. "I will...i want to...."She said,looking at him,smiling a little. Alex moans and throws her head back. She moans his name and starts to slip off her dress. His eyes filled with tears as he took her in his arms and gently bit her, sucking her blood till her heart beat was barely there. He cut his own neck and placed her lips to the wound, making her drink. Mioko drank slowly. Kaiko licked her neck,going down to her collarbone,moaning her name.helping her slip off her dress. Once Mioko was done Jaten picked her up in his arms. "Shall I show you my home, Love?" Alex slipped the dress off and pulled off Kaiko's shirt and started to unzip his pants, moaning as he kissed her body. Mioko smiled,"Sure,"She said with a smile. Kaiko went down to her pantie line,moaning as she unzipped and started to take off his pants. Jaten set her down and took her hand. He led her out of the garden and to the alley by her house. He walked her to the brick wall and nocked on three different bricks. "Hold on," he said, just as the floor opened up beneath them. Alex shivered at Kaiko's touch and slipped his pants off, being sure to tease his cock on the way down. Kaiko slowly started to slip her panties off,moaning at her touch. Mioko took his hand. Together they fell below the streets of Manhattan. They landed on a trampoline. Alex bent down and kissed his neck as she slid his boxers off. He teased her clit softly with his tounge. Mioko laughed as they bouced. She moaned and tangled her fingers in his hair. Jaten stared at her adoringly. "Come now, I must show you where you will be staying." Jaten held out his hand to Mioko. Kaiko lifted her leg over his shoulder,lunging at her clit softly. Mioko took his hand,looking up at him,blushing. Alex moaned Kaiko's name breathlessy as she wanted him inside of her and as she longed for the taste of his blood. Jaten smiled down at her with soft green eyes and a loving smile. He pulled her down the hall to a door with a picture of Mioko on it. Jaten opend the door to reveal the room of Mioko's dreams. Mioko smiled,her blue eyes warm,her smile gentle."I love it..just a little less then i love you."She siad,hugging him. Kaiko slid up her body,sliding him self in as he kissed her neck. Jaten took her in his arms with gentle care. "Would you like to stay here with me?" Alexandreca squealed with pleasure as he slid himself inside of her hot wet pussy. "Yes,i would"She said warmly. Kaiko smiled and licked,nibbled her neck. Alexandreca moaned even louder as he filled her with a drunken pleasure. Jaten took Mioko in his arms and carried her to the bed and set her down. He started moving,getting faster evey moment. Mioko smiled,kissing him lightly."Thanks you so much.." Jaten kissed her back and said, "Anything for you." Every time Kaiko got faster, the louder Alex moaned and squealed and said his name. Mioko smiled,pulling him onto the bed in a lying position. Kaiko smiled,looking into her eyes warmly. Alex stared back into his with her ice blue eyes. "I-I love you, Kaiko" Jaten smiled up at her. "What would you like to do, Love?" His gentle sea-green eyes turned warmer."I love you to Alex..." Mioko smiled,wrapping her arms around him."Anything you wanna do..." Jaten brushed Mioko's hair behind her ear. "I want you to marry me." Alex took him in her arms and wispered "But I must leave you." " can't!" His eyes looked panicked. "yes......"She said,smiling,her dark blue eyes warmer than ever, Jaten took her in his lap and pulled her shirt off. "Will you love me?" "I have to go. I need to get home to Jaten and Mioko. I'm srry, Love, but I will see you again tonight." And with that, Alex disappeared. He slipped his boxers back on,walking downstairs to the living room,and he whispered to himself."I love you alex." "Y-yes,"She said,smiling."I will..." Jaten kissed Mioko passionatly, knowing all too well that he would be her first. He laid her down gently on the bed. Alexandreca came home just as the sun was rising. She passed by her brothers room and came to her room at the end of the hall. Before she went to bed, she wispered, "I love you Kaiko" Kaiko turned on the TV,passing out in a matter of seconds. Mioko smiled,brushing the hair out of his face gently.Kissing him with passion. Alexandreca tried to sleep, but couldnt. She stayed up thinking about Kaiko and drawing pictures of him in her sketch book. "Mioko, it will have to wait. The sun is rising and we need our sleep." Kaiko dreamed of Alex,sweet dreams,of him and her. Mioko looked at him and yawned."Ok.." Jaten pulled off Mioko's jeans and shirt and handed her his shirt as he pulled off his jeans. Alex finally fell asleep and dreamed of how she would one day have to leave Kaiko. She put on his shirt,looking at him warmly. Kaiko rolled onto the floor,libby nibbling at his ear. Jaten pulled back the covers for her as he crawled in himself. "Sweet dreams, my Mioko" Alex woke up with a start the following night. Mioko crawled in,pressing herself against him."as to you,my dear Jaten" Kaiko woke up,looking at libby."Hey libb^^" Libby meowed in hunger,as kaiko got up. Alex was staring at Kaiko through the windows. When Jaten woke up he gazed down at Mioko lovingly and kissed her cheek- Kaiko picked up libby,half asleep,as he carried her into the kitchen."You can come in Alex.." Mioko smiled warmly and scooted into him a little more. Alex stood there stunned, b/c he wasn't even facing her the whole time she was there. Alex stepped into the living room and laid on the couch. Jaten held her close to him. He smiled and yawns,looking through the fridge."Hey.."He said,smilling. Mioko rolled over,facing him."Good morning ^^" "Hey" Alex said, kinda sadly. "Good night my little princess." "you ok,?"He said,peering around the corner at her. Mioko smiled,kissing him lightly. "I have something to tell you, so get in here before you eat." Jaten put his hands on her neck and kissed her deeply. He snatched a Dr.Pepper and walked into the living room,sitting by her feet."Yes?" Mioko kissed him just as deep. Jaten slid his hands down, pulling up the shirt. "I'm not really mortal." "N-niether am i..."he smiled,showing fangs. Mioko smiled,taking off the shirt. Alex jumped back. "I-I...but your sister was human." Jaten kissed ur stomach and unsnapped her bra. Kaiko sighed and took a sip of his dr.pepper."You see,i was adopted...i didn't find out untill i was atlead 10...before my parents died..." Mioko smiled again,rushing her fingers through his hair. Jaten smiled up at her and kissed her breast. "Died?" She moaned,tangling her fingers in his hair. Kaiko looked at her sadly."Yes, mom was murdered infront of dad was killed on the job..and my sister...oh my dear sweet little sister,,"He choked out the words,nearly crying... Alex stared at him saddly and lovingly. "You really love Mioko, don't you?" Kaiko looked at her.."Im doing my best trying to keep her alive.."He said,,"She's my sister..who couldn't love her..." Mioko leaned down,kissing Jaten lightly."I love you..." Jaten wispers back, "And you are my world, Love." Jaten slid off Miokos panties and slid his tounge inside, lapping up the juices. "Jaten loves her. He has since he laid his eyes on her. And he's turned her, Kaiko. He's made her a vampyr." She moaned,enjoying this feeling. "I know that..from the way that he looked at her..."Kaiko looked at Alex. "Come join us, Kaiko. Come to our home and be apart of our family." Jaten nibbles her clit gently. Kaiko smiled."I will,aslong as i get to me with you..." She moaned louder at the feel of that. Jaten sticks two fingers in her pussy, going in and out slowly. Alex smiles back and hugs him. "Thank you." She smiled and bit her lip,cumming just a little. Kaiko hugged her back,puling her into his lap as he laied back on the couch Jaten goes slower as he nips her neck with his teeth. Alex sighed happily. "I love you Kaiko." "I love you too Alex.."He said,pulling her into a laying position,on him. Mioko moaned again,smiling. Jaten put another finger in Mioko and bit her, drinking from her. Alex closed her eyes and rested her head on Kaiko's chest. She smiled,running her fingers through his hair. Kaiko smiles,tangling his fingers up in her hair. Alex is asleep in a matter of seconds, softly snoring. Jaten drinks then stops, coming up to kiss her and have a taste of blood. Kaiko smied and chuckled lightly. Mioko kissed him gently,licking the blood off his lip. Jaten smiled at her and pulled his fingers out of her, rubbing his cock against her pussy. He tangled his fingers in her hair and kissed her roughly. Alexandreca mumbled in her sleep. "I want to taste you Kaiko." Mioko moaned again,wrapping her arms around him,kissing him. Kaiko layed his head back and whispered."Go ahead..." Alexandreca opened her eyes. "Really?" Jaten's cock slid into Mioko and Jaten moaned with pleasure "Yeah,you can."He said,smiling. Mioko moaned louder,pleasure washing over her.
Last edited: 27 July 2009

‹Jayston;;Gives You A Crap About Everything› says:   27 July 2009   376299  
who's Jaten?
‹Sammi;TheSouthernBelleThatNeedsNoSaving› says:   27 July 2009   215529  
pretend character
‹Jayston;;Gives You A Crap About Everything› says:   27 July 2009   553796  
lol,i was gonna say...
‹Sammi;TheSouthernBelleThatNeedsNoSaving› says:   27 July 2009   343985  
his name is pronounced Ja-ten
not Jay-ten
‹Momo;MyFinalBreathIsGone.♥› says:   27 July 2009   928541  
*facepalm* and the SEX.My god,wasn't expecting that.......
‹Sammi;TheSouthernBelleThatNeedsNoSaving› says:   27 July 2009   456552  
u helped write it!!!
‹Momo;MyFinalBreathIsGone.♥› says :   27 July 2009   811198  

but still,you could have warned me you were gonna put that. D: XD

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