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boy touches girl (With Logic!)Category: Chain letter, meet logic. Logic, meet crap!
Saturday, 18 July 2009
10:40:46 AM (GMT)
(I got this from ChainLetterBuster. This is my version of it. Let's laugh
together, shall we?)

the boy touches the girl
but shes nervous
he starts to play with her pants,
she is nervous
he kisses her neck,
she starts to get the picture.
she thinks,
"im in love, its ok"
he thinks
"god shes so hot, this is great"
she thinks
"i hope this isnt wrong"
he thinks
"i hope i brought a condom"
their pants are off.
they are in the bed.
shes thinking this is crazy
hes thinking how lucky am i!
its the next day
they are sleeping.
he gets up,
and remembers
he forgot the condom.
she says
"whats wrong?"
he says
"will you always love me?"
she thinks"deffinitly! why?"
he says
"because, i will always love you."
(Aww pfhfhfhf! Lovey dovey blah blah! Condoms don't work 15% of the time. And
a pretty big chance of pregnancy anyways.)

a few months later her stomach is bigger.
shes pregnant.
she calls him
"yeah baby whats wrong?"
"when know, did you use a condom?"
there was a long pause.
"no. baby i love you so much, we can deal with this baby i swear!"
"i hate you!"
she hung up.
(Naughty naughty naughty! You shouldn't have done it in the first place!
It's your own bloody fault!)

6 months later she gave birth to the child,
with her boyfriend right beside her.

they cared for it, and loved it.
but one day she snapped

when her boyfriend was gone,
she wrote a note, and this is what it said,

"this baby was your fault
and accident.
it dosnt deserve a life.
and neither do i."

she stabbed herself 3 times after
slitting the babys throat.
(Hey! You should have been thankful you had a real boy friend who wanted to
support her and the baby!
Most boy friends would have wanted to drag your butt to an abortion clinic or dump
you as soon as he got the news!
And he would have left you all alone. And part of it's your fault anyways! You
willingly went along with him!
The baby is just a result! So why kill the baby too? Is existing so bad? You must
have graduated 
from the school that Carmen and the Smith sisters came from. And why don't you seek
help if
you had these suicide temptations anyways?)

if you dont repost this,
the baby,
allison marie garrison,
will come to your house late at night and
slit your throat like her mom did to her
at exactly 1:47 29 seconds and 4.5 1/2 miliseconds.
at night
repost as boy touches girl
(Oh, I'm scared of a baby! You think the baby would target mothers who kill their
children and call them 'accidents'. No! It's after random people who don't repost
chain letters! Wow! Such a great reason to kill someone! And how do we know the exact
time that we will die if no one told? Did the baby who probably couldn't talk say so?
How do we know it's not at 2:00, or at exactly 1:00 42 seconds and 77174

(Well, like I said, I got this from ChainLetterBuster. This is just my logic written
out. Give us your dumb chain letters! And remember:
Don't make out with people, or this exact thing will happen!)

canyoumakemescream says :   1 July 2010   532747  
You're the worst chain mail buster ever.


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